Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shin Guards Are Lame

In all honestly I am too pooped to write, but I am forcing this out of me quickly, because I need to get into this habit again.

My new position at my company, if all goes well, should be starting on the first of next month :D new position with way better perks over cons, not to mention a nice raise, really really appeals to me, at least until I study next year in which case I can return to being a poor student with no money. Dang thats going to be a tough adjustment.

I hope I never have to eat my own words... but something has changed in Amber. She is starting to really act like she cares for me with small actions that I am not used to from her so frequently. Usually I just take it as "She's in one of those moods where she wants to show affection" but instead those moods seem to be quite frequent now. It always comes as a surprise to me when we are driving around together, and she puts her hand on my leg and lets me put fingers between hers. The other day she was at my house and as soon as I dropped her off back home she sms'd me apologizing for her off mood. I was like huh? Because I could not detect any sort of off mood from her at all O_o normally if she was in an off mood she wouldn't say anything and just leave it be. For the first time ever, purely out of coincidence, she ended up sitting for dinner at my house with me, cousins and my parents. I was so nervous, expecting it to be tense and awkward, especially seeing as on this day of ALL my moms awesome cooked meals, she chose to make Vegetable soup -_- I was like *sigh* of all the things to offer Amber on her first proper close family sit down dinner. Amber had soup and she said it was honestly really nice. She amazes me O_O I am not saying she is bad mannered in any form, but she's just been really really REALLY outstanding in the way she has been acting lately. It's something that I hope remains regular, but if not I will not feel any differently about her. I just hope I never have to eat my words.

I played soccer today and my knee hurts like crap. Shin pads are not required it seems, knee kicking is the new thing. Knee guards are first on my to buy list when I go shopping.



  1. Toine pulled me to the side today and said "I'm very unhappy with myself." Very strange. I told her to either change what makes her unhappy or remove it from her life. She was uber nice with me after that.
    Moral of the story?
    Chicks are confusing as bromoxynil.

    Stay optimistically cautious at best. Be wary, Fig. Don't make assumptions like last time. Optimistically cautious = best way.

  2. Yeah females.... libraries filled of literature that males can never understand :P yeah ill be cautious :) thanks!

  3. hiya - long time no read!!! things have been busy here, but it is good to catch up with you.

    Sounds like things are going well, but I agree with the WOS - be careful! oh - and it isn't just the female of the species who are complicated and confusing - you blokes can be just as bad!!!!
    well done on the promotion - just don't let the extra income take you away from going back to college - English Lit is a fabulous subject (but I am slightly bias) and journalism would suit you from what I have read so far!


  4. I am always careful :P well at least I try to be.

    and thanks for the nice words of encouragement :) means a lot to me!


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