Friday, August 27, 2010

LOL @ Bernard and Johnson

AH! Its after 1am here by me. I am sitting at a pool table, busy typing on my teeny weeny laptop. I'm currently at Gruff's house if you are wondering. He and Hanru (one of his friends from college) are busy doing work here, and I decided to come join them and keep them company. In doing so, I couldn't exactly sit and twiddle my thumbs, so I decided to get some work of my own done.

There is a youth camp coming up in September over a long weekend. The youth camp I went to at the beginning of the year, made a really cool video explaining all the rules of the camp to follow. That was a huge youth camp consisting of lots of youths combined. This camp coming up is solely for our youth. We have decided to do a fun video too, explaining all the rules and such. At the recent youth meeting, I volunteered to write the script for it. Robs, a friend of mine is currently at AFDA (a film college) in her third year, and she gave me some material to help me write a proper script. It all seemed confusing at first, and after 4 failed attempts at a decent opening scene, I finally found something that works with me. It has some comedy, while hinting at the rules of the camp without being IN YOUR FACE. I am far from finished, but it feels good to finally be thinking creatively again and getting something out of my system in terms of writing. Perhaps I will put up the script and video up here when it is done and finalised (and also if I like my final script :P).

At the moment I am deciding on UJ or WITS to study next year. Decisions out of high school or scary... but at the age of 22, life decisions are still scary O_O

I am so keen to carry on writing my books... and so many other things. If only I had the motivation and non laziness -_- lets hope this is the start of that.

I haven't read a book for months, but recently I got a new phone with the Android operating system on it. I found me an e-reader and I can download any book I can think of. I have already finished a book this week and don't plan to stop. Its just so convenient to read on your phone, anywherem anytime, without having to lug a physical book around with you. So lets hope this reading will stir my creative juices too.

Thats all for now, nothing about Amber at the moment :P kthxbye

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