Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to 2011 :O!

Harro :)

Sorry for the extensive lack of posting! I was on leave afterall and I kept telling myself that I will get back to everyday life when work starts again (which was today). I'm kind of depressed about this year thus far I won't lie. I called the University first thing on the 3rd of January to find out what the hell was going on. Turns out I am accepted, but due to space limitation, I have to put my name down on a waiting list. So I went to the Varsity, only to find out that I need a copy of my ID and results once more to add along with my name to the waiting list. So it ended up being a trip back to my house to pick up the relevant documentation. Thank God I called first thing on Monday to find out, because it looks like a lot of people will be adding their names to that list O_o although I know they take your M score (score based on your results) and compare it to others, only choosing the highest scores, I'm hoping my punctuality will give me some sort of advantage.

So this year is still one giant question mark, at least until the 28th. Basically I have to wait for all other students to register so that the Varsity can see if any students who applied for said course, ended up taking something else, or going to another Varsity or college. Man... I hope, I really really REALLY hope I am in. I started work again today, and I was in such a lull of thought, just wishing my days were numbered so I could get on with studying. If studying fails to happen this year... well, I'll consider that road when I arrive there.

In case I didn't put it up (which I am sure I didn't), my official rough blog word count (this blog and book blog) for last year stands at 58 313 words. I am quite happy with that number, as it really is like a short novel. I'm hoping to beat that this year, as well as get involved in a heck of a lot more writing, most of which will be voluntary. As things happen and I know what is happening with my life, so will you :) my trusty little word documentary on my teeny life.


  1. Hi there! Just been having one of those catch up days - and so much has happened! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you with regards to getting that place at collage - I am sure it will do you no end of good, just wish my daughter would put her mind back to getting into a collage or uni.

  2. Aw thanks Juicy :) how old is she again? You should definitely keep encouraging her, she will come around! I will be checking out your blog again sometime too :) just haven't gotten around to it for a while


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