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Gaming 2009

Ah the gaming world, A place where my inner nerd can shine and prosper. Wait, what? YOU CAN DO THAT?! Anyhoo I decided last year to make a list of games that I finished throughout the year, just to know just how many games I get through O_o To follow is what I have finished, and a brief description or my opinion of that game. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment :)


The World Ends With You | Nintendo DS

This game is made by Square Enix, the same people responsible for the Final Fantasy series. I had NEVER seen gameplay, video's or anything about this game. Based on Metacritics score I was quite curious and played it. I was not disappointed and throughly enjoyed it! The ending was a bit of a let down but what a great game!

Fear 2 | Pc

The highly anticipated "scary" fps sequel. The first one was creepy, this one not so much in my opinion. It was a bit short too, but nonetheless, a good game.

Crysis | Pc

This game was already quite old. Never got to play it initially because the graphic requirements were mind boggling and scary O_O After upgrading I finally got to play it. Was such a good game that even my brother finished it, and my brother never finishes a game from beginning to end most times.

Crysis Warhead | Pc

Same game basically, but different story though. Just as good as the first.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars | Nintendo DS

Old school GTA! Brilliant game and lots of awesome! Stealing cars and driving around never fails to amuse :P

Fallout 3 | Pc

Epic long game with TOO much to do. I must admit I never finished it :S BUT I was so close to the end, and then I formatted and forgot to back up my save game -_- As fun as it was I refused to start all over again.

Resident Evil 4 | Wii

Resident Evil 4 is also quite an old game already. It just simply got remade for the Wii. The control scheme is clearly a lot easier to handle then any other console. I was surprised that this game was as long as it was, but it was worth playing.

Resident Evil 5 | Ps3

Ah... Resident Evil 5 :D Q and I spent many an hour fighting for the BSAA stopping the... UROBOROS virus! Really had so much fun thanks to the co-op play. If you ever want to play this, DON'T PLAY IT ALONE! It is far more fun with a friend. Especially Q because you spend more time talking crap then actually focusing on the game :P

LittleBigPlanet | Ps3

LBP!!! Nobody could understand why I wanted to play it so badly. I saw it on special and bought it even before I bought a Ps3 (although I'm partially sure that it led to convincing my brother to go halvies with me :P) I have never played such an entertaining multiplayer game like this. It was awesome because at times we played with 4 people on one screen, and the fact that it isn't boring to watch made it such an awesome group game. I think everybody loved this one.

Infamous | Ps3

My first Ps3 game (came bundled with my Ps3). You play through as a super hero with the power over all electricity and such powers one would expect when having control over something like that. It had a great story and fun gameplay.

Resistance | Ps3

I played through this whole game with my Bro. Was just as much fun as playing Resident Evil with Q :P

StarCraft | Pc

ANCIENT GAME! I bought the original and played through the campaigns again, in preparation for SC2 (Out this year please Blizzard :P) not to mention playing games online. I played against a local player Called Mouse who was insanely good. He took on 5 of us at the same time, and won... O_O I blame Twitches lack of Terran skills :P

Call of Duty 4 | Pc

I had played this before, but Q was nice enough to give me the original for my birthday. I played it again in preparation for Modern Warfare 2 and so I could try out the multiplayer online. Still one of the best games ever made :D

Unchartered | Ps3

A real adventure game! One of the best games made for the Ps3 (Still waiting for Unchartered 2 to be cheaper so I can play it.) Lots of exploring and shooting, not to mention really REALLY good looking graphics and enviroments O_O

Borderlands | Pc

I reckon this was the surprise game of 2009 because nobody expected it to be as good as it was. It has REALLY addictive gameplay and its fantastic to play with a group of friends.

Crisis Core | PSP

The prequel to Final Fantasy 7. Immensely addictive and so much to do. You don't ever want it to end for obvious reasons if you know your Final Fantasy 7 Lore :P

Left 4 Dead 2 | Pc

Ok you can't really finish this game as its more multiplayer then anything, but still :P I have never looked so forward to any game more in my life, or ever for that matter (yes I'm serious, I don't usually get excited for game releases... EXCEPT FINAL FANTASY 13 OUT IN MARCH! :O) Valve really know how to make good games, and somehow made this game make the first one look like a bunch of rubbish. BOOMER!


I think that is all, doubt I left anything out. Except for COD5 which I'm right at the end of but I'm too lazy to go and finish :P This all sounded a lot better in my head and I had so much planned and wanted to write more per game. I'm sure you are tired of reading by now So I'll stop :) Already have a game down for 2010 finished, Modern Warfare 2! WAH! Awesomeness :D I'll have a list like this year every year methinks. Ok bye :)

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