Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coffee Frosti *Nom nom nom*

I just ate/drank that :) *nom nom nom* Lulu's for the win! Awesome older sister for being super awesome all the time even more for the win!

Ah man, lately I have taken to reading some of my older blogs and realising just how insanely fast this year has gone by! Like, I am not even joking. Maybe its the fact that reading about stuff that happened many months ago makes the memory seem so clear in my head and it just feels like it was yesterday? It's insanely strange! I would so love to have my blog printed out, bound, and ready to read. It would be for my eyes only of course :P I just know I moan a lot about Amber and other random things, but inbetween, there really are some interesting things I totally forgot about.

I really do have this weird affinity with the moon, and due to my constant monthly facebook updates of like: "Awww purdy moon <3" as an example,this has informed people over and over again how obsessive I am :P my sister even sms'd me tonight to inform me that I should go take a look at the full moon. I do not have a passion for photography enough to get a super amazing camera, but flip I wish I had a camera that did moon pictures justice! This was the best I could get with my phone.

It does not do any justice AT ALL! The moon was covered in clouds and very prominent... IMAGINE IT! :)

It is literally like 4 work weeks left till my office closes. UJ better get back to me ASAP else I will have to continue working next year :o( *vomit* otherwise I can only pray that God will open up other doors for me. I know I procrastinated lots this year about writing, which I didn't get around to much at all, but by the George Foreman Big Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine, I WILL! Or so I hope!

I really need to learn to get to bed earlier. Sometimes I just stay up forever only to have my eyeballs die the next day O_O

OOOOH! And I know my blog theme is a little wtf at the moment ^_^ but I was changing it, got indecisive, and gave up for now :P So will fix it eventually!

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