Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Too Lazy To Think Up A Title

Something seems to be wrong with me as of late. I don't know if it has to do with me just being pure lazy or honestly not having anything to write. Perhaps it is this weather and I just don't find the energy to get around to writing. All I know is that I really have been slacking lately, which isn't good.

I find myself getting increasingly agitated with work, as I just want my new postion to open up so I can get started. I finally have a bit more of a time frame in which it will be happening. Next week we have somebody who will be taking over my current job, I will be training them next week. The week therafter will be when I start my new position. I still don't ENTIRELY know what or how it will work, but the change will do me good.

At the end of the day, I don't plan on working next year, so whether this job is crappy or not, I still know that I really don't want to be part of my company that much longer. I have indirectly decided on journalism in my head, but that may change if something else catches my eye. All I need to do now is decide where to do it. There are the two universities which I know are awesome, but I think I would really love to study at a college. I have been to varsity and it was really nice, but I know I can easily get lazy because no lecturer really pays attention to your progress. But *sigh* I need to stop being lazy... seriously.

I have articles to write, ideas I want on paper, 3 books to work on, and yet... nothing O_o I don't really know if its me being incapable of writing, or me just being lazy.

Ah well at the end of the day, its nearly weekend :) I miss my parents, I won't lie. I hope they are having an awesome time!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Surprised Every Time!

I can't believe its Sunday already. I hate how the week can simply take forever to drag on, but as soon as its weekend its like FWOOP and before you know it, it's nearly over! I suppose that the week does consist of 5 days and the weekend only consists of 2, so its no use complaining of how its illogical that the weekend is so short :P

My parents are now away for three weeks. They have done it for the last few years now, but this year I don't know... something is different. Surprisingly, from the day they left, I have really been missing them. Like obviously I would miss them, but as soon as I got back from being out on the evening they left, the house just felt so empty. It was weird! I can't quite place my finger on it, but maybe its just me finally appreciating them a little bit, which should change to appreciating them a lot.

On friday after youth, Cassidee (a friend of mine) was teasing me and telling me how she wanted me to be incorporated into her family, so I should marry one of her cousins. I was like no... your brother could just marry one of my cousins and we could indirectly be family. She kept teasing and insisting, and I was like NO :P anyways the next day I went to church in the evening with Gruff. As we were leaving, I was walking out with Amber and Dave. Amber had not been at youth the night before. As we neared the exit I said by to Cass, and she waved and said "remember that the offer still stands!" I laughed and told her "no I'm still not going to marry one of your cousins!" Amber asked me what she meant by marrying her cousins and why? I told her that she wants me to marry a cousin of hers so we could be family. Amber surprised me by looking sad and drooping her lower lip, Dave was commenting about it and looking the other way. Then out of nowhere Amber put her arm through mine and squeezed me, whispering that I am only allowed to marry her one day, or something along those lines, I can't remember her exact words. It just made me smile because, we all know Amber confuses a lot, but to say something like that was just an unexpected and pleasant surprise to me. I don't know if it sounds lame, but I don't care :P you're not me.

One more week until the end of the month.... eeeek!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

All By Myself :O

10 days since my last blog. Not the greatest start to this whole "getting into my blog again thing" but hey I'm trying.

My parents are going away tomorrow for the next three weeks to Madeira. They will be spending some time in Portugal, but mostly in Madeira. I'm glad they have made it into a yearly thing of theirs, because they really do deserve a yearly break because they work super hard the rest of the year through.

This in turn means that they will not be home which is pretty cool. Not that I am not going to miss them, but the time away from them is also pretty cool. This means some added chores to me but thats not the end of the world. My sister always looks after me and my brother so well when they are away anyways, so I'm looking forward to the break time from them as I'm sure they are looking forward to the break time from us :P

I'm awaiting the first of next month to see if this promotion is for real or not. I have this nasty feeling that its going to fall through, but I guess I will just have to wait and see.

I am going out with Gruff and amber tonight to an exhibition of work from their college. the work consists mainly of second and third years apparently. Quite keen so see what they have done :)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shin Guards Are Lame

In all honestly I am too pooped to write, but I am forcing this out of me quickly, because I need to get into this habit again.

My new position at my company, if all goes well, should be starting on the first of next month :D new position with way better perks over cons, not to mention a nice raise, really really appeals to me, at least until I study next year in which case I can return to being a poor student with no money. Dang thats going to be a tough adjustment.

I hope I never have to eat my own words... but something has changed in Amber. She is starting to really act like she cares for me with small actions that I am not used to from her so frequently. Usually I just take it as "She's in one of those moods where she wants to show affection" but instead those moods seem to be quite frequent now. It always comes as a surprise to me when we are driving around together, and she puts her hand on my leg and lets me put fingers between hers. The other day she was at my house and as soon as I dropped her off back home she sms'd me apologizing for her off mood. I was like huh? Because I could not detect any sort of off mood from her at all O_o normally if she was in an off mood she wouldn't say anything and just leave it be. For the first time ever, purely out of coincidence, she ended up sitting for dinner at my house with me, cousins and my parents. I was so nervous, expecting it to be tense and awkward, especially seeing as on this day of ALL my moms awesome cooked meals, she chose to make Vegetable soup -_- I was like *sigh* of all the things to offer Amber on her first proper close family sit down dinner. Amber had soup and she said it was honestly really nice. She amazes me O_O I am not saying she is bad mannered in any form, but she's just been really really REALLY outstanding in the way she has been acting lately. It's something that I hope remains regular, but if not I will not feel any differently about her. I just hope I never have to eat my words.

I played soccer today and my knee hurts like crap. Shin pads are not required it seems, knee kicking is the new thing. Knee guards are first on my to buy list when I go shopping.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Don't You Hate It When Things Just Blur And Fly By??

Damn... I have been on leave for the last 3 weeks, and in the blink of an eye it is nearly finished. Tomorrow is the final, Spain Vs Holland. Few people banked on either team, but don't ever count out the "underdog". If you put your spirit and heart into anything, then anything is possible :)

I will admit, I planned on writing a hell of a lot these holidays, but unfortunately laziness just got the better of me. Looking back at my leave now I wonder what exactly I did that was worthwhile? Nothing at all... Just a break from reality and time spent with family and friends. I spent a lot of time these holidays with Amber, which I am grateful for because even though she hurt me during the start of it all, I missed her when she was at college. I am trying to be as cautious as possible obviously, because we all know that sometimes she seems in love with me and others it she can just be like whatever. I have had cousins staying over with me all week, so I couldn't really spend time with her alone, but it felt so nice the other day when she sms'd me to tell me she misses me, something that hasn't happened in eons. What bothers me now though is that she goes back to college on Monday, as does Gareth. So they will be dropping off the face of the planet until like Decemeber at least O_o not amped for it at all.

I don't know if I told you guys yet, but I got promoted at work just before my leave took effect? Well I did :) about time... I'm kind of dreading Monday, because thats when my new position starts. Whether I hate it or love it doesn't matter though. I looked up some courses this holiday, and I may be studying Journalism next year :D at least thats option A for now, going to look up some English Literature courses too and see what thats like and what it offers. So many choices I have delayed and delayed further... I am kind of nervous now though, the end of the year will come in the blink of an eye soon.

I will be catching up on any blogs I have missed during my leave, but know that I should be back and blogging frequently again :) missed it.

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