Thursday, January 14, 2010

I don't need you to say, you don't love me if you don't. Coz I love you anyway!

This 100 blog thing may actually be the death of me :| ok not really, this is just me being dramatic and trying to inspire some sort of dramatic piece. I need to blog once every 3.65 days, so lets say more or less at least twice a week. Its only the 14th and I am only on 2 blogs (well 3 including this one :P) *gasp!* IS THIS THE DOWNFALL OF ME?! Will I not make it to my 100 blog mark?!?! TUNE IN TO NEXT TIMES BLOG TO FIND OUT

Next blog may be delayed due to writer not blogging as frequently as he should be. Terms and conditions apply

Ok so that useless piece of information is now out the way, ONWARDS! So I mentioned that I would really like to chat about the dream I had a little while ago (early last week, or late the week before... my memory is sleeping at the moment.) One thing I have really just been hoping for this year, is for God to make himself more real to me. The evening before I went to bed I simply prayed that, and this is the dream that followed. Trust me it doesn't make anymore sense to me then it does to you, but the ending just blows my mind away!

So... I was at a mall with my friends, and we were on our way to see a movie or something. I don't know how it happened, but I lost my ticket AND my car keys somehow. I was in a bit of a panic and started looking for them frantically. Eventually, I don't know how exactly, but Gruff (my best friend) convinced me to go with him and my friends towards the movies, the opposite way to where my keys were. I was reluctant, but followed.

We walked up an escalator, or set of stairs, and everybody stopped. I was like what the hell? Gruff said that we were stopping for a prayer meeting. So I was like no ways, I need to go find my keys and whatnot. As I walked away, I just asked Gruff to please pray for me to find my keys. He said sure thing, and started to prayer. I hung around to hear what he had to say. He prayed for my keys, but then he also prayed for something else. I cannot remember his exact words, but it was something like "God if you are real, please just show us how real you are..."

And it happened.

The presence of God came crashing down onto me in my dream! I fell onto my knees and couldn't stand up. It was the most overwhelming, intense, and awesomest feeling I have EVER felt! Instantly after that I awoke from my dream, feeling EXACTLY how I did in my dream, the presence of God on me :| it was frikking awesome... wow :O I was skeptical at first, like... our minds can pull of stuff like that. You know those dreams where you are falling? Your mind can give you the illussion and feeling of you falling. I don't know so much about this dream though, the face that I woke up and felt exactly like how I did in my dream, leads me to believe that I was not being tricked by my mind :)

In other news, it seems that I am now a youth leader too :D YAY! So amped for youthside and whats going to happen this year! WATCH THIS SPACE!

It's incredibly late now. Awfully proud of myself for getting a blog out though :D yay me! Goodnight cruel world ^_^

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