Sunday, March 22, 2009

Am I Dreaming?

Dreams are the most peculiar things ever. I find it weird how your mind can work overtime to paint a picture of whats happening (Or not happening :P) in your head. People often quiz over whether dreams have meaning or if they are just a ramble of your minds thoughts being played out. I personally think that dreams can have meaning. In the bible God did give certain people dreams, which they understood. Surely he can do the same today?

We have all had those Deja Vu moments. Where you honestly feel like whatever moment you are in has happened before. Ever thought that maybe you have dreamed it before? We cant remember half of what we dream, and often what we do remember is so random and does not make sense. Possible those Deja Vu moments are things we have dreamed before? I don't know, but i could swear i have dreamt certain of my Deja Vu moments ages before it actually happened.

As of late i have found dreams to be really annoying. Nearly every night i have been dreaming about my Ex girlfriend (Who im clearly not over...). I haven't been dreaming anything dodgy, but nearly every night i just dream about her. In my dream last night it was weird. I dreamt that we were driving (me, her and some other faceless people). I was a passenger in front, a faceless person was driving (which i think might have been my best friend) and she was in the back seat. We were on our way to drop her off at home. Upon arrival at her house she leant forward and hugged me from behind. She whispered in my ear "I love you, I always will." before kissing me on the cheek. She then whispered something else which made me happy but i cant remember what it was exactly. She got out the car. The dream didn't end there though, but from what i could feel, it felt like she loved me, but she didn't want anybody else to know it... like it was a secret. Let me just add quick that i dreamt a hell of a lot last night. Most of it i cannot remember, but i remember nearly everything that had her in it. I won't go into details with my other dreams, The one i shared above meant the most to me.

The point im trying to make, is that are these just my thoughts? Do i keep wishing for her to get back together with me and tell me she loves me? Even if it is secretive and she doesn't want anybody else to know? Or are these things that WILL actually take place, or happen similarly. I don't know... i just find it so weird (and depressing, maybe annoying) that i dreamt of her every  night. Im trying to get over her and my dreams are clearly not helping. Its the worse feeling ever to wake up and realise it was all a dream. 

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