Friday, September 25, 2009

Plaster For My Heart Please? :D

There are many ways to get over a person that you don't ever seem to be over, unfortunately I don't know any such ways O_o 

I have my cousins over from Secunda, which is rad! They have been here since wednesday, and were here for Claudia's 21st (which, may I add was totally awesome :D) they have stayed ehre until today because their mom had a job interview here in Jhb so there didn't seem to be any point in driving home and coming back again. I took leave off work just to spend time with my cousins, and I do not regret doing so, I am just going to miss seeing somebody very, VERY much.

I am off with them to Secunda today, and I reckon I will probably be back on Monday or Tuesday. It is really cool, I love being in Secunda and lazying around, killing time with Veronica and Jesse. It just made me realise though that I will be missing youth, as well as any other weekend activities on this side of the world. Meaning that I will not see Amber at all this weekend :( The last time I saw her was after my previous blog entry - last week Friday, when I realised that I'm nowhere near as over her as I thought I was. So this weekend is a miss on seeing her, but then, my cousins will probably be coming back with me to Jhb next week when I get back, and spend Monday/Tuesday until Sunday here with me. This means, I will probably miss youth AGAIN and thus, not even see Amber. Meh... This is depressing me just thinking about it. Why the hell can I just not get over her already??? I can think, "Wow, two weeks until I see Amber again." While she is probably thinking "hmmm, "

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I can even sit and think about how I'm slowly getting over her, then some random memory hits me, I see some picture of her, I see her, etc... and I realise just how NOT over her I am >_< *sigh* I don't know why, but I'm just starting to see certain themes surrounding my life at the moment. Why is it, that when a girl gets some dumb ass guy, they stick with them no matter what? They "love" them and will do anything for him. Yet, I think of myself as a decent guy, I looked after any girl I may have been in a relationship with. Sure, I'm far from perfect I know, but one thing I'm sure of is my heart. Amber was my 3rd girlfriend in my whole life, and yet, I can't get let her go. I know for a fact I love her, and our history together should be testimony enough for that. I have ALWAYS tried my best to be there for her through thick and thin. Yet, she seems to find it simple to let go of me. It actually makes me feel like crap =/ like, maybe I wasn't good enough for her if I'm that easy to let go. The thought scares me, because even apart from the issues that came about, or my stuff ups, I know I put my all and my everything into that relationship, all for a big fat nothing.

I see myself as a good guy, and some people don't understand why I don't just give up with her already. I'm not as verbal about her as I was before so I'm sure everybody must think I'm doing ok with my heart. In all honesty, I don't understand that myself. Even falling in love with her took me by surprise, because I never saw anything in her. Then it hit me in a day and I felt her in my heart. That was well over two years ago. If this was just some BS teenage hormonal and naive love, then I'm sure I would have been over her already by now -_- (I know I'm 21 and no longer teen :P but I was 19 when we started dating)

The reason I this whole emo blog came about was because I just saw a recent photo of her uploaded to FaceBook by somebody else. I should just stay off that damn site >_<>

Amber, I miss you. A lot... A Hell of a Lot. I wish you missed me too :( enough to say something to me or let me know.

Ok end sad writings here :) yay! I'll just put on a fresh plaster and hope it holds ^_^

Monday, September 21, 2009

Damn you Dream! Hey Wait, Cool Idea :D

This past weekend has definately been a random and confusing one emotional wise. It was still a good weekend nonetheless :) If you read my previous entry you would know that my feelings for Amber have sort of awakened again. 

On Saturday evening I planned on going to Q's house to finish the ever awesome Resident Evil 5. We knew we were on the last stage so it was just a matter of finishing the game. Shortly before I left Amber started talking to me on Facebook chat. She asked me to help her do some preparation for Childrens Church in the morning (which she is part of.) I don't know what exactly it involved but she asked me to build a castle for her O_o lol I was like "er... ok thats random." Anyways eventually I agreed to it, saying I could help her for an hour or two before I went to Q's place (which is like a 5 minute drive away.) She was then like "No I was just kidding, go have fun." I was a bit irritated I must admit, being asked to do something, then finally agreeing, knowing I'd get to spend some time with her no matter what she wanted me to help her with, only to have her casually say she was just kidding. 

Sunday, I spent the afternoon at a family lunch. Literally as I was pulling out of their driveway, Amber called me. I was a little hesitant to answer in front of my parents (who were with me in my car) because my mom can be quite enquiring at times and its a little annoying. On top of that, I had no idea what she wanted to talk about. So I answered, we did the whole hello how are you thing, and this is a rough version of the rest of the conversation:

Amber: Where are you?
Me: I was at family, on my way home now.
Amber: Oh...
Me: Why?
Amber: I was just wondering, I'm bored.
Me: Where are you?
Amber: Just finished at Greenstone with other people, they all going home now.
Me: Oh ok.
Amber: yeah remember you mentioning you were on leave, so thought you might be at Q's house or something. Wanted to come hang out. 
Me: Nope, was there last night.
Amber: Oh yeah.
Me: We could always go watch the late show at greenstone or something? I'm up to it?
Amber: Na it's ok, everybody here seems tired anyways and is gonna go home I think.
(In my head I was thinking just us two O_o but ok.... lol)
Me: Oh... ok
Amber: Yeah
Me: Well, have a good evening then.
Amber: You too.

That was just version, I know there was more random rambling inbetween but thats irrelevant. So night number 2, and a no go from her again O_o geez she is so confusing...

The only reason I wrote this blog was to share the dream I had last night. It made me wake up this morning super happy O_o it was weird... If I blogged AS I woke up I'm sure there would be more details or inbetween bits, but this is all I can remember (The relevent parts, not what happened before or after :P I don't remember anything else.) I seemed to be in a hall of sorts, it seemed VERY similar to my primary school hall. I don't know what exactly was happening, but I know there were quite a lot of people. Amber was there too. I just remember us talking, and then she said something that actually hurt and irritated the crap out of me (Dammit I cant remember what it was that she said O_O) I walked away in a huff, and she saw the instant change in my mood. She called out to me something like "Hey you know I was just kidding right? We're still good aren't we? We're still friends right?" I stopped and said something to her (Dammit! Cant remember what I said either :P) and then the tables turned, she was walking away from me hurt and pissed at me. I had retorted something to offend her too. I just remember that it was a reflex comment, and that I didn't actually mean it :O so she walked away from me, looking more hurt then pissed off. Man it made me feel like an ass >_<

I followed her, trying to get to her and apologise. She was busy weaving through the crowd far to fast for me though! Eventually I got to her, but she was being comforted by a friend of hers who was giving her a big hug. I stopped and approached them. Amber looked scared, not wanting her friend to leave, but her friend did back away as I got closer. I don't remember EXACTLY what I said, but I grabbed Amber and held her, saying something along the lines of, "Dammit Ambie, you know I love you to pieces! cant you just accept that?" The reaction I got from her was totally unexpected. She pulled away from me and looked at me through her teary eyes, smiling her ever beautiful smile. She then surprised me by leaning up to me and kissing me quickly :$ she realised what she did and she pulled away, but then she also realised that she wasn't sorry about what she did because she leaned forward again. I turned my face and pulled it away though, thinking something like "No I'm not going to let you kiss me then just forget about me again." She didn't let it discourage her, she forced me to kiss her and I accepted :O

I don't exactly remember the rest of the dream, but man... That just made me wake up in the best of moods ever! She has taken such a firm residence in my heart :O and it made me heart fly above the clouds in my dream. Its hard to explain the whole scene in words, but I have it in my head, and possibly Ill add it to my book one day, because I do plan on having my main character part of a love story later in the book :) I think it'd be a rad addition!

Last thing, This was the state of my FB status this morning:

Fig ... wow........... that was awesome :)
Amber: what what what? 
Fig: :)
Amber: sigh.... you never tell me anything :/

Obviously I was referring to my dream, but I'm not exactly going to tell her about it :P I just thought it funny that she says I never tell her anything, when lately, she doesn't let me onto much either ^_^ ok blogtime over - I know this was a random entry but get over it :P I'm on three weeks leave and have lots of time to kill :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess I Never Did Give Up?

Ah yes, the casual innocent looking blog with deeper ZOMG OH NOES backbone rears its head :) nothing wrong with that I say! The whole point of this blog is to jot down my feelings anyways.

So let me fill you in quick on a little place called my heart quick, seeing as I haven't really blogged TOO much about my feelings for the last few weeks. Amber and I hardly talk to each other these days. In fact, my rough count is estimated that we have been super distant for around 11 weeks now. Sure, I still see her at youth, but thats more like a "Hey how are you? K bye," kinda vibe.  The first few weeks irritated the crap out of me, because I really was not used to that at all. I mean, one second we are super close, and the next we only seem to be at a greetings only stage. As the weeks moved on, I guess I kinda got used to it, although that didn't mean I was ok with this bare friendship I had with her... It drove me insanse! I just learnt to deal with it. One thing that really grated me, was the fact that as the weeks went by, she even stopped saying bye to me. It was the worst, socialising with friends, and then seeing her walking out the door with bag slung over shoulder, without so much as a glance back to say bye. I could never bring myself to leave without saying bye to her, but I guess thats just in my nature.

So anyhoo we make our way to the whole reason that this blog came about. My feelings with Amber were slightly faded, or so I thought, and I was just casual to her eventually. Tonight at youth that all changed though, not really the friendship part, but the way my feelings are towards her. I still have no idea how she feels towards me.... Like, Am I the only side of this ship that feels what I do for her? Or are all her interactions to me just mutual and casual?

Amber painted me the most awesome painting for my birthday. It wasn't finished for my actual birthday on 26th May, and she tried giving it to me a few weeks ago but it wasn't signed so I asked her to do it for me. Tonight after the awesome preach at youth she went to get it from her car and gave it to me in front of a whole bunch of other people. I really wish she gave it to me alone because all I wanted to do is give her a proper hug (not stupid fail sideways super distant hug) and tell her how damn much it meant to me. I did manage to get a hug in and utter an "I really really love it Amber," but don't think she heard me. Maybe its a good thing there were other people, if alone I don't think I would be able to let go of her for an awkwardly long time. I looked at her painting and my feelings peaked. She painted this for me, she put the effort into this just for me! Sure she has painted other pieces for other people, but this was my 21st birthday present, and it meant the world to me! 

God's presence can be so random at youth! Even though the preach was over people were milling about being prayed for and praying for other people. Gruff called me to go pray for somebody and told me that he thinks God wants to release something through me. I layed my hands on Mikey, who really was having an emotional evening. The preach seemed to hit him dead centre of his heart. Others were already praying for him but when I prayed for him he squirmed and fell to the ground, filled with the presence of God. Its not the first time its happened to me before, but the fact that it happened as I touched him really blew me away! God was using me!!! I moved over to Bianca and prayed for her, with the same results. I joined others in praying for certain people but nothing else really special happened (Not that I'm going to go into detail with in this blog.) 

Eventually I was standing at the back just chatting to Herman. When Amber went to stand in the front and talk to some friends. They all suggested praying for her and they started. Herman said "God wants to rid Amber of her sadness," and that hit me. He walked away and I was just left staring at her. Amber has by no means had an easy life, but I knew she was doing a lot better then she once was. But, thinking of her as sad, it tore my heart open. I hadn't interacted with her on a personal level for weeks, I honestly didn't know if she was happy or sad. Sure she has a happy face on in front of other people, but I know from experience sometimes there is something deeper going on inside that people may miss.

I watched everybody praying for her, and from where I was I started praying too in my head. I started to cry, and I have no idea why. I just prayed and prayed and prayed, wishing I was there in the crowd praying over her, asking God to take away any pain she may have, or any sadness. Give her a reassurance that although she may be in a dry season now, The rains are coming. And God has his clouds aimed at her! I feel so connected to her in ways that I cannon explain. I love her so much, enough to cry just at the thought of her feeling any form of pain! How I wish I was a good source of happiness for her. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I noticed her hair, I knew she had been planning on growing it, but over the last 11 or so weeks I stopped taking notice. I cant believe, that she looks even more beautiful with long hair. It blows my mind because I don't get how somebody so beautiful could grow even more so! They stopped praying for her, and I didn't stop looking at her. Only when she sat down did I realise I must have looked like such a chop staring at her from the middle of nowhere :O but I dont think anybody noticed at all.

Youth ended, and after everybody had left, it was just Gruff, Amber and I. Before everybody had left I scruffed Ambers hair playfully from behind, something I always used to do to her. She grabbed my hands and spun around smiling. Something I totally didn't expect O_o My feelings peaked again, some blind hope was there. I let go hastily, and I think she did too, was probably just a casual reflex from her side so don't know why it made me feel the way I did. Anyways we were left, just us 3. Gruff was locking up, And Amber walked towards her car and climbed in, starting up the engine. "Great!" I thought, "The non goodbye routine again..." Gruff and I started walking towards out cars and Gruff even asked "Where is she going?" He waved at her in a goodbye fashion, but I guess she changed her mind and pulled up by Gruff's car which was closest. We decided on a food place and Gruff said he had to go get changed in his car quick (Youth leaders were dressed up smart, he wanted to be casual again) which left me outside Ambers window.

"You gonna come?" I asked... secretly being super hopeful that she was
"Only if you pay for me," She said smiling.
"Sure I don't mind."

*Muses new cd playing in the background*

She loves Muse, like a lot. So I knew she was kinda jealous when Gruff mentioned that he and I ordered the Cd/Dvd Combo which Amber didn't know about (she had just bought the CD alone)

"You know christmas is coming up hey?" She said looking up at me with hopeful eyes
"Yeah I do... but you already have the cd so its kind of a waste buying you the combo."

She sulked, sliding her lower lip out and folding it down. She is so mad, she has NO idea how cute it makes her look. It just makes me want to kiss her :$ Its mad, its just the way she does it, and the way her beautiful eyes look at you. Speaking of which, I missed her eyes, the reason I had falled in love with her in the first place. They are so breathtaking! Grrrr.... This damn beautiful woman is screwing with my heart indirectly with her awesomeness... 

Cut a long story short, We went to get food. I sat opposite her and she said and did a million more things that made me long for her, just  to be with her. Stupid feelings... I thought they were a faded history, there but not quite enough to dominate my thoughts. Now they are back and feel quite a bit stronger. On the bright side though, I really feel like I have more control over my heart, and at least I'm not feeling sad that I'm not with her. Its more of a longing, just to spend every second I can with her. Not to mention that tonight was probably the most time I've spent in her company for like weeks! 

The night ended and now I am at home, missing her so much. Damn you feelings, stop screwing around with me! I love that damn painting, hope I can find a great spot for it! My word Amber, I hope you and I are meant to be... My whole blog is titled "Never give up" because when I started it, I had that mindset, to never ever give up on the idea of us two being together. The idea faded ever so slightly, but its back! Guess I never really did give up.

Amber, I love you, too damn much! 

Link to painting - Art 

P.s if you didn't know it - i LOVE the moon :) Full moons are one of my favourite things in the world! Hence why she painted it.

Im convinced that the little space character she drew is based on her one profile picture back in the day - Space man 

Hence why I'm convincing myself that the painting is an indirect way of telling me she loves me :) 

Monday, September 14, 2009

How Does It Feel To Win?

Well hello there :) Its me again! And i'm here to tell you a little more about my existence on this earth :P 

So I haven't blogged for a little while, but i'll fill you in on the little bits that have happened in my life in the last little while. The weekend before last I spend Wednesday to Sunday working at the Pretoria show. I REALLY wasn't looking forward to it at all. the hours were something like 10am-9pm EVERY day (Including the sunday.) This is the part where I realise HEY! I mentioned this expo in my last blog :P Only the Wednesday though because I blogged that evening. So what happened from Thursday to Sunday? Not much really, all that happened was a few more hundred viewings of twilight (Still actually really like it :$ never got tired of watching the random snips of it as I walked past the projector.) Anyways, there was to be a Lan held on the Sunday. Games: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch and CounterStrike Source. I wouldn't have looked twice at the advertisement if it didn't mention "Win a pc valued at R15000". That caught my eye and I found out more about it. I had worked enough time at the expo to know that I could enter without really missing out on anything. Sure the place was quite lively on the weekends, but my promoter would be able to handle or forms of traffic in our stand while I was gaming. The entry fee was a mere R20, which made sceptical that there was a catch somewhere to this uber priced prize.

So as Sunday drew closer, I eventually entered. Throughout the week I had been chatting to the guy that was organising the Lan. Heck, I even spent some time during the week playing vs random people that were playing as they passed through the expo. Now, I have LITTLE experience playing Half-Life 2 Deathmatch (Known as hl2 for the rest of my blog ;D) but I'm glad I got to play a bit of it between Thursday and Sunday. It is unlike any other games deathmatch, where its a matter of run and shoot. You have control of a gravity gun which you can use to pick up objects and fling them at other people to kill them. On top of that you also get normal projectile weapons. So during the week, I managed to learn the maps a little better, learn where to go for armour and where to find what weapon. Every weapon has its use in all honesty, but some weapons kill a lot faster then others :P thus meaning a better score in less time. the other game was CounterStrike Source (Css from here on :P) I used to play Css online for about 2 years, most of which I spent playing competitively,  for a team, but then eventually leading my own team. So I really wasn't worried about that game.

So eventually Sunday came along and I entered the competition. I explained to my promoter that I didn't know how long I was going to be, but that it hopefully wouldn't be too long. the competetion started at 3pm. the organiser explained that there would be two 30 minute sessions. At the end of which, the top 8 gamers would play in a final. I guess that's what they had planned but it never went that way.

So the first gaming round started with hl2, with several different servers hosting an amount of people. My server was quite competetive and I had to fight for the top spot. Jumping between second and third too sometimes. I somehow came back, and eventually when the round ended, I had a lead of 20 frags. Now for those that don't know much about gaming, that's a pretty big margin to lead a game by. As part of this tournament they also took deaths into account. So you had to make sure you not only killed as many people as possible, but died as little as possible too. I was quite chuffed, I could totally win that pc! 

The next round started and we moved onto Css. Css is a team based game, so in my opinion it was a bit unfair to have in the competetion, unless you entered as a team or something. The teams were random and we played. Now if you are a really good player and end up on a bad team, there is very little you can do to make your score look good. Fortunately I ended up on a decent team, and I finished top again. I was really happy at this point, I hadn't really hit any other player that could challenge me. At this point I thought the final was to happen, but that wasn't true. They decided to drag the competition out a bit more and have a few more rounds. 

Eventually I started having some trouble keeping on top position. This made me stress a little as at the time I wasn't aware that they were going to take OVERALL score over all the rounds and not just the top players. Between the upcoming rounds I still managed to win a few, but placed second in a few and if I remember third in one (Last second kills kicked me out of second place in hl2). There was one player playng css that really gave ne a hard time! I won't forget the one round which I thought had me kicked out. I had ended up on a really bad Css team (or the other team was just SO much better) and I just couldn't get any kills. Most rounds went something like this. My whole team died, and it was me vs 3 to 6 guys by myself. VERY difficult to get any form of score when you are outgunned like that. By the end of that round he had 24 kills for 2 deaths. I was sitting on something like 16 kills for 9 deaths. To put that in perspective for you, they work out a kill death ratio, called Kpd. His kpd was sitting at 12 after that round and mine was at 1.8. A gap of 10.2 O_O which is huge considering most kpd sits between 0.5 and like 2 or 3. (the highest I got I think was about 5 during one round). Fortunately he could not touch me in Hl2, and he even got lippy when they decided that Hl2 would be the last rounds game. So much so that even during the final, he got up to go and complain to the organiser (who was standing right in front of me). The headphones were loud, but not loud enough to block out what they were saying. I was certain I had won then, not sure, but certain (If that even makes sense). Surely I had performed the most consistently throughout? I was still playing when the organiser took the mic and announced me as the winner. I was so shocked though, because I thought we were busy playing the final. Guess it didn't really matter then :) I WON!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have yet to receive the pc, they organiser told me about a month tops (yeah I know... LONG WAIT!) but he said the suppliers were still going to build it, and they took their time all the time. all I know about it is that it will have Windows 7 and a new Intel i7 processor :D Cant wait! Still don't know exactly what I'm going to do with it, but still :) 

Anyhoo... thats all for today :) If you do by chance have an interest in the current book I'm writing, Im nearly done with Chapter 1 :D So amped to write the rest! I think its going to be exciting. Only time will tell!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who Do You Trust?

I'm finally home, able to relax a little. I had a long, hard gyming session on Monday where I did a lot of leg work. Yesterday (Tuesday), I played indoor soccer too. So I woke up this morning feeling utterly stiff! Worst yet though - I was working at an expo all day today, which in essence meant I would be walking or standing all day long.

So I drove to the expo, only to find that I had no damn way of getting in to get my Exhibitor pass, not unless I paid the parking and entrance fee, which was a total of R55. Thats all fine and all, I would be reimbursed the value at a later stage. It kind of sucked realising that I had no money on me though. So it was off to find an atm, and I had already scrounged up enough change to pay the parking fee and I parked my car. So my car was to stay and I, was to walk around town to find an atm. Being in a town I didn't know at all, I was optimistic as I began my long, strenuous journey *Cue lord of the rings music here.* I walked a total of about 2km to find an atm, and another 2km back. Great start to a day :D walking my ass off because somebody forgot to organise me a Exhibitors pass and parking, not to mention that I couldn't call my contact lady on the inside because above mentioned incompetent person didn't send me her number.

So i finally made my way in, and took in the scenes of what would be my dungeon of a work environment for the next few days until Sunday. Ok, it wasn't that bad, more boring then bad work enviroment. Whoevers idea it was to have a computer expo, at a show where the main attractions are carnival rides and small style stalls, should be shot. The expo floor is QUIET as heck, not surprisingly though. Who in their right mind goes to a show for rides and food and expect to fork out R20k for a laptop??? Ok some people do :P but thats besides the point :) anyways onwards with the point of this blog!

On my stand we were selling various items. My key products though are printers and projectors. I saw what movie we were playing on our projector... Twilight. "Oh joy" I thought to myself in my head. "Im gonna have to watch this for 5 days straight?!?!" haha :) The expo was so quiet though, that I actually did get to watch most of the movie, over all 3 times it looped (before some lady came demanding a movie swap, because she was bored of hers -_-) Although, yes the book is so much better then the movie was, I still think the movie is cool in its own way. The acting could have been better, but the message gets across perfectly fine. I have just finished the last book in the series, so it was quite intriguing to watch the first movie, where it all began in a sense. I really found myself wanting to read the series again from the beginning. Not only that, but I felt kind of jealous of Edward and Bella :x How girly am I?!?! :P haha... I mean jealous in a way that, they are realising feelings for each other, and you see how it grows throughout the movie. One of the most awesome feelings in the world is being in love, not bearing to be apart from the one you want to be with. Worrying about their safety, no matter how little danger there may be. Always being there for them when they need you. I so totally miss that feeling, not that its completely absent, but I have no girlfriend to Love and worry about. 

I did watch most of the movie back in the day with Amber. She had literally read the entire first book in one day (she stayed up all night) and that evening we went to see the movie. The book was so fresh in her head that she immediately picked up on things they left out of the book or changed. It really annoyed her and she couldn't bear to sit through until the end of the movie. So we ended up leaving towards the end. When I watched the movie today, (beware, plot spoiler ensues... continue at next paragraph if you do not wish to know what happens :D) I saw the fight between Edward and James for the first time. I really thought it was an awesome scene! having read through all the books and knowing the characters a lot more then one can tell from the first book, I was consumed by glee whenever Edward beat the crap out of James. Then there was the part where Edward had to suck James' poison out of Bella's blood stream, a very difficult task considering that Edward may not be able to stop himself from sucking her blood. Obviously, in order for her to live he has no other choice, and through his love for her, is able to stop sucking so that she does not die. 

I really don't know why I am writing all of this. I just felt so inspired to write my book after seeing this movie. I so badly want to paint a picture like that, that my readers can get attached to and feel emotions for my characters. I wish to create a world that my readers can easily get sucked into and get lost in, and enjoy every second of it! I think i'm also just so smitten with couples and love these days I guess. Instead of the "Oh gosh bring me a vomit bag" thoughts one might normally have for a couple showing love for each other, instead I just feel a happiness for them :) They are experiencing feelings for each other so who am I to judge? Not to mention the fact that people I know are getting engaged and married left right and centre O_o definitely a season of love and bonding :O I really cant wait to get married one day. I just want to love my bride forever and ever! My heart just has all this capacity for it, yet Im still young... but i take comfort knowing that my heart cannot shrink, it can only grow :)

The title for this blog? Who knows :) Im so bad at deciding titles! I was listening to Cassette and this was the title of the song that just happened to be playing at the time. So er... I guess I should link this somehow to my blog :P Who do you trust? There is only one person to trust in, or being rather. God, I trust in you. I know you have a plan for my life, and for everything that happens. So, here's to trust and faith. Please God may I never give up on you and on myself! 

Yes ok I know that was random :) When I started this blog I had some idea as to how to connect the title to the blog but I forgot :P Im uberly and utterly tired now, and tomorrow is another work day at the expo. So goodnight cruel world :P <3

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