Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who Do You Trust?

I'm finally home, able to relax a little. I had a long, hard gyming session on Monday where I did a lot of leg work. Yesterday (Tuesday), I played indoor soccer too. So I woke up this morning feeling utterly stiff! Worst yet though - I was working at an expo all day today, which in essence meant I would be walking or standing all day long.

So I drove to the expo, only to find that I had no damn way of getting in to get my Exhibitor pass, not unless I paid the parking and entrance fee, which was a total of R55. Thats all fine and all, I would be reimbursed the value at a later stage. It kind of sucked realising that I had no money on me though. So it was off to find an atm, and I had already scrounged up enough change to pay the parking fee and I parked my car. So my car was to stay and I, was to walk around town to find an atm. Being in a town I didn't know at all, I was optimistic as I began my long, strenuous journey *Cue lord of the rings music here.* I walked a total of about 2km to find an atm, and another 2km back. Great start to a day :D walking my ass off because somebody forgot to organise me a Exhibitors pass and parking, not to mention that I couldn't call my contact lady on the inside because above mentioned incompetent person didn't send me her number.

So i finally made my way in, and took in the scenes of what would be my dungeon of a work environment for the next few days until Sunday. Ok, it wasn't that bad, more boring then bad work enviroment. Whoevers idea it was to have a computer expo, at a show where the main attractions are carnival rides and small style stalls, should be shot. The expo floor is QUIET as heck, not surprisingly though. Who in their right mind goes to a show for rides and food and expect to fork out R20k for a laptop??? Ok some people do :P but thats besides the point :) anyways onwards with the point of this blog!

On my stand we were selling various items. My key products though are printers and projectors. I saw what movie we were playing on our projector... Twilight. "Oh joy" I thought to myself in my head. "Im gonna have to watch this for 5 days straight?!?!" haha :) The expo was so quiet though, that I actually did get to watch most of the movie, over all 3 times it looped (before some lady came demanding a movie swap, because she was bored of hers -_-) Although, yes the book is so much better then the movie was, I still think the movie is cool in its own way. The acting could have been better, but the message gets across perfectly fine. I have just finished the last book in the series, so it was quite intriguing to watch the first movie, where it all began in a sense. I really found myself wanting to read the series again from the beginning. Not only that, but I felt kind of jealous of Edward and Bella :x How girly am I?!?! :P haha... I mean jealous in a way that, they are realising feelings for each other, and you see how it grows throughout the movie. One of the most awesome feelings in the world is being in love, not bearing to be apart from the one you want to be with. Worrying about their safety, no matter how little danger there may be. Always being there for them when they need you. I so totally miss that feeling, not that its completely absent, but I have no girlfriend to Love and worry about. 

I did watch most of the movie back in the day with Amber. She had literally read the entire first book in one day (she stayed up all night) and that evening we went to see the movie. The book was so fresh in her head that she immediately picked up on things they left out of the book or changed. It really annoyed her and she couldn't bear to sit through until the end of the movie. So we ended up leaving towards the end. When I watched the movie today, (beware, plot spoiler ensues... continue at next paragraph if you do not wish to know what happens :D) I saw the fight between Edward and James for the first time. I really thought it was an awesome scene! having read through all the books and knowing the characters a lot more then one can tell from the first book, I was consumed by glee whenever Edward beat the crap out of James. Then there was the part where Edward had to suck James' poison out of Bella's blood stream, a very difficult task considering that Edward may not be able to stop himself from sucking her blood. Obviously, in order for her to live he has no other choice, and through his love for her, is able to stop sucking so that she does not die. 

I really don't know why I am writing all of this. I just felt so inspired to write my book after seeing this movie. I so badly want to paint a picture like that, that my readers can get attached to and feel emotions for my characters. I wish to create a world that my readers can easily get sucked into and get lost in, and enjoy every second of it! I think i'm also just so smitten with couples and love these days I guess. Instead of the "Oh gosh bring me a vomit bag" thoughts one might normally have for a couple showing love for each other, instead I just feel a happiness for them :) They are experiencing feelings for each other so who am I to judge? Not to mention the fact that people I know are getting engaged and married left right and centre O_o definitely a season of love and bonding :O I really cant wait to get married one day. I just want to love my bride forever and ever! My heart just has all this capacity for it, yet Im still young... but i take comfort knowing that my heart cannot shrink, it can only grow :)

The title for this blog? Who knows :) Im so bad at deciding titles! I was listening to Cassette and this was the title of the song that just happened to be playing at the time. So er... I guess I should link this somehow to my blog :P Who do you trust? There is only one person to trust in, or being rather. God, I trust in you. I know you have a plan for my life, and for everything that happens. So, here's to trust and faith. Please God may I never give up on you and on myself! 

Yes ok I know that was random :) When I started this blog I had some idea as to how to connect the title to the blog but I forgot :P Im uberly and utterly tired now, and tomorrow is another work day at the expo. So goodnight cruel world :P <3


  1. Hey figgy mate! Glad you decided to update your blog :) Know what you mean about the "love" thing, especially worrying about their safety and feeling happy for a couple, even though the girl is the one you're in love with.. Regardless mate, nice ending :) speaking of which, I simply have to come to your youth. No exceptions!

  2. Haha :D Dude im so not used to having comments :P I was browsing through my blog now and saw comment so was like WTF! :O haha thanks for reading :) really appreciate it! Thanks for the comment :) and yes I agree, you must come ;) you will not regret it :)


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