Friday, December 31, 2010

And The Book Closes Once More

Cheerio 2010 :) I can't say that I will sorely miss you unfortunately, bar the World Cup and other events that occurred throughout which made me smile or happy. Other then that, this year was nothing spectacular.

There really isn't much to write home about what I achieved this year, it honestly just flew by too quickly. I never reached my 100 blogs for 2010 goal (I don't think, still need to check how many posts I had in my other blog.) I'm really looking forward to reading all the way from April 2009 when I first started this thing, right on through to today. Hopefully I will be able to see that I have grown or made some kind of progress, but other then that I can honestly laugh or feel sad about whatever I read from the past. Laugh at the mistakes or random crap I have written, being sad where I see I could have done better or just improved. Nonetheless, I am trying to figure out how to put it all into a nifty little "e-book" so I can read it on my phone wherever I am, much like I would any other book. Thusfar I have around 48500 words, which is like a teeny little Novel. Perhaps next year this time I will have my first book out. I haven't really written any kind of fiction for ages! Something I must change, and things I must change about me to grow and stop being lazy.

Let this year be a reminder to the personal struggles I fought in my heart, with trying to let go and hang onto the same thing, at the same time. Let next year this time have me be a changed person, glowing in the same way I know I am capable of, shining with the goals I have fulfilled and overcome, minus the obstacles and barricaded disasters I wish to avoid.

Don't know if that made sense to you, but I got it :P have an awesome super duper smashing goodbye to 2010... lets welcome 2011 with open arms, and hope its everything we wish it to be!

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