Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Day, I'll Have a Techno Band, and You're Gonna Be In It!

It's true! YOU SHALL BE IN IT! I have decided that for reasons unknown to me, that my favourite local band must be Lonehill Estate! They just have a randomness and awesomeness about their music and random lyrics that bring a smile to my face. Their latest single, Techno Band, is extremely catchy and I can't seem to get it out of my head. I was at a gig of their's last year and they did a cover of Hey Ya by Outkast which totally rocked! I wrote on their FB fanpage today, requesting the song and they told me that if I inform them about their next gig I will be attending, that they will pull it out of the hat for me as they have no studio recording of it. They are just awesome like that :)

If you want to give them a listen, or even just listen to Techno Band, go to:
The song is second on the playlist. You won't regret it ;)

I gave UJ a call yesterday and SURPRISE SURPRISE! My application is apparently in the selection process. *Gulp* my stress level doubled at that news as I am now closer to the make or break stage :x Will I study next year? Will I be stuck with my annoyingly cool job but annoying boss? Will I just do nothing, go to the beach and become a bum? TUNE IN SOON TO FIND OUT! As soon as I know, trust me, you will know!

Random but on my mind nonetheless, have you ever stopped and wondered constantly about what you are thinking about? I did a long drive for work today and it surprised me when I got home, that I couldn't really remember what I spent the whole drive home thinking about, yet I know that when I was driving home I wasn't NOT thinking. Don't know if that makes sense, was just wondering about it now. My brain often seems to be in its own fuzzy state and I don't know if I really think about anything "In depth". It worries me somewhat... If I am so absent minded, how will I deal with studying next year? I could study study study study, just to forget what I learnt. Lame worry I know, but still something for me to think about :P

On the flipside, I sure am glad to be in a writing frame of mine again, seeing as I didn't really do much over the last few weeks. Hope you guys don't mind :) (if anybody still actually reads this :P)

P.s sorry for all the smiley emoticons... it just helps me explain myself a lot better!


  1. Been looking for that song name :P thanks xD

  2. Any idea where I can fine a score/sheet music for the song?

  3. Any idea where I can fine a score/sheet music for the song?


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