Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ah the month of Movember... the one where you grow a moustache to raise awareness for several types of cancer. I didn't really pay attention to it last year, but this year it seemed to have a lot more hype. I gave it a try!


Its terrible I know :P considering I'm Portuguese and all and in an entire month I grew such a teeny moustache! Don't worry, for fun this month I am doing BEARDecember! It's all made up (I think) and when it comes to growing beards, I win hands down (except compared to my friend Q who can grow a beard in like five minutes flat. Blink and you will miss it!)

2 weeks of work left! Counting down the days now like you can't believe. On top of that I am away for a long weekend in Durban next weekend, so very little work left for the year. All I need to settle this year off, is a damn response from UJ!

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