Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knights Of Cydonia

Like Sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our Fig! *Cue long dramatic soapy music*. So today is the end of February, I am still kind of gob smacked as to what happened? I like blinked and another month has passed!

If you do by chance happen to be wondering if I ever got a reply to that email I sent to Eagle Ford, the answer would be know. Cindy did however call me and inform me that my car would be taken care of at no cost. So at least thats one less thing to stress about. They aren't going to replace my tyres though which is sucky. I am still deciding if it is worth throwing my toys about that too, I am getting new, bigger tyres all around later this year anyway.

I am meeting with my boss tomorrow to have a chat about my position at my company. I emailed her today asking, because I really need to chat. One second I am doing my job, and the next I am doing somebody else's. Then I get given more work to me that is meant to be for me, and I'm like "I am actually enjoying doing this other persons work, cant I just stick to it?" then my contract gets thrown in my face and they are like "Actually no you cant!" Its just frustrating, because they throw my contract into my face when its convenient. So lets hope tomorrows meeting bears fruit, because if not, I am going to be doing work that I really hate for the next two months non stop. NO THANKS!

Amber invited me last week to a braai that happened at her house today. It was interesting that she invited me because it was a braai with some of her family. I spent the whole week trying to imagine what she was going to introduce me as, because technically we are dating it seems, but its not like she will admit that to anybody. So I was just curious to see what I would come across as to her aunt and uncle. I was half imagining her to be like "This is Matthew, my boyfriend." At the end of the day though it more like "This is Matthew." I kind of expected that, but one can dream right? :P

Interesting enough, I cannot believe how time has flown since my last emo blog about Amber. We have been close to each other again since September/October, a good five months already :O Its mad how time seems to be flying since I past the "21" year old age barrier. It's absolutely weird.

I came across my Muse live album, hence the name of this blog being what it is. All it does is make me miss Cokefest 2008! What a day that was :) In so many way. It reminds me of last years cokefest. such a great day, with crappy outcomes after (The reason I started this blog in the first place ;) go read my first post if you haven't. Speaking of which, due to the world cup, there won't be a Cokefest this year :'( how annoying... Oh well! There is always next year.

I feel like this blog is boring :-Z I'll have lots more to say later this week though I am sure :) and I will get around to blogging about the awesome party I was at yesterday. Until then, BYE! :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Eagle Ford. Thanks For Nothing!

Today's blog is merely a forward of the complaint email I sent to Eagle Ford about my car. Writing is writing, no matter what form, so enjoy :P


Hi There

I do not know who else to address this to, or who else I can talk to, so I am hoping that you can help me.

Last year August I bought a used Ford Fiesta from Eagle Ford with the number plate XFX000. It is a 2008 1.4 model. Upon purchasing the car and driving it as my own, I picked up one or two things that I did not when I first test drove the car. I addressed it with my sales person Gill, who told me I should take it to the workshop to get sorted out. The service was due soon, so I asked if it was alright to do it all then and there was no problem. The two major issues with the car was:

1. The steering wheel was off centre
2. The reverse was not smooth, it was very "jerky"

WITHIN the 3 months (It was between month 2-3) the car went in for its 40000km service (It was on about 37000km at the time if my memory serves). Upon booking the car in with Cindy, I did list all the problems I was experiencing, I did mention that the car was still new, and that if there were any issues, Gill had told me that within 3 months, any faults with the car would be covered. The car received its service. I got the car back, and I was told that the problem with my reverse was the Gear mounting/Gear Bearing (Unfortunately I cannot remember specifically which one it was). My steering wheel was still not aligned and remained off center. At faster speeds (like on the highway) the steering wheel vibrates considerably. I queried with Cindy, and it was agreed that when I came in again to fix the Reverse problem, the alignment would be fixed. The reason the reverse did not get fixed during my service, was due to the fact that there was no stock of the part I needed. This took place in October.

The following week I called, and asked Cindy if the part had come in yet. She told me that they had not received it, and assured me that she would let me know as soon as they got it. Several weeks passed by and I still had not heard anything. So I called again to get hold of Cindy. Maybe she had forgotten all about the part that she needed to order, but again she told me that they had not received it, had not forgotten about me, and that I would be contacted as soon as it was received. November and December passed, I heard nothing. I tried getting hold of Cindy, but she was either always unavailable, and any messages I left for her to please call me back were never attended to. December as obviously a busy time, and I was out of the country. It was only around late January, after I had had enough of waiting, that I tried getting hold of her again. Honestly up to this point, I really do think Cindy had forgotten about me, because when I got hold of her and spoke to her (Finally!) she assured me that they had received the part yet. I got a bit upset and demanded to know why is it that this part is taking so long to get? She called me back and let me know that I could take my car in the following week to get it put in.

I took my car in then, and upon leaving it there, I reminded Cindy that the steering needed to be fixed too. She clearly did not remember me, and told me that she would try her best but it depended on how busy the workshop was going to be. I am not somebody to throw my toys, I really do have a lot of patience. When I collected my car and drove off, I realised that the steering still had not been fixed. A little agitated I called Cindy and let her know. Seeing as it was already after 5 there was not much that could be done at that time, she told me to take my car back the next day. This alone really irritated me, because Its not like I live around the corner, it really is out of my way to get to Eagle Ford, and making the time alone just to get to and from the service was such a mission. Surely somebody could have just test driven the car just to make sure it was sorted? On top of that, my reverse still did not feel smooth either!

When I got the chance, I took the car back to Cindy. She told me that somebody was going to go for a drive with me so I could point out my problems, but before I did that, I needed to go get my steering aligned to see if that would fix my problems. As I have mentioned above, I am extremely patient. I didn't push the subject, but how is it that I MYSELF needed to take the car to get the steering aligned when I had been asking Eagle to do it for me for weeks? I took the car to get aligned at a work shop nearby. While I was waiting, one of the attendants called me to see my car. He showed me how my two front tires are completely worn out on the inside, on the outside they look fine. He also informed me that my steering column was bent on the left side. One of the attendants wrote a letter for me reporting all the car faults, and addressed it to Cindy. I returned to Eagle Ford and gave the letter to her. She told me she would have a chat with Peter Smart, and let me know latest by the following Friday.

I waited the entire week the following week, only to hear nothing. I could not get hold of Cindy on the Thursday (AND she did not call me back even though I left a message) and on the Friday I STILL could not get hold of her. Eventually she called me in the late afternoon and told me that she chatted to Peter Smart and that it was not approved. I asked who I could take this up with and she told me to give Peter Smart a call.

I called him straight away and had a chat. I won't go into detail, but eventually he said to me that my car was purchased in April 2009, and it was too late to query for such problems on the car. I told him my car was bought in August. Cindy one again had let me down, telling him that my car was purchased in April. Peter Smart listened to what I had to say, and told me he would call me back.

He called me back this afternoon (22nd February) and told me that there was nothing he could do. I would have to take it up with Cindy. I have been down that road before, I know I will not get any service at all, not unless I beg and plead for it.

This really does make me question how well my car sale was handled. Peter Smart told me that there was no way my car could have been sold to me like that, as it has to go through a road worthy test and for checks and so on before it is sold. My car could not have been checked then, because that Is how I got it. That or whoever did the test on my car really didn't do it properly.

I am only 21 and the only reason I waiting till now to buy my first car, was so that I could save for a nice deposit, and make damn sure I got a car that was reliable and would last. I have been let down terribly. I am tired of running around, I am tired of receiving terrible service and I am tired of trying to find the right person who can help me sort out my car. This really is unfair, and I cannot believe that after 6 months of my purchase, I am still driving a car that is not 100%. I do not mean to come across as mean, but I really have waited long enough. Enough is Enough.

If you cannot help me, please point me in the right direction. I hope I can hear from you soon.

Kind Regards
Matthew Figueira

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chello (Jewlius) The Legend

According to somebody, I am extremely talented at ignorance. In fact, I'm so good at it, that I deny the fact that I am ignorant. This blog, is dedicated to him, for all the hardships he has endured due to me.

For the odd person who may not know him, Chello is the Capetonian from Paarl (:-? is that even in Cpt?) who I met on Steam. I cant remember exactly how I met the fellow, but I have to just say how he changed my life and is now the centerpiece on my buffet of interweb activity. Team Fortress 2 was on the menu a lot back then, but due to an unfortunate formatting of my computer to install Windows 7, my Tf2 started failing. That does not really matter though, because the main medium in which I got to know Chello was in a game called Heroes of Newerth.

HoN is basically a clone of Dota, the original warcraft 3 Mod (lol oxymoron?) it took that concept, and made it all shiny and new. All I remember in my early days was that Chello called me Jew a lot. At first I was like "what the flip?" but it became a staple of the regular HoN game. In fact, it would be abnormal to be called a Jew by Chello. Ah the early days of HoN. How I marvelled at Chello's natural skill with the certain heroes. He used to use the hero called Valkyrie, and throw her Javelins so precisely that it was game changing, even if we were losing! Lately though, I have come to marvel at his mad talents with Pebbles. He so easily outplays the competition. Chello was like my mentor in HoN, guiding me every step of the way. When I first started playing as Valkyrie, I always used to leap into the bushes. All the other players were like "LOL NOOB!!!1111!" Chello on the other hand was like "Hairy... face the way you want to go and only then click leap." Only a legend would do that! He reminds me of Obi-Wan Kenobi! I almost half expect him to tell me to use the force and hone my skills.

I must also add how Chello has always listened to my personal life, and given me advice. I often tell him whats on my heart, only to get a "gzuz hairy! You need to " Its so lol sometimes, because Chello has girl problems similar to mine sometimes (girls are random, it seems common among most of them) I find that our tastes often mirror each other, in terms of what we would like from girls and whatnot. Often I will talk about Amber, and any other guy would be like "dude stuff off!" Chello always listens though. He is like the Oprah Winfrey of my life.

Chello loves Nandos! But I mean, why wouldn't he? I think thats the only reason he actually talks to me though, because I am the same nationality as Nandos... Portuguese. If I was like Greek or something he probably wouldn't talk to me at all. Thats just how Jew he is sometimes. It doesn't matter though, his leet skillz at HoN make up for it.

Its so annoying sometimes, I want to talk to this legend so badly, but when he logs on mxit he tends to log off straight away. I'm like "AWESOME its Chello! Let me say hello quick!" As soon as I start typing though he just logs off :( its like wtf? One day I will pluck up the courage to tell him to his face that its rude and he should be courteous enough to wait a minute or two before leaving. Its ok though, I must just be patient with him like he is with me.

Anyways, this is where I will end this blog. I could go on, but no amount of internet space could contain the words that should be said about this man. He is just that awesome. If I were a girl, I would totally marry him!

P.s hahahahahaha xD (this was just for the lol's)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Dear Blog. I love you lots. Kthxbye!

Ok I'm lying, that was not the entirety of my blog this evening. If it were I would possibly be sleeping. SMACK TALK IS BAD FOR YOU! (Like feeding sheep some sushi) keep in mind that speakers of sound are often verbal too. Now that all that is out of the way, ONWARDS! Perhaps I'm just trying to be random and funny, but this does not bother me. I am rather enjoying it :D nonetheless there is some point to this blog (maybe if you comb it down with a blow dryer)

So I finally finished Dead Space. I encountered a glitch RIGHT at the end of the game, a glitch that was game breaking. I needed to push something through a door to proceed, but for some reason, the game didn't seem to register that the opening was in fact open, but instead kept treating it like a wall. I was trying to do this part at about 2:30am on Saturday morning, so much irritation took place in my sleepy state, and I never even bothered to look up the problem on the web. Nearly an hour later I fell asleep, remote in hand. Freshly ground mind the next morning, I searched the vast sea of web pages and figured out the problem. I am now finally playing Unchartered 2 on the Ps3, and I just started BioShock 2 on the PC.

So Sunday was the whole Valentines day effort (f-it! Haha joke) the day went nothing like I had planned. For starters, Amber had told me the day before that she had work to do on the Sunday for college, so she would prefer to go out in the evening. I decided that was all cool, because that would give me the morning to just relax and what not. I ended up going to my dads shop to help them out because they were short staffed. While there, I helped my mom look through the cameras to track down something that got stolen. We saw an employee quickly snatching the the stolen object, and throwing it into an empty bucket. She promptly took the bucket to the back, and did who knows what with it.

I got an sms from Amber saying there was a chance that she wouldn't be able to go out in the evening. Although I denied it later, I was kind of irritated. I was just expecting her to turn me down, for no real reason. She made time to attend other events over the weekend, so I thought it would be way unfair of her to turn me down, especially considering that she asked me what we were doing for Valentines day (and although she said she would be my Valentine, I didn't take it THAT serious at first, so didn't plan anything huge)

Nonetheless, I got my mom to make her a bunch of flowers (my mom is the flower lady at my dads shop) and I chose what I liked and what I thought Amber would like. I waited until about 6pm. Having heard nothing else from Amber all day I was like "what the hell?" and sms'd her. She replied saying she was nearly done and that I could come over so long. I arrived, not quite sure what to expect from the evening, but I was so glad to see her. I gave her the flowers, and she said she loved them. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything else to give her, but its not about that anyways. I was there to see her, and spend the evening with her.

We didn't do anything fancy, we went to the drive-in. This in its own way was really cool, because we hadn't been to the drive-in for years. Just spending the evening in her presence was more then enough for me. We felt like a couple again, and it totally awesome! I sms'd her before I went to bed, telling her I loved her immensely.

Anyways, as awesome as it was and all, and the fact that tonight is now 00:10 on Wednesday morning, she hasn't said anything to me since Sunday. She hasn't sms'd, been on mxit, etc. Guess being the male and all, I am the one who has to do the chasing -_- its annoying though, how we can jump so drastically from one mode to the next, from Couple-e to Sorry who are you again? :P ok its not that bad but I do over think these things sometimes.

I think this is long enough for now. If you don't know what my title is about... well, just say it out loud and in a commanding tone. You may recognize what line its playing off :P

Monday, February 8, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Dear Diary

Today is February the 8th, soon to be the 9th seeing as it is exactly 23:53PM. SHIRT! Today was a productive day... BAH SCREW IT!

I doubt I could ever keep a diary. Sure this blog is kind of the same concept, but I don't use it to talk about my day in detail and such. If I did I think I may just bore the world to death. Not only that but, I still keep my innermost secrets to myself, and doubt I could ever put that down anywhere :P *Yawn* I'm tired. Lets see what I can write down :D

So today at work it was mentioned that I would possibly need to work this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. I told my boss that I have no problem doing the Saturday
but the Sunday would be an issue, this has nothing to do with the fact that it is Valentines day (more on that later though.) By contract, I am meant to work two Saturdays a month. Now, I'm all cool with that, but I refuse to work anymore Sundays. My manager tried to trick me though, saying that by contract I am meant to work one weekend a month. I was like "You mean two Saturdays a month, which I am more then willing to do. I'd prefer to not work on Sunday." she looked a little bit irritated, but she knew I was right. "We'll make a plan," she said. I felt awesome, considering that at work I am generally easy and take on anything that is told to me to do. Not anymore, Sundays are mine for family and church when I can. They cant Bs me, not unless they plan on paying me extra.

That aside, I am currently doing my job, as well as the job that Gruff left behind in hot pursuit of his resignation. This too, is utter rubbish, as the client that I manage thinks I am putting all my effort into their product, when I am actually now doing another persons job behind the scenes. My bosses solution? "Oh just don't tell them, keep it under wraps." This too, is utter BS on so many levels. This got me to thinking that I seriously need to confront her about it, she needs to let the client know about these kind of changes. That or, I want to step down from my position and permanently step into Gruffs shoes. This would be super awesome, because it would mean I would have more free time then I currently have, NO weekend work, and possibly some days off during the week. This in turn, means that I can possibly take on part time studying, and I can focus more on writing too. I think I need to mail her and set up a meeting. I will let you know how that goes.

Good grief, I am playing Dead Space at the moment on PS3 (hence the title of my blog :P) I have never played it before, and got it for R100 on special over Christmas from BT Games. I am not one to scare easily, far from it actually, and no I am not scared of playing it, but I lol so hard at the fact that it has actually made me gasp or jump two or three times :D the funniest though was that I was playing it one night and my cat jumped onto my lap. Flip, I got the biggest fright ever :O think I am nearly finished though, and according to NAG Dead Space 2 is coming soon. It's gonna make me jump again :(

So Sunday is Valentines day. Amber has never really been a fan of it (and nor have I for that matter) simply due to the face that you should go out of the way to show your significant other your love EVERYDAY, and not just a couple of times a year. Two years ago on Valentines day, I tricked Amber awesomely. I knew her views on Vday, and she knew mine. She was not expecting me to do anything at all. Only months after we had started dating, I already had plans in my head to trick her. She is so difficult to buy for, and not the hugest fan of teddies, but I kept my eyes peeled and ears on end for any hint of anything. It actually came :| One day we were in a Cardies and she was looking at the stuffed toys. She saw this cuddly looking elephant and loved it immensely. I smiled and made a huge ass mental note in my head, for Vday which was still like 3 months away. I decided to wait, hoping that by that time they would still have that Elephant in stock.

The time came, and I was relieved to see that they still had stock. between work I rushed around getting stuff I would need for the evening. I was not going to see her at all, I think at the time it was just something we decided. I was like screw that, and made plans anyways. She was in Matric at the time, so during school I made plans to drop the teddy at her house, so she could find it when she came home. I hid it behind her huge pillow, and snapped a picture. As soon as school was over, I MMS'd her a picture of her pillow. She phoned me like half an hour later with glee in her voice. I can't remember exactly what she said, but man, it made me smile :) she insisted on seeing me, but I was playing hard to get. "I have some things to do for my father, I will have to see... " She seemed disappointed, but I smiled knowing that I would surprise her again later.

Amber lives in a very nice residential area, very safe and very quiet. She lives 2 blocks away from the park, and down the road. If you stand outside her driveway and look up the road, you can see the park clearly. I had always imagined doing what I did inside my head for her, but never really knew when I would pull it off. The time was now. I bought tons of little candles from a store, and put my plan into action. I lit as many of them as I could, placing them on both sides of the road leading up to the park. It lead into the park, and without trying to make it look like some kind of dark ritual, I made a huge square of candles. I smiled at how good it looked, and I walked down the road. I turned and looked up at my work, and I was sure it would make her happy, the one thing I strive for always. Seeing that perfect smile fill her face, hearing that infectious giggle reverberate around me! Her parents knew I was coming, and left the door open. I strolled into the living room and she turned and looked at me, surprised to see me. She smiled her gorgeous smile :) and my heart beat loudly against my chest. Keeping my composure, I didn't give any form of greeting. "Come with me My Angel..." I grabbed her hand and we left to her driveway.

This was all epic and whatnot, had it not been for the fact that the wind had picked up and blown out half my candles O_o it still looked alright though, and I led her to the park where I had food waiting. This was a night for us, lame Valentines notions aside, This was my way of telling Amber Jessica Smith that I loved her with my whole heart, and I still do to this day. She sms'd me later that night something like this (maybe not word for word, but very similar.) "Thank you for the most amazing Valentines Day EVER! A girl couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. I love you :)" Amber doesn't say I love you for anything, I know she only says it when she feels it, not because its the right thing to say. My heart soared :)

Last year Valentines day, well, we weren't dating, and although I wanted to do something for her, I didn't for fear that it would make things seem weird (because they kind of were at the time)

This year? Who knows... Amber and I are close again, to me in a much more intimate way then we were two years ago. We aren't dating, but whether she admits to it or not, I know she loves me. I spent the whole day with her on Saturday, and an awesome day it was.

Somewhere along the lines she asked me "So who's your Valentines going to be?"
"Oh nobody I guess..."
"You could always be my Valentine?"
"Sorry, Im already Robs' Valentine." (Robs is a close female friend of hers, she was kidding obviously :P)
"But as long as you don't tell her, I'll be your Valentine."

I smiled at her and pulled her into a hug. We both hate Valentines day, but that does not change the fact that we are both in each others lives. For how long, nobody knows. At least she knows though, I will always be here for her, waiting for that perfect smile to embrace me, no matter at what cost. I smile at the fact that, two years later, the Elephant cuddly I bought her two years ago still maintains a permanent residence on her bed.

Yoh long post, forgive me :) Tis now 12:38 :O

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Writing the Inevitable Masterpiece

Have you ever sat and watched a movie and been like, “wow, this is so awesomely written, so moving and so well thought out!” Or even listened to a song, and been so beyond mesmerized by the lyrics, hearing how they are true to your life, or just hide some deeper meaning that you get? Or even played through a game and felt so connected to it, fallen in love with the characters and the story, and you just loved it? I could say this about the final fantasy games as an example. I can’t help but feel so connected to the story and so drawn into it. Anyways, all of that aside, have you have thought that perhaps you are capable of making another person feel like that?

I’m sure if you know me well enough, you would know that for some arb reason, I adore writing. Maybe it’s just the joy of tinkering away at the good ol’ keyboard, spitting out a certain amount of words per a minute, getting what is inside my head out there, because it is impossible to sort out in my head. I constantly feel the passion to spit out some inspiring story, something that will move a person the way I am moved when I see a good movie or read a good book. Am I capable of bringing somebody to feel those “wow” moments, capable of making them want more from this specific universe they have just engrossed themselves into? I can’t help but feel that yes, I am more then capable. Sure, I have no sort of training behind me, no experience at all, no fancy English degree… but surely my imagination is where it would all come from in the end anyway? Don’t get me wrong, I do want to study, and I damn well sure am going to. All I’m getting to is, the moment I sit down and want to carry on with my book, or write something for Eggs and Rice, I simply go blank. It’s the most irritating thing in the world. When I am on the road or anywhere else other then facing my screen, I am bursting to the seams with ideas. All that fades though, and by the time I am able to write, there is nothing to be written.
I guess it is just something I will have to work through though. I find that since I have made an effort to blog a minimum of twice a week, I feel like I have gotten more comfortable with it. Even when I have nothing awe inspiring or specific to write about, I am able to pull something out of my head to say. In theory then, I guess I will just have to keep writing articles or my book, even if I have nothing to say I think I need to just try my hardest to endure through it, and my imagination block will be broken.

I must say though, I am at least proud of myself for making some kind of effort this year. I have taken to reading some newspaper articles every day, reading through blogs, etc. Apart from my blog, I also have so much else I can work on when I want to write. As I have mentioned before, I think I could so totally quit my job and just focus on writing… in fact I really wish that was possible. I think it would be interesting to see how I fare, and what comes out of my head. In the meantime though, I will try my best to utilize the free time I have to reading, writing, and growing my imagination. One day is one day, I will have my own “wow” book that everybody will love, and a good movie adaption will follow :P

My biggest irritation still stands though. The fact that people can be so encouraging about me writing a book, but without actually putting in any kind of input or effort. I guess that this is something else I will just have to work through alone for now, maybe Xander will help me out :P after all… He does already have his own book written and published, and a second one sitting around waiting to be edited and published. :O Teach me your ways!
Watch this space (procrastination not included) :P

Monday, February 1, 2010

1 February 2010

One can offer wonder where exactly is it that time goes to? I find that I'm such a pro at procrastination, I'm the best there is! I am always one to say what I want to do, or where I want to be, but I know I am so bad on the follow through.

It is already month two of this supposed big year. Now I am not saying that I have given up, but damn, where did January go?? It feels like yesterday that I was blogging about studying this year or doing something. I blinked and HEY PRESTO! February arrives at my doorstep. Seems I am a pretty damn good magician too.

So enough is enough, I hope I am not procrastinating right now as I type this, and I damn well hope that I stick to this. I am tired of watching life pass me by, sick of seeing the days of the calendar fly off the wall, and over having nothing to show for what I have done with my time here. Something inspired me today, or is fueling my current mood. I so wish I could harness it and feel like this forever, because I know if I felt like this every day, maybe I would strive towards something, and get on with my life.

I find I am pretty decent at sticking to my New Years Resolutions, as of two years ago when I actually started setting them. So, this is my new one for this year, even though it is February. I WILL finish at LEAST one chapter of my book EVERY month NO MATTER how busy I am. The only thing that can stop me is writers block, but lets see how everything goes. I am also quite frankly sick of certain people not showing any kind of support to me. I have people who tell me I am a great writer, and I really appreciate that. Yet, how can they say such things when they barely or have NEVER read anything that I have put up for everybody to see. I can't do this kind of thing alone, I NEED feedback, I NEED to talk about my characters and how to grow my story. I can't exactly do that when the people I think are close to me couldn't care less at all =/ I know this may sound selfish, but its really not -_- I go out of my way to support people if they are passionate about something, because I know what it feels like to not get any kind of praise or feedback, it just frustrates me that I don't get any in return.

Well this really did turn into a rant :x guess I am just in a bad mood - very rare for me :) just confused with life, love, and the world as we know it. A good nights sleep should sort this all out.

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