Sunday, January 30, 2011

Student/Employee Who Can Ramble LOTS!

Screw UJ

I have spent many an hour on the phone calling to find out when in heck I will know if I got accepted or not. They told me December, then January, then the end of January. Come Friday, they tell me to call on Saturday. Come Saturday, the phone is ENGAGED every single time I phone. IF I was accepted, then I would have to start tomorrow. Well screw them and their lameness.

So I spoke to my parents today, and awesome news? I'm going to Varsity College :) that is set 99% in stone! I just need to go register properly tomorrow and I should have a spot. The degree I will be taking is a BA Communication and English, which is perfect for me in my opinion. It covers a broader spectrum of professions, ranging from things such as Journalism, Editing, and Copy writing, all the way to Public Relations, Media, etc. The course is 3.5 years, and its gonna kick my ass. Hopefully though I can endure it, and come out on the other side holding my degree.

On the flipside, my parents told me I need to have a job. Studying full time and having another job somewhere is going to be super hard, but I think I can manage it. I am going to try my best to stay on at my company with some kind of part time work. As much as I hate it, the work hours vs salary is really great, so I can easily keep studying and working on the side. I just need to take care of my car, insurance, gym, and phone. My parents shall handle the rest :)

I spent pretty much my entire weekend with Amber. Haven't really spent time with her so much for ages. Was an interesting and confusing weekend nonetheless.

On Thursday evening we had a bit of an argument over gtalk. I don't know over what really, but for your knowledge I'll copy and paste it here:

10:58 PM
Ambie: hey
10:59 PM
me: Hey
Ambie: are you tired?
11:00 PM
me: No? Why?
Just got home
Had to go fetch stuff from family
Ambie: are you in a bad mood then?
11:01 PM
you seemed tobe either tired or in a less than good mood tonight
11:02 PM
me: :? No?
11:03 PM
Ambie: oh ok
11:05 PM
are you happy?
me: With what? :-P
11:06 PM
Ambie: in genral
11:07 PM
me: I don't know
Ambie: it's something gruff asks me regularly
11:08 PM
so are you ?
me: I dont know
11:09 PM
Ambie: think about it?
me: why?
11:10 PM
Ambie: cause I wanna know
but don't worry
me: I dont have an answer
im kind of inbetween atm
11:13 PM
Ambie: ok, good to know. playing sc?
me: why is that good to know :-?
Ambie: what you doing?
me: nothing
11:14 PM
just facebooking and chatting
I dont only play games when Im on my pc
Ambie: I was just asking :S
me: sorry
11:15 PM
but it really does seem that everybody thinks that is all I do
when I am at the pc
11:16 PM
Ambie: sucks
me: yup
11:17 PM
Ambie: i don't wanna play putt-putt :S
me: so dont?
Ambie: enjoy your night
11:18 PM
me: :-?
11:19 PM
er... ok
you too

She was referring to play Putt-Putt the following day with some friends. It may not seem like it, but I know Ambie well enough to know that she was being a bit sour when she just abruptly said night. I was in a bit of a mood that evening, but I really don't think I was that bad, or bad enough for anybody to really notice. It just annoys me how she fires off lots of questions, and ignores any I may ask.

So I was a bit ticked at her, and I knew I was going to see her the next day because her mom asked me to sort out her pc. So I arrived at her house (at the same time as Amber mind you, she was out) and she acted like everything was ok. I sat in the study next to her room, sorting out her moms pc. She would randomly come in to spend time with me, but she would hug me from behind and we would just talk. As the afternoon proceeded I was facing her and we were talking. She was standing and I was sitting down. Being a guy I can't help but fantasize about kissing the girl I really love, and so the afternoon had provided many opportunities to play out "what if" scenario's in my head. Like if I just sprung one on her would she reject me or concede? I didn't need to.

We were chatting and I just knew it was coming, a moment I had missed for so many months. The last time we kissed I think was in like July last year. She leant down a bit hesitantly, then kissed me gently :S My head exploded with the moment, thinking stuff like "OMG SAVOUR IT YOU HAVEN'T FELT THIS FOR SO LONG IT COULD BE THE LAST FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS OR FOREVER JUST SLOW DOWN TIME". Something like that :P it lasted a few seconds... not too long, not too short. She smiled at me, and abruptly turned and left the room. I was like :-? I guess she totally was annoyed at herself for caving in, or something like that. I had to meet Gruff for an event in the evening so I left a little while later, nothing being said between us, like nothing had happened :S I came back though a bit later to finish her moms pc. We hung out like normal. I had my PSP so we were playing Littlebigplanet while we waited for the pc to finish formatting. I was teasing her about her getting her wisdoms out, which was happening the next day. She was telling me to stop, I was pushing her buttons, but we were both laughing. Eventually she kissed me just to stop talking :) I wasn't exactly complaining. When I said goodbye, I made sure I kissed her goodnight.

I climbed into my car, knowing nothing between us had changed, or so I think I was protecting myself. Not getting my hopes up just to be crushed again, So I went home, happy, but a little confused and none expectant nonetheless.

The following day she got her wisdoms out so I never saw her, but the FOLLOWING day I spent all day with her. I took her shopping at around 10, we were out till like 12:00 or so. Then Matt and Kristen (friends of ours) were visiting her a little later in the day. She asked me to stay with her if I didn't mind because she didn't want it to be awkward or anything for her (Matt and Kristen are dating so Amber would be like a spare wheel or something :P). After their visit we went back to my house to play Littlebigplanet 2 on my PS3 with Gruff (yes I know, we are overdosing on LBP everywhere but its so damn fun :P). When I took her home she thanked me and all and was about to get out the car. I realised that I had left my bag inside from earlier (laptop bag not handbag!) so I asked if I could get it quickly.

Just outside Ambers front door, there is like a little ledge. Amber has developed a habit I love. Because I am so tall, hugs are normally awkward around other people for me because I am so tall, and its kind of weird having to stoop down so low for a proper hug. Amber often hugs my sideways in front of other people (which I totally hate, but just let it go because we have had that argument before.) Whenever I leave Ambers house now though, she steps up onto the ledge before she gives me a hug goodbye. This brings her face height to more or less the same as mine, me still being taller. So she always gives me a proper hug goodbye which I really love. That night though she surprised me because I wasn't even going to go in for the kiss, and before I knew it, she snuck in a goodbye kiss! Feels nice to know I am not the only one who missed that :)

That all being said though, I know we are not going to step up into dating mode or anything again. She starts college again on Tuesday, along with Gruff, so they are going to politely drop off of Earth again. Man I'm going to hate it :S hopefully though I will have my own studies to keep my busy :)

That is all for tonight! Chello probably hates me because he wanted to play some HoN and I was like NO I have things to do. All I wanted to do was write :) I hope he understands!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Varsity College

Ahoy me matey's! AAAAARGH!!!! *waves wooden leg in hand* :O!

So the end of January is bearing down faster on the world than a bear, well simply because a bear existing must mean it is bearing around doing its own thing. Yes I completely agree with you, that didn't make any sense whatsoever.

Back to the topic as for mentioned above, VARSITY COLLEGE! Seeing as UJ have left me hanging until this Friday (a bit late I know O_o) in my desperation to ensure I study this year, I starter looking around and listening to all the current radio adverts in detail. I heard about a place called Varsity College, found the nearest campus, and went to check it out.

Let me be clear here. When I decided to study again, I already knew I wanted to do it at a college. Something more private, allowing me to focus more and make more friends. University is just too big. It's like throwing a worm into a pond filled with piranhas and telling the poor thing to make a living, work hard, and make friends. Ok it's not that dramatic, but when I think about, it really is like being thrown into a sea and being asked to just fit in. Although I suppose you really could because there are tons of people and they won't really notice you. Anyways ramble aside, I really wanted to be at a college.

Believe you me, I searched many a website last year, searching for the right place. I was silly though, I was searching for a college dedicated to writing courses. They exist, but the good ones are only in Cape Town! I should have been looking for a college that offers many degrees, but does not scale to the size of a University. if anything Varsity College is really what it is called, its like a University, but really the size of any normal college. I went to chat to a councilor there and check the place out. I really liked it!

There are two drawbacks though which still has the knot in my stomach tightening around insides, giving me the feeling of falling off a cliff, not knowing what will meet me at the bottom. First off, it is quite pricey. UJ would cost around R15k a year or so. VC would total the region of around R35k, which is over double. At the end of the day it still isn't that bad though, Gruff's college is in the region of R62k! Taking on that course would put financial pressure on my folks, and obviously me. I would need to make damn sure I do well, more then just passing! On top of that I would probably have to work part time to help with the financial situation.

The second drawback is this, due to late application, I do not have a Unisa student number. Although I will be studying at a college, it is still technically a Unisa Degree and written exam at the end of the day. Due to this, this is the cycle that will happen. I will study first Semester, but only write the exams for what I studied then, in the second semester. What I study in the second semester, will only be written in the first semester of the following year. Make sense? This in turn, stretches the course to 3.5 years as opposed to the regular 3. On top of that, I will be playing catchup the whole time. It sounds insanely difficult! I reckon I could cope though, I just need to discipline myself, a lot.

I have already made up my mind, I want to go to VC! I have until the 10th of Feb to register, and classes start late Feb. I am just waiting for UJ's decision before I let my parents know. If all else fails, I will always have UJ, but here is hoping I have VC!

Monday, January 17, 2011


AAAH! My one friend Faye now has her own show on a local radio station here in South Africa, UJFM! Yes that is University of Johannesburg FM :P She is on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-12 and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-12pm. If you do perchance want to take a listen:

That is the live stream. I'd love to visit her in studio sometime!

Speaking of UJ, the deadline is drawing closer. I called in today and it seems I may finally have an answer on Thursday/Friday. It is here, the answer to my year! It's just a teeny bit nerve wrecking, but either way, I have to take what decision is made like a man, and get on with my life.

I don't know if anybody has been paying attention to the news, but flooding is dominating the southern hemisphere as of late, even here in South Africa! I am doing store visits in an area called Centurion tomorrow, and to my surprise I have heard that flooding there is terrible and people have even died O_o I think I'll talk to my boss about that one... It really is super sad though! I really enjoy the rain, but I guess too much is extremely harmful just like none is just as bad. Here's hoping all works out, although its forecast to rain all the way until Thursday! Even my little Windows weather widget just has clouds all over it for the duration of the week.

I have started ANOTHER blog elsewhere ;) more on that when I have some more posts though. Kthxbye!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sore/Saw Bums

Don't ask :) Clayton showed me what a saw bum would look like, and I just HAD to do motivationals for it!!!

We had a guys evening tonight :) was really cool!!! as the night progressed I couldn't help but laugh at the most mundane of things. I suppose tiredness can make even the unfunny situation make a guy grab his gut and blister into stitches of laughter! I really needed it and it was awesome to just have some male bonding time.

this afternoon I took Amber to lunch. These have become quite a random occuring thing, but I must say I really enjoy them. I hope we can keep it up even when she is back to college, because even though we don't draw the lunch out, its just nice to meet up with her and socialise, find out how she is, and just laugh at random crap.

I ashamedly admit that Amber has been helping me choose clothes :S I hate clothe shopping, but I try make sure when she is with me that I can get her input on certain clothing items. She doesn't force me, but she insists I try on clothes I normally wouldn't bother to glance over. To my surprise I quite like a lot of the items she has picked out for me, and my wardrobe has filled up quite a bit. I guess I take comfort in her opinion, because not only does she have awesome taste in clothes, but her opinion is the only opinion that really matters to me :x and if she thinks I look good in something, well I feel a hell of a lot more comfortable wearing it. I hope she doesn't mind, she seems to make shopping enjoyable :)

Anyhow tomorrow is the weekend... WOOOOH! Its late here and I'm tired. ZZZZ night

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blogger, She is Confused!


Yesterday I said it was my 101st blog, according to my actual blog main page, this will only be my 98th (or 99th) blog. I'm equally confused as you are, but I'm sure over the next few days I will definitely have surpassed the 100 blog mark.

On my phone I have a very nifty e-reader which I have been using to catch up on some old favourites of mine, and reading up on some new books. I have decided to figure out how to put my blog (2009 and 2010 posts) into a teeny book format like the other books I read, and read through my life thusfar. I know it will be a far more interesting read for me, maybe not so much for others. I know it is quite a decent length too, probably the length of a decent sized Novel. Why in 2010 I had 58500 words or so! I know 2009 didn't hold as many words, but it will definitely add to the word count as a whole.

The University Of Johannesburg, first time I have ever heard of in my life, is experiencing an influx of late registrations! It has been all over the news how mad traffic has been and how long the line of prospective students has been for late registrations. I can't help but feel my chances have grown stupendously slim now, even though technically I have been accepted already (space dependent) and all these people trying to apply now never applied last year at all. In my desperation I have searched over the interwebz, and double checked colleges I may have overlooked. To my relief it looks like Boston City Campus still have open registrations, and they offer Journalism! I will have to enquire further, but at least there is a Campus nearby, it is even closer then UJ which is quite a bonus. In fact, I think I would rather go there then to UJ. Only time shall tell of course, still got fingers crossed for being accepted into either of them, else If I work this year I may just drive myself into insanity and all that jazz.

I must say, things with Amber have really been super chilled lately. I know I was hoping for the whole "get back together thing" but it never happened. It really sucked at first, having to be around her when she didn't seem interested, and I guess it still is in a lot of ways. I have to fight with myself to just be a friend to her, not hope for anything more at this moment in time. It's INSANELY DIFFICULT to not throw out compliments to her though, I fight on my hardest. She is maturing so much more these days, more then I thought she ever would, just because I thought she was quite mature already. The thing that makes me smile the most though, is that she still has that little giggling girl in her, the goofy (in a good way!) one who laughs at the big and small things.

I find that I often try find things to be upset with her about, I don't know why. Lately I can't honestly fault her though. She always chats to me over google talk, seems to want to spend some time with me too, and sms's me every now and then. Before I'd just find myself irritated that she never seemed to make the effort. I feel crap about myself now though because it doesn't seem like I am making any effort in this friendship myself. The truth is I am just scared to spend time alone with her, because whether she realizes it or not, its difficult for me. It makes me happy to be with her, but sad at the same time because I'm not really "with" her (if that makes sense)

Its still a learning curve I guess :) I just refuse to think about start of second year for her and Gruff... because man, if I thought I didn't see them much last year, this year is going to be a lot worse :S

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Wow, only clicked now but yesterday was my 100th blog with this blog :) I didn't even stop to commemorate it or anything! So happy 100th blog dear blog, in April I'll remember to wish you a happy 2nd birthday too because that is when I started you. I cannot for the life of me believe how fast time has been travelling these past few years. I remember certain things as if they happened yesterday, then I stop and realise that it was like a year or two ago already! My cousin Gabi just celebrated her one year Anniversary with her boyfriend ths past week, man I really couldn't believe my ears. It felt like yesterday when they had just started dating!

Although was the second day of work, I didn't end up working today. Last night a terrible stomach bug took control of me and I was dying. Dying as in my stomach felt like something was trying to punch its way out of me. It was the worst feeling ever. The moment I went to the bathroom I felt better, the moment I was back in bed I felt like dying again. I slept a total of one hour and when it came to 6am I sms'd my manager telling her there is no ways I will be working today, even though its the second day back at work and I know it sounds ridiculous that I am sick. I ended up finally feeling better early this afternoon, and I slept for the better part of it, waking up at like 7 or so.

I hope I can get some sleep tonight, as my sleeping pattern is probably a little bit screwed up at the moment O_O damn...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to 2011 :O!

Harro :)

Sorry for the extensive lack of posting! I was on leave afterall and I kept telling myself that I will get back to everyday life when work starts again (which was today). I'm kind of depressed about this year thus far I won't lie. I called the University first thing on the 3rd of January to find out what the hell was going on. Turns out I am accepted, but due to space limitation, I have to put my name down on a waiting list. So I went to the Varsity, only to find out that I need a copy of my ID and results once more to add along with my name to the waiting list. So it ended up being a trip back to my house to pick up the relevant documentation. Thank God I called first thing on Monday to find out, because it looks like a lot of people will be adding their names to that list O_o although I know they take your M score (score based on your results) and compare it to others, only choosing the highest scores, I'm hoping my punctuality will give me some sort of advantage.

So this year is still one giant question mark, at least until the 28th. Basically I have to wait for all other students to register so that the Varsity can see if any students who applied for said course, ended up taking something else, or going to another Varsity or college. Man... I hope, I really really REALLY hope I am in. I started work again today, and I was in such a lull of thought, just wishing my days were numbered so I could get on with studying. If studying fails to happen this year... well, I'll consider that road when I arrive there.

In case I didn't put it up (which I am sure I didn't), my official rough blog word count (this blog and book blog) for last year stands at 58 313 words. I am quite happy with that number, as it really is like a short novel. I'm hoping to beat that this year, as well as get involved in a heck of a lot more writing, most of which will be voluntary. As things happen and I know what is happening with my life, so will you :) my trusty little word documentary on my teeny life.

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