Monday, February 7, 2011


YES!!! I am a student :D

Sorry I have been so scarce lately, I have just been too busy procrastinating to bother writing anything. I have been meaning to though, and here it is. I am officially a STUDENT!!!! I wanted to blog on the day I got my student card but I was super busy and didn't get the chance.

I got my student card already too, which is pretty awesome. The blog title is of course, my student number. Orientation week starts next week Monday and I must say I am feeling extremely giddy and nervous about it. I am going to be an old man among little kids fresh out of highschool. Its going to be extremely funny and annoying at the same time. Funny because most 18 year olds have bigger issues than I do, and annoying because most 18 year olds have bigger issues than I do. I totally cannot wait to get started though, the Orientation week should be rad!

In the work ennvironment it seems I may be getting my way which is also super awesome. If all goes well, I will have a bit of work to do for my company part time which should ensure that I can continue paying my car off and whatnot. All is looking good, just waiting for confirmation from my boss on that one.

My year is only just getting started... but it's going to be a good year! (lets hope)

I was going to put a picture up of my student card, because the wind totally was kicking my hairs ass that day and I thought it was funny, but I'm afraid I'm far too lazy.

My friend Chello finally got a job, and on top of that it is like a dream job for him. Hopefully he will make enough money, see the light, and come study in JHB next year or something :P



  1. Well done you!!!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!! Just hope the younger students don't do your head in - I went back as a 'mature' student when I was 19, course full of school leavers at 16 who were just doing the course to fill in 2 years and did nothing but mess about, very distracting!

    Good luck

  2. Thank you :) I hope so too :P I will try my best to keep focus though!

    So so so so so sorry I haven't been up to date with your blog, extremely selfish of me! I will get to it though :) I swear!


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