Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knights Of Cydonia

Like Sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our Fig! *Cue long dramatic soapy music*. So today is the end of February, I am still kind of gob smacked as to what happened? I like blinked and another month has passed!

If you do by chance happen to be wondering if I ever got a reply to that email I sent to Eagle Ford, the answer would be know. Cindy did however call me and inform me that my car would be taken care of at no cost. So at least thats one less thing to stress about. They aren't going to replace my tyres though which is sucky. I am still deciding if it is worth throwing my toys about that too, I am getting new, bigger tyres all around later this year anyway.

I am meeting with my boss tomorrow to have a chat about my position at my company. I emailed her today asking, because I really need to chat. One second I am doing my job, and the next I am doing somebody else's. Then I get given more work to me that is meant to be for me, and I'm like "I am actually enjoying doing this other persons work, cant I just stick to it?" then my contract gets thrown in my face and they are like "Actually no you cant!" Its just frustrating, because they throw my contract into my face when its convenient. So lets hope tomorrows meeting bears fruit, because if not, I am going to be doing work that I really hate for the next two months non stop. NO THANKS!

Amber invited me last week to a braai that happened at her house today. It was interesting that she invited me because it was a braai with some of her family. I spent the whole week trying to imagine what she was going to introduce me as, because technically we are dating it seems, but its not like she will admit that to anybody. So I was just curious to see what I would come across as to her aunt and uncle. I was half imagining her to be like "This is Matthew, my boyfriend." At the end of the day though it more like "This is Matthew." I kind of expected that, but one can dream right? :P

Interesting enough, I cannot believe how time has flown since my last emo blog about Amber. We have been close to each other again since September/October, a good five months already :O Its mad how time seems to be flying since I past the "21" year old age barrier. It's absolutely weird.

I came across my Muse live album, hence the name of this blog being what it is. All it does is make me miss Cokefest 2008! What a day that was :) In so many way. It reminds me of last years cokefest. such a great day, with crappy outcomes after (The reason I started this blog in the first place ;) go read my first post if you haven't. Speaking of which, due to the world cup, there won't be a Cokefest this year :'( how annoying... Oh well! There is always next year.

I feel like this blog is boring :-Z I'll have lots more to say later this week though I am sure :) and I will get around to blogging about the awesome party I was at yesterday. Until then, BYE! :D


  1. "the answer would be know."


    "because technically we are dating it seems.."

    Once again... Did I miss something? o.0

  2. Oh, those fateful days... When Fig met Victor from Mother Russia, after buying capitalist merchandise from the capitalist stall selling capitalist merchandise in the corner...

  3. Lol sorry... "the answer would be yes" haha dont know how that error came up :x

    and yeah Xander :O didnt I blog about it? I dont actually remember... Amber and I are close again now, but she doesnt admit to anything :O

    Ah Victor... I miss you :P


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