Monday, February 1, 2010

1 February 2010

One can offer wonder where exactly is it that time goes to? I find that I'm such a pro at procrastination, I'm the best there is! I am always one to say what I want to do, or where I want to be, but I know I am so bad on the follow through.

It is already month two of this supposed big year. Now I am not saying that I have given up, but damn, where did January go?? It feels like yesterday that I was blogging about studying this year or doing something. I blinked and HEY PRESTO! February arrives at my doorstep. Seems I am a pretty damn good magician too.

So enough is enough, I hope I am not procrastinating right now as I type this, and I damn well hope that I stick to this. I am tired of watching life pass me by, sick of seeing the days of the calendar fly off the wall, and over having nothing to show for what I have done with my time here. Something inspired me today, or is fueling my current mood. I so wish I could harness it and feel like this forever, because I know if I felt like this every day, maybe I would strive towards something, and get on with my life.

I find I am pretty decent at sticking to my New Years Resolutions, as of two years ago when I actually started setting them. So, this is my new one for this year, even though it is February. I WILL finish at LEAST one chapter of my book EVERY month NO MATTER how busy I am. The only thing that can stop me is writers block, but lets see how everything goes. I am also quite frankly sick of certain people not showing any kind of support to me. I have people who tell me I am a great writer, and I really appreciate that. Yet, how can they say such things when they barely or have NEVER read anything that I have put up for everybody to see. I can't do this kind of thing alone, I NEED feedback, I NEED to talk about my characters and how to grow my story. I can't exactly do that when the people I think are close to me couldn't care less at all =/ I know this may sound selfish, but its really not -_- I go out of my way to support people if they are passionate about something, because I know what it feels like to not get any kind of praise or feedback, it just frustrates me that I don't get any in return.

Well this really did turn into a rant :x guess I am just in a bad mood - very rare for me :) just confused with life, love, and the world as we know it. A good nights sleep should sort this all out.


  1. doooood... OMG it's the worst sitting on your story, knowing you NEED to tell someone just so you can assure yourself you're not wasting your time, then no one seems interested at all. Talk to me!!

  2. Yeah I know dude O_O It bugs me... because I like to know if somethings good or not, or even just to talk about it, get asked questions about my characters and whatnot, so I can think about them more and develop them better. I think I should talk to you about it :P especially just in case I forget where I was going with my story... lol


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