Thursday, July 22, 2010

All By Myself :O

10 days since my last blog. Not the greatest start to this whole "getting into my blog again thing" but hey I'm trying.

My parents are going away tomorrow for the next three weeks to Madeira. They will be spending some time in Portugal, but mostly in Madeira. I'm glad they have made it into a yearly thing of theirs, because they really do deserve a yearly break because they work super hard the rest of the year through.

This in turn means that they will not be home which is pretty cool. Not that I am not going to miss them, but the time away from them is also pretty cool. This means some added chores to me but thats not the end of the world. My sister always looks after me and my brother so well when they are away anyways, so I'm looking forward to the break time from them as I'm sure they are looking forward to the break time from us :P

I'm awaiting the first of next month to see if this promotion is for real or not. I have this nasty feeling that its going to fall through, but I guess I will just have to wait and see.

I am going out with Gruff and amber tonight to an exhibition of work from their college. the work consists mainly of second and third years apparently. Quite keen so see what they have done :)



  1. Hiya - not long to go before next month! I hope it goes your way.
    And good luck to your sister!


  2. Haha Juicy :P me and my bro are easy to look after!


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