Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Too Lazy To Think Up A Title

Something seems to be wrong with me as of late. I don't know if it has to do with me just being pure lazy or honestly not having anything to write. Perhaps it is this weather and I just don't find the energy to get around to writing. All I know is that I really have been slacking lately, which isn't good.

I find myself getting increasingly agitated with work, as I just want my new postion to open up so I can get started. I finally have a bit more of a time frame in which it will be happening. Next week we have somebody who will be taking over my current job, I will be training them next week. The week therafter will be when I start my new position. I still don't ENTIRELY know what or how it will work, but the change will do me good.

At the end of the day, I don't plan on working next year, so whether this job is crappy or not, I still know that I really don't want to be part of my company that much longer. I have indirectly decided on journalism in my head, but that may change if something else catches my eye. All I need to do now is decide where to do it. There are the two universities which I know are awesome, but I think I would really love to study at a college. I have been to varsity and it was really nice, but I know I can easily get lazy because no lecturer really pays attention to your progress. But *sigh* I need to stop being lazy... seriously.

I have articles to write, ideas I want on paper, 3 books to work on, and yet... nothing O_o I don't really know if its me being incapable of writing, or me just being lazy.

Ah well at the end of the day, its nearly weekend :) I miss my parents, I won't lie. I hope they are having an awesome time!

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  1. yeah, I got the same. It's like when I see my "Book" icon on my desktop my hand skirts around the edges, avoiding just in case I open it to start writing. D: Not cool!!
    Journalism seems fun man, If you really like writing it would be a good career choice


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