Monday, November 29, 2010


Phew! What a busy day.

The morning started like any other typical Monday morning, me waking up, rolling over and sleeping in as much as possible before I have to drag myself off to another week of work. After the surprisingly short drive to the office (schools are on holiday, so much less traffic) I was a bit gobsmacked to find the place infested with boxes and whatnot. We were moving again! How annoying... this meant no table to sit at and no Internet. Seeing as I basically manage myself, I don't have a real need to be at the office anyways, but this further enhanced the knowledge in my mind that I wasted my time just driving there.

I ended up leaving and driving back home so I could get started on my reports for the week. I had a meeting later in the afternoon so unfortunately it wasn't really like having the day off. After much fighting with the report software my company uses, I have postponed my report finishing until tomorrow. Thank God I have an awesome client/boss lady who is super understanding. I really wish somebody like her was running the company as I think things would be a lot better.

Forgive me for weird tone of blog, if I have any. I am quite darn tired, but I really want to write this out of my head before I get lazy and forget to write tomorrow.

During my brief time at home, Amber asked me on google talk if I was busy. I told her I had a meeting later but other then that I didn't have anything else tying me down. We made plans to go see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (FINALLY) after much delay. I don't know why she kept putting it off, but we agreed a week or two ago to go see it together. She kept saying that we could go watch it when my cousin Jesse came to visit (he is on holiday too) and despite my various suggestions of watching it over the weekend or anything, she put it off. I was dying to see it myself so the fact that she kept putting it off was troublesome :S it was like she didn't want to be alone with me. I don't blame her really, might have been awkward and strange for her and I. I don't think it was :-?

It was actually loads of fun, haven't spent time alone with Amber since like her June holidays! She has never read the books before so I really enjoyed seeing her reactions as she discovered new things as they happened on screen. Other times, I couldn't help but whisper a quick explanation to her if I felt the movie might have left a small detail out or something. They really did a good job, and ended it well in my opinion. We both agreed! So Harry Potter book readers and non... go see the movie :P it's good from both perspectives!

I then took her home and went back to my house to fetch a laptop her mom ordered through my sisters company. I took it back to Amber's house and set it up for her mom. At one point I was sitting alone in the study, sorting out something on the older pc. I was a LITTLE annoyed with Amber because she vanished into her room to watch stuff on her pc or read or something. I was pleasantly surprised though when she came out to join me and said she felt like she was being rude. She leaned her head on my shoulder from behind to see what I was doing. It was weird, like the last few weeks of her being so random around me didn't exist and things were just normal. Even though it may have been something so insignificant, it definitely was something I appreciated. On top of that she did a million other small acts such as that, whether she realized it or not.

I have neglected mentioning Amber in my last few posts, because I don't think I wanted to write anything bad about her, because often in my bad mood or sadness I'll maybe take an unintended swipe at her or something. Fortunately, I have something pleasant to say and I'm not forcing myself to do so.

Amber is obviously a girl, but since I have met her, she has often tried to sort of "shun" being a girl, if that makes sense. By that, I don't mean she acts like a guy, but she often neglected some girly things. In her growing up and maturing though, she is turning from into an amazing young lady. Her wardrobe is starting to fill up with a much more feminine dress sense, She is wearing more girly shoes, and my jaw nearly hit the ground the other day when I saw her with a handbag O_O

Now I'm not saying I had a problem with the way Amber dressed or did anything before, I mean, we know I fell in love with her many a moon ago and thought she was the most amazingly beautiful girl in existence (which I still stand by :P). I'm just trying to point out the fact that even though it seems downright impossible, she is turning into a more feminine female in front of my eyes, and its really bringing out her beauty now!

More so then I thought possible. She looks downright amazing, far more then I could ever have imagined! Its often hard to not be mesmerized by her eyes or her voice when conversing with her, I have to really pay attention and not sit and pine for her, wishing she was mine forever. Her hair is super long now, and that too, just always looks perfect. Even harder is biting my tongue to stop throwing compliments her way, because opportunities often present themselves, and I fight with myself not to say anything nice about her to her face, so that I don't make her feel awkward or anything. All I can say though, is that she stuns me more then she knows... wow :S

Man I sound like a stalker O_O I don't mean any of this in a creepy way... just putting it out there :P you can stop throwing up now! It all sounds so much better in my head anyways, I didn't convey what I wanted to convey, the right way. Oh well.

Tis all from me ^_^ cheerio!

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