Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust :O


I find it interesting how when you really want to get out of something, any tiny excuse will be made to get out. I just checked my work email and got an email from a guy at work, forwarded from Avnic (The company who distributes Garmin - A client of ours) there has been an enquiry into the work I have done for them. Apparently the one store I call on complained, saying something along the lines that SGA has not made any kind of effort to build a relationship with them at all.

Now naturally, I'm like "Wtf? (Thats - What the Flip :P). I have been into this store with Gareth a good few times, and I know for a fact he is good friends with everybody and has a good relationship. I only JUST took over (and considering that I myself have a good relationship with the store through Gareth), HOW exactly is it that the complaint has come through? I personally think there is just some silly misunderstanding, and I replied to the email accordingly. Besides that, I can't picture the owner of the store having anything bad to say about SGA, Or Gareth and myself for that matter. I just hope its nothing serious. As I mentioned earlier, its this kind of little thing that I can use as an excuse to leave my company. I'm quite over all the politics that go on behind the scenes, and as much of a nice job I actually have, I actually cannot handle it anymore.

In other news, I looked at some colleges online today, and I can actually still register at some places. I would really love to study full time, but I refuse to leave my car on my parents shoulders. I can handle part time, but I would totally want a different job -_- gah, so much thinking and decision making to be done! Don't even get me started on what do I specifically want to study.

At the end of the day, God's always got my back. I just need to be willing and trusting enough to let him lead me. No matter how rocky the road is, there is always a destination.


  1. What do you want to study? :P
    Lol, wtf? as in.. yeah whatever! I've got nothing to add to this except that I WANT YOUR OPTIMISM NAO. :D have a good one

  2. Haha I dono dude :) anything writing related :D Journalism? I don't know... So much to choose from :x

  3. Journalism... Gaming... NAG? PC FORMAT? :D


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