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According to Robs, I am Sparta? :P

Good day to you my good man (or lady). Welcome to Jobi Jol 2010! You will be staying here from Wednesday to Friday. We hope your enjoy your accommodation, make lots of friends, and enjoy your stay. Ok that was just me trying to sound all important and all that jazz. I am currently at a youth camp called Jobi Jol, laying on my bed minus lack of internet, and sharing a room with my best friend Gruff (who right now is also on his laptop typing up something – a preach for later this week maybe)

I am just really in the mood to write, and I know I am meant to get down my achieved resolutions and what I plan on achieving this year. I think I will make this an extended blog, and instead of writing something new every day I shall just simply add to it every day. What I write every day won’t necessarily be about what happened every day, but more about what’s on my mind or what I feel like writing about.

6th January 2010

So 2009 has come and past in the mere blink of an eye. That saying seems to have a more literal meaning seeing as the year did actually fly by in a blur. I set out a few goals to get through last year. Some may have been logical, but in my opinion if I never set that goal I may have never have reached it.

So right off the bat, probably my most achievable goal – Do not eat McDonalds for the entire year. In the year 2007 I had the same goal, and I achieved it. The reason for doing it again had nothing to do with me watching my weight, or wanting to have a healthy lifestyle. I just found that I ate McD’s even when I never really wanted to. My job involves me being on the road a lot of the time. So it was always so tempting and simple to pull through a drivethrough, even if I was not hungry. What drew me in was the simple and plain fact that it was convenient, and a waste of money in the long run. How do I stop it? I just ban myself from having it for the entire year. Im happy to report that I was successful with that goal.

Goal number two was something I failed to achieve the year before – Buy myself a laptop. I have some insanely annoying hunger to write randomly at times. Even if I have nothing to write about, I just like to put words down and fill up a page. In 2008 I ended up spending my money on other stuff I wanted. In 2009 I didn’t really have buying a laptop as a high priority, but I set it as a goal anyways. I have a real liking for netbooks just because they are so small. I had no desire for a powerful laptop, because I have a nice pc to do my big processing. Just randomly my sister sent me an email about a special that her work was running. It turned out to be the upgrade of the netbook I decided I wanted the year before. So it was perfect :D all netbooks generally are the same, they just look different. This one however, could be used as a tablet, and has a touch screen. Heck, Im typing off it right now! The keys were also a big thing to me, as I like to have a comfortable fit. It is 92% the size of a normal keyboard which was a nice bonus. This is what laptop I have . I also upgraded the Ram to 2gb.

A goal a failed to achieve, even though it was within my grasp, was to get a drum kit and start drumming. I only failed this due to laziness though L My one friend Robs has a drum kit that she hasn’t used for a long time. She moved houses and never had space for them anymore. Unfortunately, one of our other friends called dibs before I could. So he got them first. He had them for a few months, and before I knew it Robs told me I just simply had to fetch them and then I could keep them at my house. Unfortunately, I just never made the time and effort to get to them. I also ashamedly admit that the guy who had them, lives up the road from me :S :S :S haha.

My biggest goal of 2009? It may seem logical, but going about doing it was never a simple thing. Buying my first car. It seemed like the most daunting thing ever! What car do I want, how much will I spend, How will I afford it, Can I maintain it???? I did not want to rush into buying a car just to get it taken away a few months later. My biggest achievement, in my opinion, was that I did everything myself. Apart from Gruff and my Bro who came to look at some cars with me, I did everything else solo. From choosing my car, to finding insurance, to organizing finance and so on. At the time I couldn’t help but think It would need to be done with the aid of my father. I bought my car while my parents were overseas J and I picked them up from the airport with it, much to their surprise :P

Those were my biggest goals, simple or not so big as they may be. 3 out of 4 resolutions make me a winner in my book J

7th January 2010

I won’t lie, but it’s actually the 8th of January in the morning :P Last night I introduced Dave and Jayden to scribblenauts on my DS. For those of you who may not know, it is a puzzle game in which the basic premise is, any item or object you can think of, you write it down and you will receive it to use in game. They ended up staying in our room until so late and I never get around to writing. Anyways… onwards!

I forgot to mention another goal of mine that I wanted to achieve on 2009. I wanted to get a promotion at work and a raise. That went partially well, as I got my promotion. However, as whack as it may seem, I never got a raise. My boss made an empty promise, because I was supposed to get one.

The biggest thing that I want to get done this year, is getting my first book published. I have my own book I’m working on, but Gareth felt that it would be good to write our own books together. So back to the drawing board, to think up a whole new story from scratch :O

This may seem like a lame goal, but by the end of the year I would like to have done 100 blogs. That’s a blog every 3.65 days which is totally possible. I only did a total of 21 last year, but considering I only started my blog in April it’s not that bad. Coincidentally, I have realized that I quite enjoy reading blogs. I check Xander’s blog daily to see if he has anything new written, and even Mark (Twitch) started a blog which I check every now and then. I even spent the other day trying to find a good, random persons blog to follow… but it’s quite hard to find something good among all the junk that some people post O_O if the world progresses the way it is at the moment, I fear for the English language. People don’t even give a crap about spell checking anymore and they just simply type in “sms slang” now.

Anyhoo, I am off to enjoy my day. Having such a great time :D kthxbye!

11th January 2010

AAAH! My holiday has vanished! Tis just after midnight here on Monday. I start work later today. I feel a little like I did back in my school days. Whenever I went back after a holiday, I found that the night before I tended to stay up quite late because my body refuses to sleep, knowing that the next day the laziness and relaxations stops. I have such an awesome, easy job. Unfortunately, being as simple as it is one can get bored quickly. Secondly, some of the people I work with are inefficient and useless. It creates unneeded irritation! For the 5th time in the last few months, my manager has asked me for the same guys number O_o cant she just save the damn thing in her phone??? Don’t even get me started on my boss, she can be really great, but she likes to make lots of empty promises.

Yesterday (Sunday) I felt a little anxious. I couldn’t quite place why exactly, but I realized that it was because I just don’t know what this year holds. I do not want to have the same job this time next year, and I’m keen to change. Where do I go though? What do I do? I looked up some writing course today and I saw a good couple I’d like to take. They were online courses though and I’m skeptical of that kind of thing. I will most certainly research it more in the near future!

Girls have a funny way of being normal, as Arjen and I discussed today. Strange creatures they are ^_^ I don’t get the way they think, or act, or anything. More on that in future though. We all know I already blog lots about their confusing due to my experiences with Amber. The experiences just never stop.

I had a really rad dream the other day, which I shall write about tomorrow. For now though, as I type this from my bed, I am bloody tired…. All I can say is I am blessed, I had the most awesome holiday, and I am totally ready for this year J goodnight cruel world!

P.S Robs called me Sparta in out gtalk chat tonight... haha :P

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