Thursday, February 4, 2010

Writing the Inevitable Masterpiece

Have you ever sat and watched a movie and been like, “wow, this is so awesomely written, so moving and so well thought out!” Or even listened to a song, and been so beyond mesmerized by the lyrics, hearing how they are true to your life, or just hide some deeper meaning that you get? Or even played through a game and felt so connected to it, fallen in love with the characters and the story, and you just loved it? I could say this about the final fantasy games as an example. I can’t help but feel so connected to the story and so drawn into it. Anyways, all of that aside, have you have thought that perhaps you are capable of making another person feel like that?

I’m sure if you know me well enough, you would know that for some arb reason, I adore writing. Maybe it’s just the joy of tinkering away at the good ol’ keyboard, spitting out a certain amount of words per a minute, getting what is inside my head out there, because it is impossible to sort out in my head. I constantly feel the passion to spit out some inspiring story, something that will move a person the way I am moved when I see a good movie or read a good book. Am I capable of bringing somebody to feel those “wow” moments, capable of making them want more from this specific universe they have just engrossed themselves into? I can’t help but feel that yes, I am more then capable. Sure, I have no sort of training behind me, no experience at all, no fancy English degree… but surely my imagination is where it would all come from in the end anyway? Don’t get me wrong, I do want to study, and I damn well sure am going to. All I’m getting to is, the moment I sit down and want to carry on with my book, or write something for Eggs and Rice, I simply go blank. It’s the most irritating thing in the world. When I am on the road or anywhere else other then facing my screen, I am bursting to the seams with ideas. All that fades though, and by the time I am able to write, there is nothing to be written.
I guess it is just something I will have to work through though. I find that since I have made an effort to blog a minimum of twice a week, I feel like I have gotten more comfortable with it. Even when I have nothing awe inspiring or specific to write about, I am able to pull something out of my head to say. In theory then, I guess I will just have to keep writing articles or my book, even if I have nothing to say I think I need to just try my hardest to endure through it, and my imagination block will be broken.

I must say though, I am at least proud of myself for making some kind of effort this year. I have taken to reading some newspaper articles every day, reading through blogs, etc. Apart from my blog, I also have so much else I can work on when I want to write. As I have mentioned before, I think I could so totally quit my job and just focus on writing… in fact I really wish that was possible. I think it would be interesting to see how I fare, and what comes out of my head. In the meantime though, I will try my best to utilize the free time I have to reading, writing, and growing my imagination. One day is one day, I will have my own “wow” book that everybody will love, and a good movie adaption will follow :P

My biggest irritation still stands though. The fact that people can be so encouraging about me writing a book, but without actually putting in any kind of input or effort. I guess that this is something else I will just have to work through alone for now, maybe Xander will help me out :P after all… He does already have his own book written and published, and a second one sitting around waiting to be edited and published. :O Teach me your ways!
Watch this space (procrastination not included) :P

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  1. I shall teach you, young padowan.. but first we must discuss your story!! Hehe, dude, I learnt within the first month to carry a notebook around with me every-effing-where I go, because I always get ideas when I can't write 'em down. But in my lil A6 notebook, pocket size, I always just jot down the main idea. Later on I reffer back to it and I'm like "oh yeah" and then I can fully put it to use. Awesome advice, USE IT DAMNIT. :3


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