Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Blog. I Present To You, My First Script :D


JOHNSON, BERNARD, PATRICIA and BERNICE arrive at youth camp laden with lots of bags slung around them. They walk a short way down a path, being led by a youth leader (THOMAS). THOMAS stops at a doorway.

This is your room guys

BERNARD, carrying loads of bags with his luggage, drops to the ground in a heap on top of his bags.

Th...Tha...Thank goodness.

Everybody laughs at BERNARD. THOMAS takes the opportunity to pass on some wisdom.

I hope you guys only brought what you really need, stuff like alcohol, drugs, or anything else you know that would generally be disallowed, is not going to be tolerated.

JOHNSON looks extremely guilty and casually throws one of his bags into a nearby bush as THOMAS starts unlocking the door for them. BERNARD quickly shoots to his feet and throws one of his bags into the bush too. They shoot a guilty look at the girls and nod their heads to the bush, hinting that perhaps they follow suit.

What? We wouldn’t bring anything bad along, our bags are just full of clothes.

PATRICIA nods her head in agreement. BERNARD sticks out his hands, offering to carry some bags for the girls. BERNICE and PATRICIA smile, handing him each a bag of theirs. He takes each and casually throws them into the bush next to his and JOHNSONS bags. The girls mouths drop in shock while JOHNSON and BERNARD snigger. All this time THOMAS has been still fiddling with the lock and finally gets it open, not knowing what happened behind his back.

Enjoy guys. Lunch will be at 1pm, you are free till then. Come along girls.

JOHNSON and BERNARD walk into their room still smiling, while the girls, unable to do anything about what just happened, are forced to follow THOMAS.


THOMAS is busy leading the girls, BERNICE and PATRICIA, to their rooms down another pathway.

(whispers urgently)
We need to get our bags quick. Let’s let Thomas show us our room, then we can go fetch them.

PATRICIA nods her head in agreement. THOMAS reaches their room, and unlocks the door and turns to talk to them.

This is yours girls. You’ll be pleased to know your rooms are far better than the guys.

Thank goodness. It’s nice to know they kept the better rooms for the better mannered people.



Well ok... Remember that you are free till about 1pm. That gives you about 2 hours free time.

THOMAS leaves the girls and walks away. The girls enter their room.

Black screen flashes saying “FIVE MINUTES LATER” the girls leave their room and start walking.

And thus the girls began their long precarious journey to collect their bags from the boys.

Black screen flashes saying “FIVE MINUTES LATER”. The girls are walking through an area with lots of trees, panting as if they have walked a huge distance.

(slightly stressed)
Where exactly are we?

(equally exasperated)
I think we walked to far, we must be out of bounds.

OPTIONAL a wolf howls in the background.


BERNARD and JOHNSON check if the coast is clear and sneak up to the bush that their bags and the girls bags are hiding in. BERNARD grabs the girls bags, planning on keeping them in their room in the meantime till they can give them back to the girls. JOHNSON on the other hand can’t contain his curiousity.

Let’s see what the girls had in here.

Dude thats dodgy, girls bags are like sanctuaries that were never meant for our eyes.

But surely you would like to know why girls pack so much?

BERNARD keeps quiet. JOHNSON smirks and starts to unzip one of the bags. Just then THOMAS walks into the scene, JOHNSON and BERNARD obviously did not see them coming.

What you guys up to?

(jumps in surprise and stammers)
n... n... no... nothing!

What you got there?

THOMAS approaches the bag and peaks inside. He is surprised and pulls out a girl’s makeup kit.

(With authority)
What is this? Plan on doing some make up on people who are sleeping tonight???

JOHNSON and BERNARD, gobsmacked, mouth inaudible words. BERNARD eventually finds his voice

It’s not ours, the girls accidentally left their bags here. We were just going to take it to them.

THOMAS raises his eyebrows, half believing the story.

Oh? Well I’d love to know why you planned on opening it. I want you to come with me and give it back to them so you can apologize.

They all walk up the path towards the girl’s room and out of the scene. Another black screen flashes saying “FIVE MINUTES LATER”. PATRICIA and BERNICE arrive at the boys room, they just missed them walking away with THOMAS. They clearly look tired yet relieved that they found their way back to the pathway. BERNICE approaches the bush and pulls out the remaining two bags.

Those aren’t ours.

They must have taken ours and forgot about theirs for some reason.

BERNICE knocks on the door to no response. She shrugs her shoulders

Well I guess we just keep their bags hostage until we can trade at a later stage.

BERNICE and PATRICIA carry the boys bags out of scene.

INT. Outside the girls room

THOMAS and the boys walk to the door. THOMAS knocks at the door. BERNARD and JOHNSON shuffle their feet nervously and full of guilt. THOMAS tries again to no response. Just then the girls walk into the scene, chatting. The boys turn around and see what bags the girls are carrying. The boys eyes grow wide as they realise what is in the bags of theirs. THOMAS turns around and see’s the girls.

Oh there you are girls. We were just looking for you.

THOMAS points at the bags he is carrying (the girls bags). The girls seem relieved that their bags are safe. THOMAS see’s the bags that the girls are carrying.

What bags are those?

Those are ou...

(trying to cover up for the guys)
Oh these? We just found these on the way back.

BERNARD realised that he nearly gave himself away and keeps quiet. THOMAS catches on even though BERNICE tried to cover up.

Do these belong to you boys?

BERNARD and JOHNSON ashamedly nod their heads. THOMAS puts the girls bags down and sticks his hand out for the boys bags. The girls hand them over reluctantly. Thomas bends down on his haunches and unzips the bag. His eyes grow wide and he pulls out a bottle of alcohol.

Guys, what is this?

The guys look guilty and keep quiet. THOMAS opens up a bottle, smells it and sips it. He looks surprised. He digs into the bag and pulls out another bottle. He does the same thing and sips another bottle. He starts laughing to himself. Everybody looks at each other confused.

This is water guys. You smuggled in water with these alcohol bottles?

JOHNSON looks at BERNARD, irritated.

Water? Your dads prized alcohol collection is actually bottles filled with water?

BERNARD shrugs his shoulders.

We filled up the bottles with water and put them back after we drank them on the last camp we went on?

Awkward silence...

This is true.

The girls giggles at the boys silliness. THOMAS smirks, says stern words.

I can’t punish you for something you did on the last camp, because I don’t have proof. And obviously I can’t punish you for carrying water in your bags, although their containers you carry them in are rather unusual. So I will just let this slide, just this time.

JOHNSON and BERNARD breathe a sigh of relief and bow at THOMAS ‘feet, thanking him.

However, judging by the fact that the girls had the guys bags, and the guys had the girls bags, I can only assume you were snooping around in each other’s rooms. Guys in girls rooms and vice versa is unacceptable.

EVERYBODY tries to object, saying that they were not in anybody else’s room. THOMAS raises his voice above everybody’s

It’s too late for excuses now, the evidence is clear. I’m going to have to put all of you on kitchen duty tonight.

Black screen flashes. “And the Moral of the story is?”
A long pause, then another screen flashes “We hope you packed light.”

Sorry, I understand it may be a bit tough to read here, it was nicely layed out in my Word document :P we shoot this Saturday :) I will try upload a video somewhere if I can. This is to be a video for the youth camp coming up in September :D

Friday, August 27, 2010

LOL @ Bernard and Johnson

AH! Its after 1am here by me. I am sitting at a pool table, busy typing on my teeny weeny laptop. I'm currently at Gruff's house if you are wondering. He and Hanru (one of his friends from college) are busy doing work here, and I decided to come join them and keep them company. In doing so, I couldn't exactly sit and twiddle my thumbs, so I decided to get some work of my own done.

There is a youth camp coming up in September over a long weekend. The youth camp I went to at the beginning of the year, made a really cool video explaining all the rules of the camp to follow. That was a huge youth camp consisting of lots of youths combined. This camp coming up is solely for our youth. We have decided to do a fun video too, explaining all the rules and such. At the recent youth meeting, I volunteered to write the script for it. Robs, a friend of mine is currently at AFDA (a film college) in her third year, and she gave me some material to help me write a proper script. It all seemed confusing at first, and after 4 failed attempts at a decent opening scene, I finally found something that works with me. It has some comedy, while hinting at the rules of the camp without being IN YOUR FACE. I am far from finished, but it feels good to finally be thinking creatively again and getting something out of my system in terms of writing. Perhaps I will put up the script and video up here when it is done and finalised (and also if I like my final script :P).

At the moment I am deciding on UJ or WITS to study next year. Decisions out of high school or scary... but at the age of 22, life decisions are still scary O_O

I am so keen to carry on writing my books... and so many other things. If only I had the motivation and non laziness -_- lets hope this is the start of that.

I haven't read a book for months, but recently I got a new phone with the Android operating system on it. I found me an e-reader and I can download any book I can think of. I have already finished a book this week and don't plan to stop. Its just so convenient to read on your phone, anywherem anytime, without having to lug a physical book around with you. So lets hope this reading will stir my creative juices too.

Thats all for now, nothing about Amber at the moment :P kthxbye

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

:x !!!


This week is going it be random and empty just like the last week. Work is kind of annoying the crap out of me at the moment. I am meant to be doing my new job, but I cannot do so until I get my training. My boss tells me that we are waiting on Microsoft to get back to us. So at the moment, I am wasting my life at home, only working when I get called to do favours or whatever. It's highly irritating. You may think "but you get paid to do nothing then?" Maybe... but am I even getting paid to do nothing? Logically in my head yes I am, because my boss hasn't said anything to me about no pay this month. I just don't know what exactly I am getting this month. Probably my same old salary. It's just annoying me how my parents are on my case about it and there is nothing I can do.

For your entertainment I have decided to provide you a link to a minigame: http://www.miniclip.com/games/balance/en/

I laughed when I played it :P it's so random.

Today I had a productive day in my opinion. I didn't get called in by work today so I had time to kill today. I ended up getting some reading done, doing some shopping, sorting out my tax and now even writing. Sounds like nothing really, but considering that these spare games get wasted entirely to gaming, its quite something in my eyes :) Unfortunately the remainder of the day fell to gaming so it was half a successful productive day :P

I haven't seen Amber forever. Didn't get to see her this weekend. I called her last week just to say hello. We didn't chat very long, but hearing her voice and her laugh was more then enough for me. Her laugh always makes me laugh because its so infectious. Anyhow I thought she was going to be busy all weekend so didn't make any plans to see her or any alternate forms of transport just in case. Come sunday i went with my parents to a family lunch, but I didn't take my own car. Murphy's Law STRIKES... she sms's me saying she got some work done and was keen for a movie or something. I'm like -_- because I had no way of getting to her as I was not in my own car. I told her I couldn't make it. So guess I will just have to wait for this weekend where I can maybe see her. Maybe I'll go surprise her with chocolate or something this week.

She just put up a new profile picture of herself and it still surprises me how amazing she looks O_o and considering I haven't seen her for like 10 days I'm all like <3! Haha thats weird I guess... I decided to click the like button and not leave some comment on how amazingly beautiful she looks. I made my status ":x !!!" because I was just going to shoosh and not say anything about her picture. Surprise surprise she commented on my status saying hello? Ah man... I wonder if she knows it's because of her.

I don't think this post is making sense :) but it's ok! Less then 3 (According to Sage ^_^)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Ticker is Running out of Ticks :O


I know I have been super scarce, more scarce then Unobtanium to the humans in Avatar, but it's ok I'm sure you didn't miss me much :)

I won't deny being super lazy as of late, I just think about writing and I'm like na... not right now. Not because I hate it, more just because I don't feel like it right now at this second. But then I wake up every morning realising how much I dislike my job and how much I want to get out of there and I realise that maybe it's time to stop being lazy and time to start thinking about my career and my future. This leads me to writing of course, because I will do that next year. I have given up on trying to find a creative writing degree or course, I will just have to settle for journalism and hope that it is everything I have hoped for. I can always go to WITS or UJ (two universities here in Johannesburg) but I have been checking out the communication degree at Boston City Campus which is a college nearby. My brother studied there and thats all I know about the place. At the end of the day though I think I need to apply to UJ. I need to be super focused, because if I stuff that up, then where the hell am I going with my life? You don't need a degree to be an author, but I'm pretty sure that having some kind of theory and link to the writing for a living community will greatly aid me. I have until the end of September to enroll. Time, she is running short.

Not that you would know, but my parents were away for the past 3.5 weeks and got back two days ago. Generally I miss them when they are away (this is a now annual thing, them travelling to family overseas) but this year I don't know... It just felt different. One evening I was sitting here in the study and I just realized how empty the house feels without them, and it made me think of them dying one day, it wasn't pleasant O_o my parents aren't allowed to die, I need them... I don't like this feeling of an empty house.

As you may have remembered I mentioned in March or so how Amber seems to go through a cycle with me, where sometimes we are all close and others she feels scarce. I know she is mostly scarce due to college, but my predictions were right, and she is scarce -_- bleh.


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