Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sore/Saw Bums

Don't ask :) Clayton showed me what a saw bum would look like, and I just HAD to do motivationals for it!!!

We had a guys evening tonight :) was really cool!!! as the night progressed I couldn't help but laugh at the most mundane of things. I suppose tiredness can make even the unfunny situation make a guy grab his gut and blister into stitches of laughter! I really needed it and it was awesome to just have some male bonding time.

this afternoon I took Amber to lunch. These have become quite a random occuring thing, but I must say I really enjoy them. I hope we can keep it up even when she is back to college, because even though we don't draw the lunch out, its just nice to meet up with her and socialise, find out how she is, and just laugh at random crap.

I ashamedly admit that Amber has been helping me choose clothes :S I hate clothe shopping, but I try make sure when she is with me that I can get her input on certain clothing items. She doesn't force me, but she insists I try on clothes I normally wouldn't bother to glance over. To my surprise I quite like a lot of the items she has picked out for me, and my wardrobe has filled up quite a bit. I guess I take comfort in her opinion, because not only does she have awesome taste in clothes, but her opinion is the only opinion that really matters to me :x and if she thinks I look good in something, well I feel a hell of a lot more comfortable wearing it. I hope she doesn't mind, she seems to make shopping enjoyable :)

Anyhow tomorrow is the weekend... WOOOOH! Its late here and I'm tired. ZZZZ night

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