Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ah the month of Movember... the one where you grow a moustache to raise awareness for several types of cancer. I didn't really pay attention to it last year, but this year it seemed to have a lot more hype. I gave it a try!


Its terrible I know :P considering I'm Portuguese and all and in an entire month I grew such a teeny moustache! Don't worry, for fun this month I am doing BEARDecember! It's all made up (I think) and when it comes to growing beards, I win hands down (except compared to my friend Q who can grow a beard in like five minutes flat. Blink and you will miss it!)

2 weeks of work left! Counting down the days now like you can't believe. On top of that I am away for a long weekend in Durban next weekend, so very little work left for the year. All I need to settle this year off, is a damn response from UJ!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Phew! What a busy day.

The morning started like any other typical Monday morning, me waking up, rolling over and sleeping in as much as possible before I have to drag myself off to another week of work. After the surprisingly short drive to the office (schools are on holiday, so much less traffic) I was a bit gobsmacked to find the place infested with boxes and whatnot. We were moving again! How annoying... this meant no table to sit at and no Internet. Seeing as I basically manage myself, I don't have a real need to be at the office anyways, but this further enhanced the knowledge in my mind that I wasted my time just driving there.

I ended up leaving and driving back home so I could get started on my reports for the week. I had a meeting later in the afternoon so unfortunately it wasn't really like having the day off. After much fighting with the report software my company uses, I have postponed my report finishing until tomorrow. Thank God I have an awesome client/boss lady who is super understanding. I really wish somebody like her was running the company as I think things would be a lot better.

Forgive me for weird tone of blog, if I have any. I am quite darn tired, but I really want to write this out of my head before I get lazy and forget to write tomorrow.

During my brief time at home, Amber asked me on google talk if I was busy. I told her I had a meeting later but other then that I didn't have anything else tying me down. We made plans to go see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (FINALLY) after much delay. I don't know why she kept putting it off, but we agreed a week or two ago to go see it together. She kept saying that we could go watch it when my cousin Jesse came to visit (he is on holiday too) and despite my various suggestions of watching it over the weekend or anything, she put it off. I was dying to see it myself so the fact that she kept putting it off was troublesome :S it was like she didn't want to be alone with me. I don't blame her really, might have been awkward and strange for her and I. I don't think it was :-?

It was actually loads of fun, haven't spent time alone with Amber since like her June holidays! She has never read the books before so I really enjoyed seeing her reactions as she discovered new things as they happened on screen. Other times, I couldn't help but whisper a quick explanation to her if I felt the movie might have left a small detail out or something. They really did a good job, and ended it well in my opinion. We both agreed! So Harry Potter book readers and non... go see the movie :P it's good from both perspectives!

I then took her home and went back to my house to fetch a laptop her mom ordered through my sisters company. I took it back to Amber's house and set it up for her mom. At one point I was sitting alone in the study, sorting out something on the older pc. I was a LITTLE annoyed with Amber because she vanished into her room to watch stuff on her pc or read or something. I was pleasantly surprised though when she came out to join me and said she felt like she was being rude. She leaned her head on my shoulder from behind to see what I was doing. It was weird, like the last few weeks of her being so random around me didn't exist and things were just normal. Even though it may have been something so insignificant, it definitely was something I appreciated. On top of that she did a million other small acts such as that, whether she realized it or not.

I have neglected mentioning Amber in my last few posts, because I don't think I wanted to write anything bad about her, because often in my bad mood or sadness I'll maybe take an unintended swipe at her or something. Fortunately, I have something pleasant to say and I'm not forcing myself to do so.

Amber is obviously a girl, but since I have met her, she has often tried to sort of "shun" being a girl, if that makes sense. By that, I don't mean she acts like a guy, but she often neglected some girly things. In her growing up and maturing though, she is turning from into an amazing young lady. Her wardrobe is starting to fill up with a much more feminine dress sense, She is wearing more girly shoes, and my jaw nearly hit the ground the other day when I saw her with a handbag O_O

Now I'm not saying I had a problem with the way Amber dressed or did anything before, I mean, we know I fell in love with her many a moon ago and thought she was the most amazingly beautiful girl in existence (which I still stand by :P). I'm just trying to point out the fact that even though it seems downright impossible, she is turning into a more feminine female in front of my eyes, and its really bringing out her beauty now!

More so then I thought possible. She looks downright amazing, far more then I could ever have imagined! Its often hard to not be mesmerized by her eyes or her voice when conversing with her, I have to really pay attention and not sit and pine for her, wishing she was mine forever. Her hair is super long now, and that too, just always looks perfect. Even harder is biting my tongue to stop throwing compliments her way, because opportunities often present themselves, and I fight with myself not to say anything nice about her to her face, so that I don't make her feel awkward or anything. All I can say though, is that she stuns me more then she knows... wow :S

Man I sound like a stalker O_O I don't mean any of this in a creepy way... just putting it out there :P you can stop throwing up now! It all sounds so much better in my head anyways, I didn't convey what I wanted to convey, the right way. Oh well.

Tis all from me ^_^ cheerio!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

3mm Can Save You Hours!


The weather here has been rather odd lately, but in a really cool way. There is something about the unknown that is rather cool in my opinion (in certain situations.) Like this morning it was super hot and sunny when I gazed through my bleary eyelids. I rolled over and slept in a bit more. Before I know it I'm being woken up by water in my face. Naturally I'm like "WTF WATER GERROF ME!" thinking maybe my brother was being an unusual pest for some reason. Looking through my still bleary eyes, I see that it is POURING outside, like seriously bad. On top of that, it was so windy, that rain drops were flying right through my window (at least 1.5m away from my bed) and into my face. Crazy stuff! It then cleared and the sun made some guest appearances throughout the rest of the day.

I spend a good few hours yesterday trying to sort out a gate at the back of our house. I often park outside in the front yard of our house because the gate at the back requires that you get out and push it open. It gets annoying after a while, and I'm lazy like that. I suggested many moons ago to my dad that we motorize the damn thing one day. Last weekend we did :D unfortunately we didn't get the motor down in concrete so I had to wait for that to be done.

It got done sometime during the week, so I took the free time I had yesterday to try get the gate set up and what not. The gate basically has to do a once of setting check to know how far it must travel both ways. For some odd reason, that kept failing all the time and it refused to pick up the end stops. After much googling, manual reading and general light swearing, I gave up. I honestly was at it for a good few hours with no results, and the best idea I had as to what the problem was, was merely a suspicion.

Today I got my brother to help me out and I told him what my suspicion was. The little magnet on the gate wasn't being picked up by the sensor on the motor. Basically the magnet sits on the railing of the gate and the sensor picks it up when it travels past. I couldn't see how that was the real problem though as they were so close together already. We decided to move the magnet like not even 3mm closer to the sensor, and it WORKED O_O damn... all that time wasted yesterday for a mere 3mm >_< on the bright side the gate is working now, and I don't need to get out of my car to open it.

Yesterday, Gruff, Robs, Faye and I went to watch Lonehill Estate live in the 5fm studio on live @ 5. They are truly my favourite South African band as not only do they play great music, they are amazing entertainers without their instruments. The lead singer had the crowd in stitches with his stage antics and his comments during the interview. I would so love them to play at like a random event such as a wedding. They would keep that crowd entertained forever while providing great covers of some well known tunes. I couldn't help imagining them playing at my wedding one day. Better make sure the woman I marry is as big a fan as I am :P

I had another weird Amber dream last night. Was actually thinking about it last week sometime how I haven't dreamt about her for AGES. Like I have had some random dreams, but very little involving her. All I can remember from last night, is that I was giving her a piggy back (don't know why, where to, or for what reason) and she was leaning on my shoulder or something while I carried her. She then leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. Thats all I remember :S haha. If I can remember anything else, its maybe the fact that I got annoyed with her, but I really don't remember.

Well thats all for now ^_^ kthxbye!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mobile Ramblings

It's 2am here and I cannot sleep! So here I am lying in my bed, trying to find an application on my phone that lets me read blogs. All this one does is let me publish to my blog. Not exactly what I wanted but useful nonetheless :)

I miss my keyboard...
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Open Window

My friend Gruff made it onto the SRC of his college :) yay! He asked me to write an article about his college from an "outsiders" perspective. Here it is :) he loved it! Apparently a second year did too, so I hope it gets published. It obviously needs some editing as this was my first draft.


Who calls a college “The Open Window”? Honestly? This was definitely one of my thoughts when I first heard about it. My first thought was of a college maybe involved in architecture, but clearly I was wrong. It was the college of everything.
Enter my two best friends, who coincidentally both found about The Open Window, both applied very late, and both got accepted. If I wasn’t artistically retarded, I probably would have totally jumped onto the bandwagon and joined them. Unfortunately my creativity only spreads to the kinds of toppings I would put on a pizza.

They were both extremely excited, studying exactly what they love. I couldn’t help but feel excited for them, I mean if they are happy, I should be too? Right? Wrong. It wasn’t long before they dropped off the face of the planet. Where did my two closest friends run off to? After some minor investigations and probing (facebook – a stalkers dream program) I discovered that my friends were buried underground! Wait, that’s not earth they are covered in? It was books, projects and empty coffee cups! Upon visiting one of them, I managed to procure a bulldozer from an unsuspecting construction worker, and I proceeded to shove this huge pile off. “I’m here! Don’t worry!!” I yelled reassuringly. “I have come to rescue you!”

The face I saw wasn’t one of anguish or pain, not even the slightest. What met me was a huge smile. “Er… what happened to your face?” I asked, taken aback.
“I’m busy designing a 3d model and I have such huge ideas. I’m loving it!”
“Some friend you are, I haven’t seen you in weeks!”
“Has it been that long?”
“You are sporting a hillbilly beard man…”
He looked at me, shrugged, and got back to what he was doing. I picked up the nearest book attempting to get some insight into this monster eating my friend’s existence.
“Philosophy?” I asked surprised. “I thought this was a design college.”
“Of course it is. We are just learning everything in our first year, then branching out and focussing on what we want to major in thereafter.”
“Oh.” Was all I could muster. “Well, I’ll leave you to it.”

I drove around the city that evening, beyond lonely. What was I to do? My friends were gone! I hit the nearest bar and ordered myself a strong drink of concentrated Oros. The barman was a tad gobsmacked, but he saw the dismay in my eyes. After filling him in on my crisis, he just merely shook his mangy hair while he polished a dirty glass.

“My only real question to you mate, is have you ever seen anybody smiling while studying or doing work at the same time?” he asked
I dropped my glass onto the floor with an ear splitting crash. “You’re right! I’m being a selfish bastard! Why should I get in the way of their life? Why should I be the one to stop this huge mountain of work when I know it’s putting them on their way to a good future? And on top of that, they never stop smiling!”
“Meaning that although they are probably stressed, they love what they are learning.”

I slumped out of the bar into the cool night air. I pulled out my phone and initiated the conference call to the two most important non family members I have in my life. Ironically the call hit both of their voicemail boxes. They were too busy working most likely. “damn you phone!” I yelled as I threw it across the street.

After letting the traffic pass I went to claim my phone before climbing into my car. After my quick drive home I decided a Facebook message would be the best way to communicate. Who doesn’t make time for Facebook? Nobody… so they would get the message eventually.
“I know you guys are too busy at the moment. Just to let you know, I still exist, and when you finally hit holidays, I’m ready to live this friendship between your breaks. See you at the end of the year.”

I drove home smiling, knowing that The Open Window would loosen its grip on my friends one day, and at the same time, they would tighten their grip on a shiny new Open Window Degree.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Day, I'll Have a Techno Band, and You're Gonna Be In It!

It's true! YOU SHALL BE IN IT! I have decided that for reasons unknown to me, that my favourite local band must be Lonehill Estate! They just have a randomness and awesomeness about their music and random lyrics that bring a smile to my face. Their latest single, Techno Band, is extremely catchy and I can't seem to get it out of my head. I was at a gig of their's last year and they did a cover of Hey Ya by Outkast which totally rocked! I wrote on their FB fanpage today, requesting the song and they told me that if I inform them about their next gig I will be attending, that they will pull it out of the hat for me as they have no studio recording of it. They are just awesome like that :)

If you want to give them a listen, or even just listen to Techno Band, go to:
The song is second on the playlist. You won't regret it ;)

I gave UJ a call yesterday and SURPRISE SURPRISE! My application is apparently in the selection process. *Gulp* my stress level doubled at that news as I am now closer to the make or break stage :x Will I study next year? Will I be stuck with my annoyingly cool job but annoying boss? Will I just do nothing, go to the beach and become a bum? TUNE IN SOON TO FIND OUT! As soon as I know, trust me, you will know!

Random but on my mind nonetheless, have you ever stopped and wondered constantly about what you are thinking about? I did a long drive for work today and it surprised me when I got home, that I couldn't really remember what I spent the whole drive home thinking about, yet I know that when I was driving home I wasn't NOT thinking. Don't know if that makes sense, was just wondering about it now. My brain often seems to be in its own fuzzy state and I don't know if I really think about anything "In depth". It worries me somewhat... If I am so absent minded, how will I deal with studying next year? I could study study study study, just to forget what I learnt. Lame worry I know, but still something for me to think about :P

On the flipside, I sure am glad to be in a writing frame of mine again, seeing as I didn't really do much over the last few weeks. Hope you guys don't mind :) (if anybody still actually reads this :P)

P.s sorry for all the smiley emoticons... it just helps me explain myself a lot better!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coffee Frosti *Nom nom nom*

I just ate/drank that :) *nom nom nom* Lulu's for the win! Awesome older sister for being super awesome all the time even more for the win!

Ah man, lately I have taken to reading some of my older blogs and realising just how insanely fast this year has gone by! Like, I am not even joking. Maybe its the fact that reading about stuff that happened many months ago makes the memory seem so clear in my head and it just feels like it was yesterday? It's insanely strange! I would so love to have my blog printed out, bound, and ready to read. It would be for my eyes only of course :P I just know I moan a lot about Amber and other random things, but inbetween, there really are some interesting things I totally forgot about.

I really do have this weird affinity with the moon, and due to my constant monthly facebook updates of like: "Awww purdy moon <3" as an example,this has informed people over and over again how obsessive I am :P my sister even sms'd me tonight to inform me that I should go take a look at the full moon. I do not have a passion for photography enough to get a super amazing camera, but flip I wish I had a camera that did moon pictures justice! This was the best I could get with my phone.

It does not do any justice AT ALL! The moon was covered in clouds and very prominent... IMAGINE IT! :)

It is literally like 4 work weeks left till my office closes. UJ better get back to me ASAP else I will have to continue working next year :o( *vomit* otherwise I can only pray that God will open up other doors for me. I know I procrastinated lots this year about writing, which I didn't get around to much at all, but by the George Foreman Big Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine, I WILL! Or so I hope!

I really need to learn to get to bed earlier. Sometimes I just stay up forever only to have my eyeballs die the next day O_O

OOOOH! And I know my blog theme is a little wtf at the moment ^_^ but I was changing it, got indecisive, and gave up for now :P So will fix it eventually!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear End of Year. Apporoach Swiftly!

TOP NEWS TOP NEWS!!! I called UJ today and.......................................

"Call back next week."

I have been calling UJ every week for like the past 6-8 weeks now and I have received the same answer every single week. It's positively driving me up the wall as I would like to just have a straight answer. Will I be studying next year or not?

Work seems to be going ok, but you have missed a lot of drama that happened with my boss about 3 weeks ago. I don't really feel like going into detail, but in a nutshell: I stood up for myself, I got into trouble, boss wanted to meet with me and tune me, boss cancelled meeting and hasn't rescheduled since, I haven't received my new salary. O_O I really would like to rage and flame on here, but I do too much of that already anyways.

My friends and I have discovered and awesome little cafe called Wolves. Every Thursday they get a local band to play an acoustic set, and hanging out there with a drink or two,washing down a meal in the company of friends, is really quite awesome. Anyways that aside, the owner of the cafe (or one of the owners... It's owned by a man and a lady. I think they are married?) approached me one evening and told me I had a look that she really wanted for a shoot that was coming up. I was rather taken aback as, well, that was random. She took my details and told me she would be in contact.

The shoot happened last Saturday and it was quite interesting. I was not the only person having their snap taken, but I was one of maybe around 8 or so which they took photos of in hour long slots. My time was 11:30 - 12:30. The shoot was quite random and interesting. Basically it was for a publishing company. What happened is that they had a paragraph from a book, or a scene, and they interpreted in many ways and "visualized" it differently for each model. The message basically is, we can all read the same book, but we can all have our own unique visual of it in our head. I don't know if that made sense to you, but it did to me :P anyways I thought it was quite cool, still trying to figure out where I can see some pics.

I can't wait for this year to be over. I just want a completely clean start. Its funny how even though you think you can deal with something, circumstances always change and you find yourself on the backfoot. Flip, I really want to moan in this blog, but I don't know... I don't think it will be helpful ^_^ oh well.

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