Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Varsity College

Ahoy me matey's! AAAAARGH!!!! *waves wooden leg in hand* :O!

So the end of January is bearing down faster on the world than a bear, well simply because a bear existing must mean it is bearing around doing its own thing. Yes I completely agree with you, that didn't make any sense whatsoever.

Back to the topic as for mentioned above, VARSITY COLLEGE! Seeing as UJ have left me hanging until this Friday (a bit late I know O_o) in my desperation to ensure I study this year, I starter looking around and listening to all the current radio adverts in detail. I heard about a place called Varsity College, found the nearest campus, and went to check it out.

Let me be clear here. When I decided to study again, I already knew I wanted to do it at a college. Something more private, allowing me to focus more and make more friends. University is just too big. It's like throwing a worm into a pond filled with piranhas and telling the poor thing to make a living, work hard, and make friends. Ok it's not that dramatic, but when I think about, it really is like being thrown into a sea and being asked to just fit in. Although I suppose you really could because there are tons of people and they won't really notice you. Anyways ramble aside, I really wanted to be at a college.

Believe you me, I searched many a website last year, searching for the right place. I was silly though, I was searching for a college dedicated to writing courses. They exist, but the good ones are only in Cape Town! I should have been looking for a college that offers many degrees, but does not scale to the size of a University. if anything Varsity College is really what it is called, its like a University, but really the size of any normal college. I went to chat to a councilor there and check the place out. I really liked it!

There are two drawbacks though which still has the knot in my stomach tightening around insides, giving me the feeling of falling off a cliff, not knowing what will meet me at the bottom. First off, it is quite pricey. UJ would cost around R15k a year or so. VC would total the region of around R35k, which is over double. At the end of the day it still isn't that bad though, Gruff's college is in the region of R62k! Taking on that course would put financial pressure on my folks, and obviously me. I would need to make damn sure I do well, more then just passing! On top of that I would probably have to work part time to help with the financial situation.

The second drawback is this, due to late application, I do not have a Unisa student number. Although I will be studying at a college, it is still technically a Unisa Degree and written exam at the end of the day. Due to this, this is the cycle that will happen. I will study first Semester, but only write the exams for what I studied then, in the second semester. What I study in the second semester, will only be written in the first semester of the following year. Make sense? This in turn, stretches the course to 3.5 years as opposed to the regular 3. On top of that, I will be playing catchup the whole time. It sounds insanely difficult! I reckon I could cope though, I just need to discipline myself, a lot.

I have already made up my mind, I want to go to VC! I have until the 10th of Feb to register, and classes start late Feb. I am just waiting for UJ's decision before I let my parents know. If all else fails, I will always have UJ, but here is hoping I have VC!


  1. Er... Thanks? :P whoever you are...

    1. lol oh it was me. did u eventually go vc?

    2. Indeed I did :) I am a 3rd year now!

      As a matter of interest, how did you find my blog?


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