Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Surprised Every Time!

I can't believe its Sunday already. I hate how the week can simply take forever to drag on, but as soon as its weekend its like FWOOP and before you know it, it's nearly over! I suppose that the week does consist of 5 days and the weekend only consists of 2, so its no use complaining of how its illogical that the weekend is so short :P

My parents are now away for three weeks. They have done it for the last few years now, but this year I don't know... something is different. Surprisingly, from the day they left, I have really been missing them. Like obviously I would miss them, but as soon as I got back from being out on the evening they left, the house just felt so empty. It was weird! I can't quite place my finger on it, but maybe its just me finally appreciating them a little bit, which should change to appreciating them a lot.

On friday after youth, Cassidee (a friend of mine) was teasing me and telling me how she wanted me to be incorporated into her family, so I should marry one of her cousins. I was like no... your brother could just marry one of my cousins and we could indirectly be family. She kept teasing and insisting, and I was like NO :P anyways the next day I went to church in the evening with Gruff. As we were leaving, I was walking out with Amber and Dave. Amber had not been at youth the night before. As we neared the exit I said by to Cass, and she waved and said "remember that the offer still stands!" I laughed and told her "no I'm still not going to marry one of your cousins!" Amber asked me what she meant by marrying her cousins and why? I told her that she wants me to marry a cousin of hers so we could be family. Amber surprised me by looking sad and drooping her lower lip, Dave was commenting about it and looking the other way. Then out of nowhere Amber put her arm through mine and squeezed me, whispering that I am only allowed to marry her one day, or something along those lines, I can't remember her exact words. It just made me smile because, we all know Amber confuses a lot, but to say something like that was just an unexpected and pleasant surprise to me. I don't know if it sounds lame, but I don't care :P you're not me.

One more week until the end of the month.... eeeek!

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  1. "My parents are now away for three weeks."

    Epic house parties should follow.

    Also, :O Warning lights!!!!!!!!!!! And it's not lame dude, it is always nice hearing that from someone you like ;D


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