Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chello (Jewlius) The Legend

According to somebody, I am extremely talented at ignorance. In fact, I'm so good at it, that I deny the fact that I am ignorant. This blog, is dedicated to him, for all the hardships he has endured due to me.

For the odd person who may not know him, Chello is the Capetonian from Paarl (:-? is that even in Cpt?) who I met on Steam. I cant remember exactly how I met the fellow, but I have to just say how he changed my life and is now the centerpiece on my buffet of interweb activity. Team Fortress 2 was on the menu a lot back then, but due to an unfortunate formatting of my computer to install Windows 7, my Tf2 started failing. That does not really matter though, because the main medium in which I got to know Chello was in a game called Heroes of Newerth.

HoN is basically a clone of Dota, the original warcraft 3 Mod (lol oxymoron?) it took that concept, and made it all shiny and new. All I remember in my early days was that Chello called me Jew a lot. At first I was like "what the flip?" but it became a staple of the regular HoN game. In fact, it would be abnormal to be called a Jew by Chello. Ah the early days of HoN. How I marvelled at Chello's natural skill with the certain heroes. He used to use the hero called Valkyrie, and throw her Javelins so precisely that it was game changing, even if we were losing! Lately though, I have come to marvel at his mad talents with Pebbles. He so easily outplays the competition. Chello was like my mentor in HoN, guiding me every step of the way. When I first started playing as Valkyrie, I always used to leap into the bushes. All the other players were like "LOL NOOB!!!1111!" Chello on the other hand was like "Hairy... face the way you want to go and only then click leap." Only a legend would do that! He reminds me of Obi-Wan Kenobi! I almost half expect him to tell me to use the force and hone my skills.

I must also add how Chello has always listened to my personal life, and given me advice. I often tell him whats on my heart, only to get a "gzuz hairy! You need to " Its so lol sometimes, because Chello has girl problems similar to mine sometimes (girls are random, it seems common among most of them) I find that our tastes often mirror each other, in terms of what we would like from girls and whatnot. Often I will talk about Amber, and any other guy would be like "dude stuff off!" Chello always listens though. He is like the Oprah Winfrey of my life.

Chello loves Nandos! But I mean, why wouldn't he? I think thats the only reason he actually talks to me though, because I am the same nationality as Nandos... Portuguese. If I was like Greek or something he probably wouldn't talk to me at all. Thats just how Jew he is sometimes. It doesn't matter though, his leet skillz at HoN make up for it.

Its so annoying sometimes, I want to talk to this legend so badly, but when he logs on mxit he tends to log off straight away. I'm like "AWESOME its Chello! Let me say hello quick!" As soon as I start typing though he just logs off :( its like wtf? One day I will pluck up the courage to tell him to his face that its rude and he should be courteous enough to wait a minute or two before leaving. Its ok though, I must just be patient with him like he is with me.

Anyways, this is where I will end this blog. I could go on, but no amount of internet space could contain the words that should be said about this man. He is just that awesome. If I were a girl, I would totally marry him!

P.s hahahahahaha xD (this was just for the lol's)

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  1. :D Im still waiting on part 2



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