Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Awww I Love You Too ^_^


Yes yes I know it has been ages since I have updated. Strap up though, I do believe I have lots to say tonight seeing as I haven't said anything for AGES! Where to begin where to begin? Well lets start at the beginning. Not all the way BC, but you know what I mean ^_^

Lets start with something I completely forgot to mention before (I think) I got U2 tickets last year as soon as they announced that they would be performing in SA. I am not their biggest fan, I mean they really are before my time and all, but this was to be the first big concert at the FNB stadium (previously known as soccer city, the huge ass stadium built for the world cup). It was to be the experience of a lifetime, and it really truly was!

I am not one for taking photo's and all, but considering that we got normal field standing tickets, managed to stand pretty damn close to the front, and experienced one hell of a concert, I could not resist going all Asian in that crowd and snapping 9000000000 pictures of the performance and stage :)

This is the stadium around 3 hours before the opening act started, still fairly empty, but it got insanely full! There were over 100 000 people apparently, give or take of course.

This was the opening scene, the lighting and sound were AMAZING!!! I had goosebumps for most of the show, as tired as my legs and all were, it was worth every second!

Guitar solo time :P

Bono on the outer stage, we really were so close, best value for money ticket EVER! Was only R400!

This was amazing... they killed all the lights around the stadium and asked everybody to put their cellphone or cellphone light on. I wish I could put a video up here, but it would not do it any form of justice AT ALL!

*Sigh* I had a whole thing on Valentines day -_- and my browser just auto closed O_o ALL OF IT IS GONE!!!! Sigh... I am not in the mood to write it all again :'( I will do it soon though, promise!

Ok I changed my mind, I am so irritated -_- I really need to write out my blogs in word or something and just copy and paste. Here is more or less what I had to say:

I was saying how I know Amber and I hate Valentines day, but regardless of the fact that its a cheap marketing stunt to get people to spend money on gifts and all, not being Ambers boyfriend, it gave me a great excuse to just spoil her and give her presents. I wasn't sure if she would be keen or not, so I just was teasing her the night before, saying "So I heard you are going to let me take you to dinner tomorrow evening?" She didn't hate the idea, but she didn't like the thought that maybe the places will be full and all, so she suggested takeaways.

She got home late from college and confirmed that she takeaways would be cool. I was happy to be seeing her at least, because I really was half expeccting her to be like naaaaaaaaaaa..... I think that although she hates the day as much
as I do, a little part of her did want to be spoiled and treated. I was happy to oblige :) I asked my mom to do a bouquet of red and yellow roses for her, I bought her a gift voucher and body scrub. When I arrived, she seemed happy to receive them all. Her dad even commented saying I'm spoiling his daughter too much, which in all honesty, I really love doing!!

We ate in her room on the floor, leaning on her bed, watching a movie on her pc. Her table, bed, and chair were full of stuff, hence the floor. After we were done eating she did her work next to me on her Mac. When she was done though I was surprised to see her lean on me. Now the thing with Amber, even though I'm a guy, I am often shy to pull the first moves on her, due to fear of rejection. I generally let her hint, or pull the first move because then I know she is ok with it. I really expected her to shrug away casually, but she didn't when I put my arm around her. The even more awesome thing was that she got more comfortable, and even held my hand later on. After the movie we remained on the floor and spoke crap. Eventually I stretched and closed my eyes, I was surprised to have her attack hug me. You seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World? No? Go see it, that will explain what an attack hug is :P although it speaks for itself really. She gave me a tight hug and I hugged her back. I decided to kiss her, rejection or not, well it Was ValenLol day, and I'd risk the rejection just to feel her kiss once more. She accepted it :) and we kissed... the nice thing though is that she wasn't like all weird about it... she kissed me back and I know she enjoyed it as much as I did (or at least I hope :P)

On the way out she stood on the little step I love so much, and we hugged each other properly. I snuck in another kiss or three, and it was awesome because she really was kissing me back, not just responding to me, if that makes sense? Bah phooey it doesn't matter :P it was my moment not yours. She sms'd me later saying thanks for everything :) not all bad for a random Vday gathering... I realyl enjoyed it even though we didn't spend much time together, it was fun.

DAMN there I am done, my first draft was way longer and better written in my opinion. Oh well at least you have an update to chew on for a bit :) tomorrow is day one of orientation for college, so I am out. Night night blogging world!

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  1. Damn talk about spelling errors O_o will get to them tomorrow... night! :D


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