Sunday, January 24, 2010


Good evening my little blog! It is nearly already the end of January. If this is anything to go by, this means this year is going to absolutely breeze on by.

I keep wondering what exactly it is that I am going to be doing this year. As I have mentioned before, there is this huge air of expectancy in the air, with everybody dying to get the year started. I most certainly am too, I just feel a little lost as what to do though (I'm not sure if I worded that correctly.) I know I want to write, without a doubt. I am at least partially certain that thats where I need to go with my life, something that is writing related. All I need to know now is, what exactly?

I was letting my mind wonder today a bit, and I was thinking, especially now that Gruff has quit and gone off to study, just how badly I'd love to quit my job. I could so write full time without a problem, the only problem being where would I get money? That aside, I could write for Eggs And Rice, The Youthside Blog, My Blog, AND my book. That is by far, more then enough to keep my plate full. I would so do it, I honestly would! I'm just praying that God opens up the right doors for me, and he has done so in a few ways already. I have been chatting to random people and hearing about people they know that studied something writing related and what they are doing with their lives now. I can't wait for time to fly! I'm so keen to see what this year has :D

Only time will tell...

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