Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Dear Blog. I love you lots. Kthxbye!

Ok I'm lying, that was not the entirety of my blog this evening. If it were I would possibly be sleeping. SMACK TALK IS BAD FOR YOU! (Like feeding sheep some sushi) keep in mind that speakers of sound are often verbal too. Now that all that is out of the way, ONWARDS! Perhaps I'm just trying to be random and funny, but this does not bother me. I am rather enjoying it :D nonetheless there is some point to this blog (maybe if you comb it down with a blow dryer)

So I finally finished Dead Space. I encountered a glitch RIGHT at the end of the game, a glitch that was game breaking. I needed to push something through a door to proceed, but for some reason, the game didn't seem to register that the opening was in fact open, but instead kept treating it like a wall. I was trying to do this part at about 2:30am on Saturday morning, so much irritation took place in my sleepy state, and I never even bothered to look up the problem on the web. Nearly an hour later I fell asleep, remote in hand. Freshly ground mind the next morning, I searched the vast sea of web pages and figured out the problem. I am now finally playing Unchartered 2 on the Ps3, and I just started BioShock 2 on the PC.

So Sunday was the whole Valentines day effort (f-it! Haha joke) the day went nothing like I had planned. For starters, Amber had told me the day before that she had work to do on the Sunday for college, so she would prefer to go out in the evening. I decided that was all cool, because that would give me the morning to just relax and what not. I ended up going to my dads shop to help them out because they were short staffed. While there, I helped my mom look through the cameras to track down something that got stolen. We saw an employee quickly snatching the the stolen object, and throwing it into an empty bucket. She promptly took the bucket to the back, and did who knows what with it.

I got an sms from Amber saying there was a chance that she wouldn't be able to go out in the evening. Although I denied it later, I was kind of irritated. I was just expecting her to turn me down, for no real reason. She made time to attend other events over the weekend, so I thought it would be way unfair of her to turn me down, especially considering that she asked me what we were doing for Valentines day (and although she said she would be my Valentine, I didn't take it THAT serious at first, so didn't plan anything huge)

Nonetheless, I got my mom to make her a bunch of flowers (my mom is the flower lady at my dads shop) and I chose what I liked and what I thought Amber would like. I waited until about 6pm. Having heard nothing else from Amber all day I was like "what the hell?" and sms'd her. She replied saying she was nearly done and that I could come over so long. I arrived, not quite sure what to expect from the evening, but I was so glad to see her. I gave her the flowers, and she said she loved them. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything else to give her, but its not about that anyways. I was there to see her, and spend the evening with her.

We didn't do anything fancy, we went to the drive-in. This in its own way was really cool, because we hadn't been to the drive-in for years. Just spending the evening in her presence was more then enough for me. We felt like a couple again, and it totally awesome! I sms'd her before I went to bed, telling her I loved her immensely.

Anyways, as awesome as it was and all, and the fact that tonight is now 00:10 on Wednesday morning, she hasn't said anything to me since Sunday. She hasn't sms'd, been on mxit, etc. Guess being the male and all, I am the one who has to do the chasing -_- its annoying though, how we can jump so drastically from one mode to the next, from Couple-e to Sorry who are you again? :P ok its not that bad but I do over think these things sometimes.

I think this is long enough for now. If you don't know what my title is about... well, just say it out loud and in a commanding tone. You may recognize what line its playing off :P


  1. Im tired of reading your stuff and then I never find myself in it. Im like a huge part of your life and you just bat me! :O I entertain you during the day and I dont even get a ty chello your real sexy! :'( "wanted to put in the math thing but it wont copy and paste"

  2. Lolwut? Chello trolling teh figgy's blog? xD
    Anyway. Did I miss something? Coz.. you totally told her you loved her again. And I thought you said you...


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