Sunday, November 28, 2010

3mm Can Save You Hours!


The weather here has been rather odd lately, but in a really cool way. There is something about the unknown that is rather cool in my opinion (in certain situations.) Like this morning it was super hot and sunny when I gazed through my bleary eyelids. I rolled over and slept in a bit more. Before I know it I'm being woken up by water in my face. Naturally I'm like "WTF WATER GERROF ME!" thinking maybe my brother was being an unusual pest for some reason. Looking through my still bleary eyes, I see that it is POURING outside, like seriously bad. On top of that, it was so windy, that rain drops were flying right through my window (at least 1.5m away from my bed) and into my face. Crazy stuff! It then cleared and the sun made some guest appearances throughout the rest of the day.

I spend a good few hours yesterday trying to sort out a gate at the back of our house. I often park outside in the front yard of our house because the gate at the back requires that you get out and push it open. It gets annoying after a while, and I'm lazy like that. I suggested many moons ago to my dad that we motorize the damn thing one day. Last weekend we did :D unfortunately we didn't get the motor down in concrete so I had to wait for that to be done.

It got done sometime during the week, so I took the free time I had yesterday to try get the gate set up and what not. The gate basically has to do a once of setting check to know how far it must travel both ways. For some odd reason, that kept failing all the time and it refused to pick up the end stops. After much googling, manual reading and general light swearing, I gave up. I honestly was at it for a good few hours with no results, and the best idea I had as to what the problem was, was merely a suspicion.

Today I got my brother to help me out and I told him what my suspicion was. The little magnet on the gate wasn't being picked up by the sensor on the motor. Basically the magnet sits on the railing of the gate and the sensor picks it up when it travels past. I couldn't see how that was the real problem though as they were so close together already. We decided to move the magnet like not even 3mm closer to the sensor, and it WORKED O_O damn... all that time wasted yesterday for a mere 3mm >_< on the bright side the gate is working now, and I don't need to get out of my car to open it.

Yesterday, Gruff, Robs, Faye and I went to watch Lonehill Estate live in the 5fm studio on live @ 5. They are truly my favourite South African band as not only do they play great music, they are amazing entertainers without their instruments. The lead singer had the crowd in stitches with his stage antics and his comments during the interview. I would so love them to play at like a random event such as a wedding. They would keep that crowd entertained forever while providing great covers of some well known tunes. I couldn't help imagining them playing at my wedding one day. Better make sure the woman I marry is as big a fan as I am :P

I had another weird Amber dream last night. Was actually thinking about it last week sometime how I haven't dreamt about her for AGES. Like I have had some random dreams, but very little involving her. All I can remember from last night, is that I was giving her a piggy back (don't know why, where to, or for what reason) and she was leaning on my shoulder or something while I carried her. She then leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. Thats all I remember :S haha. If I can remember anything else, its maybe the fact that I got annoyed with her, but I really don't remember.

Well thats all for now ^_^ kthxbye!

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