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Student/Employee Who Can Ramble LOTS!

Screw UJ

I have spent many an hour on the phone calling to find out when in heck I will know if I got accepted or not. They told me December, then January, then the end of January. Come Friday, they tell me to call on Saturday. Come Saturday, the phone is ENGAGED every single time I phone. IF I was accepted, then I would have to start tomorrow. Well screw them and their lameness.

So I spoke to my parents today, and awesome news? I'm going to Varsity College :) that is set 99% in stone! I just need to go register properly tomorrow and I should have a spot. The degree I will be taking is a BA Communication and English, which is perfect for me in my opinion. It covers a broader spectrum of professions, ranging from things such as Journalism, Editing, and Copy writing, all the way to Public Relations, Media, etc. The course is 3.5 years, and its gonna kick my ass. Hopefully though I can endure it, and come out on the other side holding my degree.

On the flipside, my parents told me I need to have a job. Studying full time and having another job somewhere is going to be super hard, but I think I can manage it. I am going to try my best to stay on at my company with some kind of part time work. As much as I hate it, the work hours vs salary is really great, so I can easily keep studying and working on the side. I just need to take care of my car, insurance, gym, and phone. My parents shall handle the rest :)

I spent pretty much my entire weekend with Amber. Haven't really spent time with her so much for ages. Was an interesting and confusing weekend nonetheless.

On Thursday evening we had a bit of an argument over gtalk. I don't know over what really, but for your knowledge I'll copy and paste it here:

10:58 PM
Ambie: hey
10:59 PM
me: Hey
Ambie: are you tired?
11:00 PM
me: No? Why?
Just got home
Had to go fetch stuff from family
Ambie: are you in a bad mood then?
11:01 PM
you seemed tobe either tired or in a less than good mood tonight
11:02 PM
me: :? No?
11:03 PM
Ambie: oh ok
11:05 PM
are you happy?
me: With what? :-P
11:06 PM
Ambie: in genral
11:07 PM
me: I don't know
Ambie: it's something gruff asks me regularly
11:08 PM
so are you ?
me: I dont know
11:09 PM
Ambie: think about it?
me: why?
11:10 PM
Ambie: cause I wanna know
but don't worry
me: I dont have an answer
im kind of inbetween atm
11:13 PM
Ambie: ok, good to know. playing sc?
me: why is that good to know :-?
Ambie: what you doing?
me: nothing
11:14 PM
just facebooking and chatting
I dont only play games when Im on my pc
Ambie: I was just asking :S
me: sorry
11:15 PM
but it really does seem that everybody thinks that is all I do
when I am at the pc
11:16 PM
Ambie: sucks
me: yup
11:17 PM
Ambie: i don't wanna play putt-putt :S
me: so dont?
Ambie: enjoy your night
11:18 PM
me: :-?
11:19 PM
er... ok
you too

She was referring to play Putt-Putt the following day with some friends. It may not seem like it, but I know Ambie well enough to know that she was being a bit sour when she just abruptly said night. I was in a bit of a mood that evening, but I really don't think I was that bad, or bad enough for anybody to really notice. It just annoys me how she fires off lots of questions, and ignores any I may ask.

So I was a bit ticked at her, and I knew I was going to see her the next day because her mom asked me to sort out her pc. So I arrived at her house (at the same time as Amber mind you, she was out) and she acted like everything was ok. I sat in the study next to her room, sorting out her moms pc. She would randomly come in to spend time with me, but she would hug me from behind and we would just talk. As the afternoon proceeded I was facing her and we were talking. She was standing and I was sitting down. Being a guy I can't help but fantasize about kissing the girl I really love, and so the afternoon had provided many opportunities to play out "what if" scenario's in my head. Like if I just sprung one on her would she reject me or concede? I didn't need to.

We were chatting and I just knew it was coming, a moment I had missed for so many months. The last time we kissed I think was in like July last year. She leant down a bit hesitantly, then kissed me gently :S My head exploded with the moment, thinking stuff like "OMG SAVOUR IT YOU HAVEN'T FELT THIS FOR SO LONG IT COULD BE THE LAST FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS OR FOREVER JUST SLOW DOWN TIME". Something like that :P it lasted a few seconds... not too long, not too short. She smiled at me, and abruptly turned and left the room. I was like :-? I guess she totally was annoyed at herself for caving in, or something like that. I had to meet Gruff for an event in the evening so I left a little while later, nothing being said between us, like nothing had happened :S I came back though a bit later to finish her moms pc. We hung out like normal. I had my PSP so we were playing Littlebigplanet while we waited for the pc to finish formatting. I was teasing her about her getting her wisdoms out, which was happening the next day. She was telling me to stop, I was pushing her buttons, but we were both laughing. Eventually she kissed me just to stop talking :) I wasn't exactly complaining. When I said goodbye, I made sure I kissed her goodnight.

I climbed into my car, knowing nothing between us had changed, or so I think I was protecting myself. Not getting my hopes up just to be crushed again, So I went home, happy, but a little confused and none expectant nonetheless.

The following day she got her wisdoms out so I never saw her, but the FOLLOWING day I spent all day with her. I took her shopping at around 10, we were out till like 12:00 or so. Then Matt and Kristen (friends of ours) were visiting her a little later in the day. She asked me to stay with her if I didn't mind because she didn't want it to be awkward or anything for her (Matt and Kristen are dating so Amber would be like a spare wheel or something :P). After their visit we went back to my house to play Littlebigplanet 2 on my PS3 with Gruff (yes I know, we are overdosing on LBP everywhere but its so damn fun :P). When I took her home she thanked me and all and was about to get out the car. I realised that I had left my bag inside from earlier (laptop bag not handbag!) so I asked if I could get it quickly.

Just outside Ambers front door, there is like a little ledge. Amber has developed a habit I love. Because I am so tall, hugs are normally awkward around other people for me because I am so tall, and its kind of weird having to stoop down so low for a proper hug. Amber often hugs my sideways in front of other people (which I totally hate, but just let it go because we have had that argument before.) Whenever I leave Ambers house now though, she steps up onto the ledge before she gives me a hug goodbye. This brings her face height to more or less the same as mine, me still being taller. So she always gives me a proper hug goodbye which I really love. That night though she surprised me because I wasn't even going to go in for the kiss, and before I knew it, she snuck in a goodbye kiss! Feels nice to know I am not the only one who missed that :)

That all being said though, I know we are not going to step up into dating mode or anything again. She starts college again on Tuesday, along with Gruff, so they are going to politely drop off of Earth again. Man I'm going to hate it :S hopefully though I will have my own studies to keep my busy :)

That is all for tonight! Chello probably hates me because he wanted to play some HoN and I was like NO I have things to do. All I wanted to do was write :) I hope he understands!

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  1. Gzuz H Christ


    Where should i start???

    Well, before i start, i want to remind you of this -

    "^_^ Comments and discussion are ALWAYS welcome :D enjoy" - Mathew Figuera

    Which you so eloquently put.

    Hairyknees, I am happy to observe that you are within the realm of your delightfull illusion.

    A wise man once taught me that the only real thing about an illusion is the feelings it emotes and demotes to the population around it.

    I have always been against such shananigans and tomfoolery, but i must say that I truely hope this IS NOT just an illusion,really.... honestly.

    Just watch your back is all im saying, If i had to give good advice to you as a mate tho - go out and have fun, meet new girls and flirt with them - you have a serrious case of onitis.

    Hope you dont get offended

    Yours Truely
    Mark Brown


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