Friday, December 31, 2010

And The Book Closes Once More

Cheerio 2010 :) I can't say that I will sorely miss you unfortunately, bar the World Cup and other events that occurred throughout which made me smile or happy. Other then that, this year was nothing spectacular.

There really isn't much to write home about what I achieved this year, it honestly just flew by too quickly. I never reached my 100 blogs for 2010 goal (I don't think, still need to check how many posts I had in my other blog.) I'm really looking forward to reading all the way from April 2009 when I first started this thing, right on through to today. Hopefully I will be able to see that I have grown or made some kind of progress, but other then that I can honestly laugh or feel sad about whatever I read from the past. Laugh at the mistakes or random crap I have written, being sad where I see I could have done better or just improved. Nonetheless, I am trying to figure out how to put it all into a nifty little "e-book" so I can read it on my phone wherever I am, much like I would any other book. Thusfar I have around 48500 words, which is like a teeny little Novel. Perhaps next year this time I will have my first book out. I haven't really written any kind of fiction for ages! Something I must change, and things I must change about me to grow and stop being lazy.

Let this year be a reminder to the personal struggles I fought in my heart, with trying to let go and hang onto the same thing, at the same time. Let next year this time have me be a changed person, glowing in the same way I know I am capable of, shining with the goals I have fulfilled and overcome, minus the obstacles and barricaded disasters I wish to avoid.

Don't know if that made sense to you, but I got it :P have an awesome super duper smashing goodbye to 2010... lets welcome 2011 with open arms, and hope its everything we wish it to be!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 :)


Another year has come and gone (well almost really, close enough) and I cannot believe where the FFFT it has gone off to! It honestly feels like yesterday I was doing certain things that actually happened WAY back early this year, and yet certain things feel like they were done really long ago but they were actually done this year.

Last year this time I was in Madeira O_O A WHOLE YEAR HAS PASSED SINCE THEN! I used to laugh at people who said that time flies after the age of 21, but honestly wtf, time is flying faster than the speed of light. I kind of wish it would slow down, but at the same time I wish for a few years to flash by so I can see exactly where I will be then.

Its 03:30AM here currently. I can hear a bird chirping outside my window, probably telling me to put the lights off and go to sleep. I shall heed your pleading, little birdie, and go punch the sack :) have a good day everybody!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I won't be writing for very long tonight :) not really in the mood, but I MUST SAY THIS:


And about time too :P although I know he was waiting for her to finish studying and whatnot, it feels like they should just be married already! I can't wait for the wedding... sheesh! TOO! MUCH! EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

On another note AAAH UJ ACCEPTED ME! Kinda... I have been conditionally accepted, space depending -_- so STILL going to wait on that and all.

I realise this post has lots of caps and violent exclamations, but its ok you shall live.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is one of my favourite movies of all time! If you like games, or comics, or just plain awesome, do yourself a favour and see it! I don't think it will appeal to everybody, but by joe did it appeal to me! I wanna go see it again and again and again :P


Friday, December 10, 2010

I See the Sea!


I am currently in Durban on a kind of mini holiday with 4 friends of mine - Gruff, Niel, Robs and Faye. Robs' parents were kind enough to let us stay at their place with them for the duration. It's currently 02:30 in the morning here, and I am sitting in the lounge with Gruff killing time.

This is just a pic I took on the way here:

We had a hell of an interesting evening! Which I am going to share with you in as few words as possible, because quite frankly I am sitting on the couch, staring at my blow up mattress which is where I will be sleeping, and it is calling my name like you cannot believe. My eyelids are as heavy as bricks and I am quite keen to sleep... but FIRST I want to tell you what happened this evening before I forget all the minor details. I am just warning you, I am currently typing with my eyes closed, so some things I say, may or may not make sense. I will be spell checking after all of this obviously, but at the moment I am having fun tying without looking.

We got here just after nine or so, and as soon as we did we decided to hit the beach for a walk and whatnot. Being surrounded by people so in touch with God though, means that you can never really just have a walk on the beach in the evening. There are always people to be prayed for, and pray we did.

I am utterly astounded by the accuracy of words that Niel and Gruff got for the people we got for, and how accurare they were. We prayed for a girl named Brady, who was surrounded by some drunk guys and other uninterested friends, but she was brave and accepted our request to pray for her. Niel felt something about her dancing, and that she would use her dancing to bring glory to God. Gruff got a word he didn't even know the definition of.

a. A formal dance; a ball.
b. A march of all the guests at the opening of a ball.
c. A square-dance figure in which couples march counterclockwise in a circle.

How cool is that? It's got to do with dancing! :P

We ended up sitting on a life guards "shelter" thingy. All 5 of us in a circle. We started praying for each other and it was awesome! All the words that were shared were very helpful, and everbody prayed for my UJ application to get processed super fast and for me to get accepted obviously, Please God, let me be accepted... it's starting to stress me out just a tad!

I kept feeling that we should wait, like we should wait for somebody or some people to come meet us or just arrive near us. If we were going to get up and leave, I was going to tell everybody to just wait a few minutes. I didn't need to though :) 3 drunk guys approached our spot and asked us if we minded them digging a hole nearby. We obviously had no issue with this and told them to go ahead. When they busied themselves, I quickly shared what I had felt with everybody. I really don't know if what I got was a genuine word from God, but to me it was pretty darn cool nonetheless!

We decided to pray for them. Drunk people are difficult to work with, so we just waited a bit before approaching them. I can't remember what Niel said, but he mentioned some advice he felt about approaching them, and we did.

There were 3 of them. One accepted prayer, one was skeptical, and one point blank refused. It didn't matter. As Niel pointed out, when you want to pick a ripe fruit, you can literally just lift it off the tree without effort. There is no point in trying to force a fruit picking. The guy we prayed for is Roman Catholic. Gruff had some good words and prayer for him while Niel chatted to the skeptical guy. You could see this guy was experiencing an intense tingling in his hands. He kept rubbing his hands, something I always do when my hands are super tingly.

We thanked them and were about to leave when Gruff was like WAIIIIT!!!!! He asked this guy if he wanted to give his life to the Lord and he agreed :) so that was at least one person saved tonight. Gruff is going to add him on Facebook just to catch up at some point and see how he is doing.

That was about it, and we headed back to the car. Definitely an unusual evening, but it really was amazing to me!

Ok I'm done now... it's 3am :O SLEEP TIME! Apparently we are going for a run on the beach tomorrow morning at 8. Hahahahahahahaha! Ok now that I have that out of my system, goodnight :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Definitely Still a Learning Curve

Sorry guys, definite rant on the horizon tonight. It's eating at my insides, as insignificant as it may seem, but it's something I need to write about to feel better about.

Tonight we went to a farewell dinner for Talitha. Jesse (my cousin from Secunda who is staying over) and I went to fetch Amber on the way because she asked for a lift. The evening went as expected I guess, starting off with Amber taking the empty seat next to Dave. I have nothing against Dave, he is one of my good friends from Highschool, but seeing him and Amber is like poison to me. I get so irritated around them that I just want to get up and leave. Surprisingly I handled myself quite well tonight, considering that last time she abandoned me for his company I had to get up like twice, making excuses about bathroom visits, just to clear my head and not get angry/upset about it. Anyways back to tonight...

I can't quite tell how they feel about each other, maybe they are just being friends and whatnot, but I'm just really uncomfortable about it. It's difficult to explain. Anyways, it just annoys me :P I struggle to be normal around them, but I really think I did well tonight.

The problem didn't come in at dinner, but after. People were making plans to go to Wolves tomorrow evening, and I know Dave is definitely going. Amber said she wasn't sure if she was going yet and nor was Gruff. I wasn't going because I wanted to go watch Harry Potter with Jesse, and besides that, he is too young for Wolves and I'm not going to leave him at home while I'm out and about. I had to then change my plans to accommodate Gruff and Amber because they don't want to go in the evening. That aside, I could have sworn that when we left, Dave said to Amber that he will see her at Wolves tomorrow. I have no idea who else is going, not sure if Gruff is... but the thought of Amber and Dave going alone makes me kinda sad :S sheesh...

In the car on the way home, my mood had already dipped after speculating in my head, perhaps unnecessarily, but speculation nonetheless. Amber started talking about people, then eventually couples. First off she started speaking about particular people who had just broken up, and how not too long after the guy is already dating another girl (I'm talking maybe about 2 months? Not sure) anyways, she said she wasn't happy about the whole thing, but the girl should get over him, and girls do take long to get over guys. I couldn't help but retort in my head something along the lines of, "yeah because you took SO long to get over me."

If she isn't over me, well then she is covering up very well. If she is, well then that was insanely fast and it hurt. It's like she forgot all about me during college this last half of the year, and is just moving on with her life like we didn't ever exist.

Second up she started talking about other couples. She kept going on about how cute certain couples are. I just stayed quiet... couple hookups is like the last goddam thing I wanna talk to my ex about. She kept talking and talking, then realizing how quiet I was, casually said, "I'll shut up now." Thank goodness O_o I don't know why it irritates me how she talks about others together, I have nothing against them, but there was once upon a time when we used to think we were awesome together, now that thought is clearly absent from her mind.

Oh well... told you tonight was a ramble. Sorry :)

When I got home she asked me over gtalk if I was upset in the car. I told her I just had a big headache which was kind of true. I don't want to be an ass to her, so guess I'll just have to keep learning to deal with it, and get over her.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Taste Of Flavour!

I just got home. I am tired. My back hurts. My eyelids weigh in as heavy as watermelons on a piece of paper suspended between to sharp blades O_O but man that was a fun evening!

My friend Gruff and his bro, are the kind of people who love bringing people together. So they decided to throw a formal party (where we still bought tickets so they could cover costs and whatnot) where we all dressed fancy schmancy, ate awesome food, and danced the night away! I felt like I was at some kind of a matric dance, but where everybody who attended was a friend or somebody I knew. It really was a ball (LOL pun!) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It was awesome to see the guys all smart and pimping in their suits, and the ladies all looking gorgeous in their dresses. Usually I am quite a shy guy, but I decided to be a little more social tonight and wasn't scared to dance (although I'm sure I looked like a retard :P) and to be a little more open with girls.

I must admit that one girl sitting at our table caught my attention :S I think she is quite pretty, has beautiful eyes, and a nice laugh :P she belongs to our circle of friends somehow, but its the first time I have ever met her. When I introduced myself as Fig she was like "OH you're Fig! I've heard so much about you!" I was like :-? who the hell finds the time to talk about me? Anyways, I'll see how our next encounter goes, maybe I can get to know her a bit better.

I wanted to put some pictures up, but you will have to wait for them to be put on facebook by others before I can steal them and put them on here.

SLEEP SUMMOMS! Kthxbyeit's2AMhere

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Title says it all :S sheesh
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