Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Work In(g Student In) Progress

ELO my precious sneaky little rapscallion of a blog!

I'm quite ashamed of myseld :x I only did a total of 2 blogs in February! I don't know where my lazy spell came from. It's not like I didn't have the time, I just didn't really feel like writing at all, or maybe I just did not have anything special or specific to write about.

Now forgive me if I repeat myself, I have a headache from hell but I really feel I need to update this blog just a bit seeing as its collecting various forms of cobwebs all over it. VARSITY!!! I don't know if I got to writing about my orientation week, but I'll give a quick summary. Day one was pretty cool, although I spent the whole week being sick I insisted on being there because I know how sucky it is to start somewhere and not know ANYBODY! My group consisted of a very mixed bunch (as in all doing very different courses and such) but two of those people I met in that group are doing the same subjects as me and we actually have the exact same timetables. The day consisted of many team building activities, and surprisingly even though we didn't know each other from a bar of soap, our team was awesome and everybody got involved in the activities.

The next day was just a day of getting to know the campus a bit better. It was the first time I had to be there early. I ended up being late because the traffic was horrible enough to make anybody want to turn around and just go home. I learnt from that and I am happy to report that I left early enough to be there on time today ^_^

The following week I had OFF! Which was nice in its own way but equally annoying because I was dying to get started on my course. I finally started yesterday and all seems to be going well so far. I <3 my college. The people I have met so far are awesome, the lecturers are interactive and seem to be pretty cool, and on top of that I really just feel like I will fit in a lot better then I ever did at UJ, due to Varsity College being a whole lot smaller in size as opposed to a university.

I seem to have developed or joined a group of friends already, which is super rad! After out lecture today we all went together to the nearby mall to grab lunch before heading to our next class later in the afternoon. I will obviously introduce them in the blogs to come as I get to know them better, but for the moment I shall not :P

Facebook is definitely an awesome tool to have now. Back when I was in Varsity I don't think I had it yet, or it was still relatively new and not many South Africans used it. Now though, I had one friend of mine insist that I add him on Facebook, which I did. Going through his profile now I was able to add people who's names I may have forgotten, and also now it made the whole making friends thing a whole lot easier. I chatted to a girl today on Facebook who is doing a similar degree to me. Seeing as we didn't really have much time to talk at Varsity, I at least feel like I know her better then I did before. This in turn makes her much more approachable at varsity, and a lot easier to talk to seeing as we know a bit about each other now.

So far, Day 1 and 2: SUCCESS! Lets hope the rest of the year carries on like that.

I hope I haven't lost any kind of touch or stlye in writing, especially as I am forcing this, but at least it feels good to be writing again. Speaking of which, today I realized just how long it has been since I have written anything out by hand. Being in the work environment, everything is pretty much done electronically, so writing feels like a whole new thing all over again. I must admit, it felt nice to write out stuff today, even though my hand writing is still disgustingly disgusting!

Tomorrow I have to work and attend lectures. It is definitely going to take some getting used to, but at least I have a job which is awesome. My company let me stay on part time, so being in that line of work means I am able to be incredibly flexible with my hours, which should be super useful when it comes to test and exam time!

I think that is all for now ^_^ Cheerio!

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