Friday, August 20, 2010

The Ticker is Running out of Ticks :O


I know I have been super scarce, more scarce then Unobtanium to the humans in Avatar, but it's ok I'm sure you didn't miss me much :)

I won't deny being super lazy as of late, I just think about writing and I'm like na... not right now. Not because I hate it, more just because I don't feel like it right now at this second. But then I wake up every morning realising how much I dislike my job and how much I want to get out of there and I realise that maybe it's time to stop being lazy and time to start thinking about my career and my future. This leads me to writing of course, because I will do that next year. I have given up on trying to find a creative writing degree or course, I will just have to settle for journalism and hope that it is everything I have hoped for. I can always go to WITS or UJ (two universities here in Johannesburg) but I have been checking out the communication degree at Boston City Campus which is a college nearby. My brother studied there and thats all I know about the place. At the end of the day though I think I need to apply to UJ. I need to be super focused, because if I stuff that up, then where the hell am I going with my life? You don't need a degree to be an author, but I'm pretty sure that having some kind of theory and link to the writing for a living community will greatly aid me. I have until the end of September to enroll. Time, she is running short.

Not that you would know, but my parents were away for the past 3.5 weeks and got back two days ago. Generally I miss them when they are away (this is a now annual thing, them travelling to family overseas) but this year I don't know... It just felt different. One evening I was sitting here in the study and I just realized how empty the house feels without them, and it made me think of them dying one day, it wasn't pleasant O_o my parents aren't allowed to die, I need them... I don't like this feeling of an empty house.

As you may have remembered I mentioned in March or so how Amber seems to go through a cycle with me, where sometimes we are all close and others she feels scarce. I know she is mostly scarce due to college, but my predictions were right, and she is scarce -_- bleh.


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  1. guess who's back! Glad to see it Figgeh! Ironically your previous post had the word "Lazy" in it.


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