Tuesday, August 24, 2010

:x !!!


This week is going it be random and empty just like the last week. Work is kind of annoying the crap out of me at the moment. I am meant to be doing my new job, but I cannot do so until I get my training. My boss tells me that we are waiting on Microsoft to get back to us. So at the moment, I am wasting my life at home, only working when I get called to do favours or whatever. It's highly irritating. You may think "but you get paid to do nothing then?" Maybe... but am I even getting paid to do nothing? Logically in my head yes I am, because my boss hasn't said anything to me about no pay this month. I just don't know what exactly I am getting this month. Probably my same old salary. It's just annoying me how my parents are on my case about it and there is nothing I can do.

For your entertainment I have decided to provide you a link to a minigame: http://www.miniclip.com/games/balance/en/

I laughed when I played it :P it's so random.

Today I had a productive day in my opinion. I didn't get called in by work today so I had time to kill today. I ended up getting some reading done, doing some shopping, sorting out my tax and now even writing. Sounds like nothing really, but considering that these spare games get wasted entirely to gaming, its quite something in my eyes :) Unfortunately the remainder of the day fell to gaming so it was half a successful productive day :P

I haven't seen Amber forever. Didn't get to see her this weekend. I called her last week just to say hello. We didn't chat very long, but hearing her voice and her laugh was more then enough for me. Her laugh always makes me laugh because its so infectious. Anyhow I thought she was going to be busy all weekend so didn't make any plans to see her or any alternate forms of transport just in case. Come sunday i went with my parents to a family lunch, but I didn't take my own car. Murphy's Law STRIKES... she sms's me saying she got some work done and was keen for a movie or something. I'm like -_- because I had no way of getting to her as I was not in my own car. I told her I couldn't make it. So guess I will just have to wait for this weekend where I can maybe see her. Maybe I'll go surprise her with chocolate or something this week.

She just put up a new profile picture of herself and it still surprises me how amazing she looks O_o and considering I haven't seen her for like 10 days I'm all like <3! Haha thats weird I guess... I decided to click the like button and not leave some comment on how amazingly beautiful she looks. I made my status ":x !!!" because I was just going to shoosh and not say anything about her picture. Surprise surprise she commented on my status saying hello? Ah man... I wonder if she knows it's because of her.

I don't think this post is making sense :) but it's ok! Less then 3 (According to Sage ^_^)

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  1. Less then 3 :)

    Yes, glad to see you are, at least, getting paid for doing absolutely nothing. Living the dream! But seriously, "I haven't seen Amber forever" followed up later with a "for like 10 days" was lol :P

    Keep on Keepin' on Figgeh!


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