Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust :O


I find it interesting how when you really want to get out of something, any tiny excuse will be made to get out. I just checked my work email and got an email from a guy at work, forwarded from Avnic (The company who distributes Garmin - A client of ours) there has been an enquiry into the work I have done for them. Apparently the one store I call on complained, saying something along the lines that SGA has not made any kind of effort to build a relationship with them at all.

Now naturally, I'm like "Wtf? (Thats - What the Flip :P). I have been into this store with Gareth a good few times, and I know for a fact he is good friends with everybody and has a good relationship. I only JUST took over (and considering that I myself have a good relationship with the store through Gareth), HOW exactly is it that the complaint has come through? I personally think there is just some silly misunderstanding, and I replied to the email accordingly. Besides that, I can't picture the owner of the store having anything bad to say about SGA, Or Gareth and myself for that matter. I just hope its nothing serious. As I mentioned earlier, its this kind of little thing that I can use as an excuse to leave my company. I'm quite over all the politics that go on behind the scenes, and as much of a nice job I actually have, I actually cannot handle it anymore.

In other news, I looked at some colleges online today, and I can actually still register at some places. I would really love to study full time, but I refuse to leave my car on my parents shoulders. I can handle part time, but I would totally want a different job -_- gah, so much thinking and decision making to be done! Don't even get me started on what do I specifically want to study.

At the end of the day, God's always got my back. I just need to be willing and trusting enough to let him lead me. No matter how rocky the road is, there is always a destination.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Good evening my little blog! It is nearly already the end of January. If this is anything to go by, this means this year is going to absolutely breeze on by.

I keep wondering what exactly it is that I am going to be doing this year. As I have mentioned before, there is this huge air of expectancy in the air, with everybody dying to get the year started. I most certainly am too, I just feel a little lost as what to do though (I'm not sure if I worded that correctly.) I know I want to write, without a doubt. I am at least partially certain that thats where I need to go with my life, something that is writing related. All I need to know now is, what exactly?

I was letting my mind wonder today a bit, and I was thinking, especially now that Gruff has quit and gone off to study, just how badly I'd love to quit my job. I could so write full time without a problem, the only problem being where would I get money? That aside, I could write for Eggs And Rice, The Youthside Blog, My Blog, AND my book. That is by far, more then enough to keep my plate full. I would so do it, I honestly would! I'm just praying that God opens up the right doors for me, and he has done so in a few ways already. I have been chatting to random people and hearing about people they know that studied something writing related and what they are doing with their lives now. I can't wait for time to fly! I'm so keen to see what this year has :D

Only time will tell...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gaming 2009

Ah the gaming world, A place where my inner nerd can shine and prosper. Wait, what? YOU CAN DO THAT?! Anyhoo I decided last year to make a list of games that I finished throughout the year, just to know just how many games I get through O_o To follow is what I have finished, and a brief description or my opinion of that game. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment :)


The World Ends With You | Nintendo DS

This game is made by Square Enix, the same people responsible for the Final Fantasy series. I had NEVER seen gameplay, video's or anything about this game. Based on Metacritics score I was quite curious and played it. I was not disappointed and throughly enjoyed it! The ending was a bit of a let down but what a great game!

Fear 2 | Pc

The highly anticipated "scary" fps sequel. The first one was creepy, this one not so much in my opinion. It was a bit short too, but nonetheless, a good game.

Crysis | Pc

This game was already quite old. Never got to play it initially because the graphic requirements were mind boggling and scary O_O After upgrading I finally got to play it. Was such a good game that even my brother finished it, and my brother never finishes a game from beginning to end most times.

Crysis Warhead | Pc

Same game basically, but different story though. Just as good as the first.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars | Nintendo DS

Old school GTA! Brilliant game and lots of awesome! Stealing cars and driving around never fails to amuse :P

Fallout 3 | Pc

Epic long game with TOO much to do. I must admit I never finished it :S BUT I was so close to the end, and then I formatted and forgot to back up my save game -_- As fun as it was I refused to start all over again.

Resident Evil 4 | Wii

Resident Evil 4 is also quite an old game already. It just simply got remade for the Wii. The control scheme is clearly a lot easier to handle then any other console. I was surprised that this game was as long as it was, but it was worth playing.

Resident Evil 5 | Ps3

Ah... Resident Evil 5 :D Q and I spent many an hour fighting for the BSAA stopping the... UROBOROS virus! Really had so much fun thanks to the co-op play. If you ever want to play this, DON'T PLAY IT ALONE! It is far more fun with a friend. Especially Q because you spend more time talking crap then actually focusing on the game :P

LittleBigPlanet | Ps3

LBP!!! Nobody could understand why I wanted to play it so badly. I saw it on special and bought it even before I bought a Ps3 (although I'm partially sure that it led to convincing my brother to go halvies with me :P) I have never played such an entertaining multiplayer game like this. It was awesome because at times we played with 4 people on one screen, and the fact that it isn't boring to watch made it such an awesome group game. I think everybody loved this one.

Infamous | Ps3

My first Ps3 game (came bundled with my Ps3). You play through as a super hero with the power over all electricity and such powers one would expect when having control over something like that. It had a great story and fun gameplay.

Resistance | Ps3

I played through this whole game with my Bro. Was just as much fun as playing Resident Evil with Q :P

StarCraft | Pc

ANCIENT GAME! I bought the original and played through the campaigns again, in preparation for SC2 (Out this year please Blizzard :P) not to mention playing games online. I played against a local player Called Mouse who was insanely good. He took on 5 of us at the same time, and won... O_O I blame Twitches lack of Terran skills :P

Call of Duty 4 | Pc

I had played this before, but Q was nice enough to give me the original for my birthday. I played it again in preparation for Modern Warfare 2 and so I could try out the multiplayer online. Still one of the best games ever made :D

Unchartered | Ps3

A real adventure game! One of the best games made for the Ps3 (Still waiting for Unchartered 2 to be cheaper so I can play it.) Lots of exploring and shooting, not to mention really REALLY good looking graphics and enviroments O_O

Borderlands | Pc

I reckon this was the surprise game of 2009 because nobody expected it to be as good as it was. It has REALLY addictive gameplay and its fantastic to play with a group of friends.

Crisis Core | PSP

The prequel to Final Fantasy 7. Immensely addictive and so much to do. You don't ever want it to end for obvious reasons if you know your Final Fantasy 7 Lore :P

Left 4 Dead 2 | Pc

Ok you can't really finish this game as its more multiplayer then anything, but still :P I have never looked so forward to any game more in my life, or ever for that matter (yes I'm serious, I don't usually get excited for game releases... EXCEPT FINAL FANTASY 13 OUT IN MARCH! :O) Valve really know how to make good games, and somehow made this game make the first one look like a bunch of rubbish. BOOMER!


I think that is all, doubt I left anything out. Except for COD5 which I'm right at the end of but I'm too lazy to go and finish :P This all sounded a lot better in my head and I had so much planned and wanted to write more per game. I'm sure you are tired of reading by now So I'll stop :) Already have a game down for 2010 finished, Modern Warfare 2! WAH! Awesomeness :D I'll have a list like this year every year methinks. Ok bye :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

If You Ever Step On My Patch?


I was a little ticked earlier tonight with my previous blog. I have since, calmed down. Amber and Eric came here tonight after church and just chilled. Still got the strange mixed signals from Amber, but I just decided to ignore them. I think I also got over a whole lot that I moaned about earlier. Must be that time of the month :P although, I felt a lot better after blogging it all out (and strangely enough Amber called me straight after I blogged to ask if they could come over.)

Seeing my little bro Jesse tomorrow :) so amped! Ok I go now.

P.s This blog is so short so doubt I will count it towards my 100 blog goal for the year.


VIOLENCE! DEATH! And all these things that follow :O

I don't know why I am feeling the way I do now. I feel so irritated, annoyed, angry, tired, sad, etc and all at the same time. It was bound to come about again sooner or later. I think all of this has come about from me feeling anxious or something.

All around me my friends who were making plans for this year, have had their plans come through and have a game plan for the rest of the year. I am NOT jealous of them, I am so grateful that certain things have happened for certain people and they can pursue their dreams.

I guess my "irritated" feeling started yesterday after youth. Amber told me a little while ago that she got into the college she had applied too, which was such rad news because its like the ideal place for her and its her dream to study there. One issue though was money. In my opinion that college is INSANELY expensive per year, and because it is design related, as a student you are expected to buy a Mac loaded with the relevant software. All that stood between Amber and it now was a student loan. She told me though that her dad said it wouldn't work out this year (for reasons that she never shared with me.) I was so bummed for her, feeling like "thats not so fair... rich kids get to study what they want and don't even appreciate it or just drop out." I even went so far as to set aside some savings and budget, so that by same chance if she still went to college, I'd contribute to her Macbook... I only want the best for her. I even prayed for things to just work out for her.

So surprise surprise when Friday came along. I hadn't seen her since like the week before. She didn't come to youth but she popped up afterwards to see what we were all doing. When most of the kids had left, It was Amber, Gareth, Clayton, Clare, Robs and I sitting in the hall. Gareth just looked at Amber and yelled, "STUDENT!" She looked him, smiled softly and was like, "shut up." Gareth smiled and yelled, "STUDENT!!!" even louder. Gareth is going to this college too, so he knew about Amber applying and whatnot, because they would be carpooling if she got in. I was like what the hell, I thought it wasn't going to work out? I enquired excitedly, "So you are going?!" She looked at me and was like "Yeah, turns out my dad doesn't even need a loan"

I was insanely happy for her, and yet, another feeling bubbled up in me. Sadness? What the hell? "Why didn't she tell me?" was all my mind could think. Amber has sometimes confronted me about the fact that she shares everything with me and I share so little with her. I have told her though that she is being silly because 9/10 times I tell her anything important happening in my life first before sharing it with anybody else. I know its VERY selfish of me, that I could let a sad feeling engulf me instead of joy for her. I guess I just expected her to at least sms me, call me, or ANYTHING, to tell me such news like that. Guess I was wrong.

Writing these blogs can be so annoying sometimes =/ I have so much more in my head I want to share, but for your sake I'm trying to keep this short. (In which case I have already failed :P)

Further adding to me woes was today. Amber had arranged with me beforehand to go to her house to sort out a printer for her mom. I arrived their today, greeted her and her mom, and proceeded to get done what needed to be done. Amber kept popping in and out of the room to keep me company. She sometimes she randomly hugged me from behind while I was on the chair sorting stuff out on the laptop. I know when Amber has missed me, and when acting like this, I know she had missed me and was glad I was there. She scruffed my hair, hugged me from behind, tickled my neck, etc... which in my book is all signs of affection. Eventually though I was leaning back and chatting to her. She smiled and leant in, looking me deep in the eyes. I was like wtf, she always catches me off guard and it makes it INSANELY hard to fight her off or pull away. She enchants me each and every time =/ she got closer and closer, not blinking... staring at my lips. she was a centimeter away. And then she stopped. To my dismay she pulled away and laughed nervously. I just kept quiet and looked at the pc screen, disappointed and annoyed. She hugged me and then let go.

"Cleo and I made a slap bet." She said to me.
"Oh? Slap bet about what?" I asked curiously.
"That I wouldn't do this kind of stuff with you for a month, and that she wouldn't get up to mischief in Cape Town."

I was bubbling on the inside. Not at the fact that Amber was going to not kiss me for a month, but for the fact that she had probably shared some stuff about us to Cleo. Things that to me are special and personal, stuff I wouldn't tell to the nosiest person I know. I guess it didn't stop Amber though. The slap bet was on, inspired by a share of stories. >_< on top of that, it just further pushes me into a place of not knowing what Amber and I are. We are not friends... We are not dating... What the hell are we then? Sure the no kissing for a month thing is a start to us just being friends. But dammit... can't she just REFRAIN from putting my heart in a place like she did today? When she leant in like that...?

Maybe I am just being insanely stupid? Perhaps I am overreacting? Afterall... I share stuff about my life and Amber that I know is going to be read by certain people, and possible others in future? I doubt she would be happy to read half the stuff I have said about her. I'm sorry it always comes out that way... I only tend to write about the bad stuff, and never anything good. Maybe thats because its easier to look back and read about the bad, instead of making my heart break by looking back and reading about all the awesome moments we have had.

I could go on even more >_< but I will save you the time and end here :) At least I am making progress with my blogging. All I need to do now is make progress on where I want to be by the end of this year.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I don't need you to say, you don't love me if you don't. Coz I love you anyway!

This 100 blog thing may actually be the death of me :| ok not really, this is just me being dramatic and trying to inspire some sort of dramatic piece. I need to blog once every 3.65 days, so lets say more or less at least twice a week. Its only the 14th and I am only on 2 blogs (well 3 including this one :P) *gasp!* IS THIS THE DOWNFALL OF ME?! Will I not make it to my 100 blog mark?!?! TUNE IN TO NEXT TIMES BLOG TO FIND OUT

Next blog may be delayed due to writer not blogging as frequently as he should be. Terms and conditions apply

Ok so that useless piece of information is now out the way, ONWARDS! So I mentioned that I would really like to chat about the dream I had a little while ago (early last week, or late the week before... my memory is sleeping at the moment.) One thing I have really just been hoping for this year, is for God to make himself more real to me. The evening before I went to bed I simply prayed that, and this is the dream that followed. Trust me it doesn't make anymore sense to me then it does to you, but the ending just blows my mind away!

So... I was at a mall with my friends, and we were on our way to see a movie or something. I don't know how it happened, but I lost my ticket AND my car keys somehow. I was in a bit of a panic and started looking for them frantically. Eventually, I don't know how exactly, but Gruff (my best friend) convinced me to go with him and my friends towards the movies, the opposite way to where my keys were. I was reluctant, but followed.

We walked up an escalator, or set of stairs, and everybody stopped. I was like what the hell? Gruff said that we were stopping for a prayer meeting. So I was like no ways, I need to go find my keys and whatnot. As I walked away, I just asked Gruff to please pray for me to find my keys. He said sure thing, and started to prayer. I hung around to hear what he had to say. He prayed for my keys, but then he also prayed for something else. I cannot remember his exact words, but it was something like "God if you are real, please just show us how real you are..."

And it happened.

The presence of God came crashing down onto me in my dream! I fell onto my knees and couldn't stand up. It was the most overwhelming, intense, and awesomest feeling I have EVER felt! Instantly after that I awoke from my dream, feeling EXACTLY how I did in my dream, the presence of God on me :| it was frikking awesome... wow :O I was skeptical at first, like... our minds can pull of stuff like that. You know those dreams where you are falling? Your mind can give you the illussion and feeling of you falling. I don't know so much about this dream though, the face that I woke up and felt exactly like how I did in my dream, leads me to believe that I was not being tricked by my mind :)

In other news, it seems that I am now a youth leader too :D YAY! So amped for youthside and whats going to happen this year! WATCH THIS SPACE!

It's incredibly late now. Awfully proud of myself for getting a blog out though :D yay me! Goodnight cruel world ^_^

Sunday, January 10, 2010

According to Robs, I am Sparta? :P

Good day to you my good man (or lady). Welcome to Jobi Jol 2010! You will be staying here from Wednesday to Friday. We hope your enjoy your accommodation, make lots of friends, and enjoy your stay. Ok that was just me trying to sound all important and all that jazz. I am currently at a youth camp called Jobi Jol, laying on my bed minus lack of internet, and sharing a room with my best friend Gruff (who right now is also on his laptop typing up something – a preach for later this week maybe)

I am just really in the mood to write, and I know I am meant to get down my achieved resolutions and what I plan on achieving this year. I think I will make this an extended blog, and instead of writing something new every day I shall just simply add to it every day. What I write every day won’t necessarily be about what happened every day, but more about what’s on my mind or what I feel like writing about.

6th January 2010

So 2009 has come and past in the mere blink of an eye. That saying seems to have a more literal meaning seeing as the year did actually fly by in a blur. I set out a few goals to get through last year. Some may have been logical, but in my opinion if I never set that goal I may have never have reached it.

So right off the bat, probably my most achievable goal – Do not eat McDonalds for the entire year. In the year 2007 I had the same goal, and I achieved it. The reason for doing it again had nothing to do with me watching my weight, or wanting to have a healthy lifestyle. I just found that I ate McD’s even when I never really wanted to. My job involves me being on the road a lot of the time. So it was always so tempting and simple to pull through a drivethrough, even if I was not hungry. What drew me in was the simple and plain fact that it was convenient, and a waste of money in the long run. How do I stop it? I just ban myself from having it for the entire year. Im happy to report that I was successful with that goal.

Goal number two was something I failed to achieve the year before – Buy myself a laptop. I have some insanely annoying hunger to write randomly at times. Even if I have nothing to write about, I just like to put words down and fill up a page. In 2008 I ended up spending my money on other stuff I wanted. In 2009 I didn’t really have buying a laptop as a high priority, but I set it as a goal anyways. I have a real liking for netbooks just because they are so small. I had no desire for a powerful laptop, because I have a nice pc to do my big processing. Just randomly my sister sent me an email about a special that her work was running. It turned out to be the upgrade of the netbook I decided I wanted the year before. So it was perfect :D all netbooks generally are the same, they just look different. This one however, could be used as a tablet, and has a touch screen. Heck, Im typing off it right now! The keys were also a big thing to me, as I like to have a comfortable fit. It is 92% the size of a normal keyboard which was a nice bonus. This is what laptop I have . I also upgraded the Ram to 2gb.

A goal a failed to achieve, even though it was within my grasp, was to get a drum kit and start drumming. I only failed this due to laziness though L My one friend Robs has a drum kit that she hasn’t used for a long time. She moved houses and never had space for them anymore. Unfortunately, one of our other friends called dibs before I could. So he got them first. He had them for a few months, and before I knew it Robs told me I just simply had to fetch them and then I could keep them at my house. Unfortunately, I just never made the time and effort to get to them. I also ashamedly admit that the guy who had them, lives up the road from me :S :S :S haha.

My biggest goal of 2009? It may seem logical, but going about doing it was never a simple thing. Buying my first car. It seemed like the most daunting thing ever! What car do I want, how much will I spend, How will I afford it, Can I maintain it???? I did not want to rush into buying a car just to get it taken away a few months later. My biggest achievement, in my opinion, was that I did everything myself. Apart from Gruff and my Bro who came to look at some cars with me, I did everything else solo. From choosing my car, to finding insurance, to organizing finance and so on. At the time I couldn’t help but think It would need to be done with the aid of my father. I bought my car while my parents were overseas J and I picked them up from the airport with it, much to their surprise :P

Those were my biggest goals, simple or not so big as they may be. 3 out of 4 resolutions make me a winner in my book J

7th January 2010

I won’t lie, but it’s actually the 8th of January in the morning :P Last night I introduced Dave and Jayden to scribblenauts on my DS. For those of you who may not know, it is a puzzle game in which the basic premise is, any item or object you can think of, you write it down and you will receive it to use in game. They ended up staying in our room until so late and I never get around to writing. Anyways… onwards!

I forgot to mention another goal of mine that I wanted to achieve on 2009. I wanted to get a promotion at work and a raise. That went partially well, as I got my promotion. However, as whack as it may seem, I never got a raise. My boss made an empty promise, because I was supposed to get one.

The biggest thing that I want to get done this year, is getting my first book published. I have my own book I’m working on, but Gareth felt that it would be good to write our own books together. So back to the drawing board, to think up a whole new story from scratch :O

This may seem like a lame goal, but by the end of the year I would like to have done 100 blogs. That’s a blog every 3.65 days which is totally possible. I only did a total of 21 last year, but considering I only started my blog in April it’s not that bad. Coincidentally, I have realized that I quite enjoy reading blogs. I check Xander’s blog daily to see if he has anything new written, and even Mark (Twitch) started a blog which I check every now and then. I even spent the other day trying to find a good, random persons blog to follow… but it’s quite hard to find something good among all the junk that some people post O_O if the world progresses the way it is at the moment, I fear for the English language. People don’t even give a crap about spell checking anymore and they just simply type in “sms slang” now.

Anyhoo, I am off to enjoy my day. Having such a great time :D kthxbye!

11th January 2010

AAAH! My holiday has vanished! Tis just after midnight here on Monday. I start work later today. I feel a little like I did back in my school days. Whenever I went back after a holiday, I found that the night before I tended to stay up quite late because my body refuses to sleep, knowing that the next day the laziness and relaxations stops. I have such an awesome, easy job. Unfortunately, being as simple as it is one can get bored quickly. Secondly, some of the people I work with are inefficient and useless. It creates unneeded irritation! For the 5th time in the last few months, my manager has asked me for the same guys number O_o cant she just save the damn thing in her phone??? Don’t even get me started on my boss, she can be really great, but she likes to make lots of empty promises.

Yesterday (Sunday) I felt a little anxious. I couldn’t quite place why exactly, but I realized that it was because I just don’t know what this year holds. I do not want to have the same job this time next year, and I’m keen to change. Where do I go though? What do I do? I looked up some writing course today and I saw a good couple I’d like to take. They were online courses though and I’m skeptical of that kind of thing. I will most certainly research it more in the near future!

Girls have a funny way of being normal, as Arjen and I discussed today. Strange creatures they are ^_^ I don’t get the way they think, or act, or anything. More on that in future though. We all know I already blog lots about their confusing due to my experiences with Amber. The experiences just never stop.

I had a really rad dream the other day, which I shall write about tomorrow. For now though, as I type this from my bed, I am bloody tired…. All I can say is I am blessed, I had the most awesome holiday, and I am totally ready for this year J goodnight cruel world!

P.S Robs called me Sparta in out gtalk chat tonight... haha :P

Monday, January 4, 2010

Year Of The Fig

Two Thousand And Ten! Also known as 2010 :P The start of a new decade, the start of new and better things to come. Or at least thats what I am hoping for anyways.

Before I go any further, let me just say that I will continue my story about Amber and I another day. I know i started it a while back and its already been about 3 or so weeks since I blogged again! I was kind of in another country :P so I had an excuse for not carrying on.

On the 16th of December, after travelling from SA -> Germany -> Portugal -> Madeira I finally stepped off the plane, and onto the island that I originate from. My father was born in Madeira, and he immigrated to South Africa at the age of 15 or 16. My mom was born in South Africa but her parents were from Madeira. Anyways, family history aside, you may remember that in one of my earlier blogs I mentioned the possibility of this trip. Well everything went smoothly, my dad bought me my ticket and I was in for a two week holiday with family on that side of the world :D

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for you, I am not going to blog about my holiday. That would take too long! I will say though that it was an awesome experience. I went over alone and I had to look after myself, and it taught me a lot and I think I grew up a little too. I'm still me though which is awesome :P I cant wait to go back again. My parents are most probably going over later this year, I think I may just go with them!

I have yet to decide what my new years resolutions will be. I have a few ideas, but I know that I do want to have more goals to aim for. I am also proud to say that I did actually achieve a lot that I set out to do last year. So this year can only get better, right? Lets hope so :) I will be putting up a list of what (in my opinion) I achieved last year, and what I want to achieve this year. There is such an air of expectancy, not only from me, but from like nearly everybody I know. This is going to be a big year, I can feel it! And if it isn't... well, I'll just look back at this blog and laugh at myself :P 

Lets not forget that for South Africa, it is going to be a huge year! Soccer World Cup, baby! The draw was done so very long ago. And the thought of a 2010 world cup right here in our backyard seemed so very far off. Strange though, its here already! Time is definitely on the move, and I think its time that I got on with utilising my time efficiently. So this is to 2010. A year of big changes, new challenges, new pains, new joys, new experiences and everything else!!! Im ready :)

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