Monday, September 14, 2009

How Does It Feel To Win?

Well hello there :) Its me again! And i'm here to tell you a little more about my existence on this earth :P 

So I haven't blogged for a little while, but i'll fill you in on the little bits that have happened in my life in the last little while. The weekend before last I spend Wednesday to Sunday working at the Pretoria show. I REALLY wasn't looking forward to it at all. the hours were something like 10am-9pm EVERY day (Including the sunday.) This is the part where I realise HEY! I mentioned this expo in my last blog :P Only the Wednesday though because I blogged that evening. So what happened from Thursday to Sunday? Not much really, all that happened was a few more hundred viewings of twilight (Still actually really like it :$ never got tired of watching the random snips of it as I walked past the projector.) Anyways, there was to be a Lan held on the Sunday. Games: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch and CounterStrike Source. I wouldn't have looked twice at the advertisement if it didn't mention "Win a pc valued at R15000". That caught my eye and I found out more about it. I had worked enough time at the expo to know that I could enter without really missing out on anything. Sure the place was quite lively on the weekends, but my promoter would be able to handle or forms of traffic in our stand while I was gaming. The entry fee was a mere R20, which made sceptical that there was a catch somewhere to this uber priced prize.

So as Sunday drew closer, I eventually entered. Throughout the week I had been chatting to the guy that was organising the Lan. Heck, I even spent some time during the week playing vs random people that were playing as they passed through the expo. Now, I have LITTLE experience playing Half-Life 2 Deathmatch (Known as hl2 for the rest of my blog ;D) but I'm glad I got to play a bit of it between Thursday and Sunday. It is unlike any other games deathmatch, where its a matter of run and shoot. You have control of a gravity gun which you can use to pick up objects and fling them at other people to kill them. On top of that you also get normal projectile weapons. So during the week, I managed to learn the maps a little better, learn where to go for armour and where to find what weapon. Every weapon has its use in all honesty, but some weapons kill a lot faster then others :P thus meaning a better score in less time. the other game was CounterStrike Source (Css from here on :P) I used to play Css online for about 2 years, most of which I spent playing competitively,  for a team, but then eventually leading my own team. So I really wasn't worried about that game.

So eventually Sunday came along and I entered the competition. I explained to my promoter that I didn't know how long I was going to be, but that it hopefully wouldn't be too long. the competetion started at 3pm. the organiser explained that there would be two 30 minute sessions. At the end of which, the top 8 gamers would play in a final. I guess that's what they had planned but it never went that way.

So the first gaming round started with hl2, with several different servers hosting an amount of people. My server was quite competetive and I had to fight for the top spot. Jumping between second and third too sometimes. I somehow came back, and eventually when the round ended, I had a lead of 20 frags. Now for those that don't know much about gaming, that's a pretty big margin to lead a game by. As part of this tournament they also took deaths into account. So you had to make sure you not only killed as many people as possible, but died as little as possible too. I was quite chuffed, I could totally win that pc! 

The next round started and we moved onto Css. Css is a team based game, so in my opinion it was a bit unfair to have in the competetion, unless you entered as a team or something. The teams were random and we played. Now if you are a really good player and end up on a bad team, there is very little you can do to make your score look good. Fortunately I ended up on a decent team, and I finished top again. I was really happy at this point, I hadn't really hit any other player that could challenge me. At this point I thought the final was to happen, but that wasn't true. They decided to drag the competition out a bit more and have a few more rounds. 

Eventually I started having some trouble keeping on top position. This made me stress a little as at the time I wasn't aware that they were going to take OVERALL score over all the rounds and not just the top players. Between the upcoming rounds I still managed to win a few, but placed second in a few and if I remember third in one (Last second kills kicked me out of second place in hl2). There was one player playng css that really gave ne a hard time! I won't forget the one round which I thought had me kicked out. I had ended up on a really bad Css team (or the other team was just SO much better) and I just couldn't get any kills. Most rounds went something like this. My whole team died, and it was me vs 3 to 6 guys by myself. VERY difficult to get any form of score when you are outgunned like that. By the end of that round he had 24 kills for 2 deaths. I was sitting on something like 16 kills for 9 deaths. To put that in perspective for you, they work out a kill death ratio, called Kpd. His kpd was sitting at 12 after that round and mine was at 1.8. A gap of 10.2 O_O which is huge considering most kpd sits between 0.5 and like 2 or 3. (the highest I got I think was about 5 during one round). Fortunately he could not touch me in Hl2, and he even got lippy when they decided that Hl2 would be the last rounds game. So much so that even during the final, he got up to go and complain to the organiser (who was standing right in front of me). The headphones were loud, but not loud enough to block out what they were saying. I was certain I had won then, not sure, but certain (If that even makes sense). Surely I had performed the most consistently throughout? I was still playing when the organiser took the mic and announced me as the winner. I was so shocked though, because I thought we were busy playing the final. Guess it didn't really matter then :) I WON!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have yet to receive the pc, they organiser told me about a month tops (yeah I know... LONG WAIT!) but he said the suppliers were still going to build it, and they took their time all the time. all I know about it is that it will have Windows 7 and a new Intel i7 processor :D Cant wait! Still don't know exactly what I'm going to do with it, but still :) 

Anyhoo... thats all for today :) If you do by chance have an interest in the current book I'm writing, Im nearly done with Chapter 1 :D So amped to write the rest! I think its going to be exciting. Only time will tell!


  1. OMG dude don't let anyone ever tell you gaming won't get you anywhere in the world. I'm so proud of you I can literally start crying!!! That is just so, so, so awesome dude srsly. Hi-Five Mr. Uber-Gamer man!!! =D

  2. haha thanks dude ^_^ havent gotten it yet but cant wait :D


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