Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hello :)

So I am into my second week of varsity, and all seems to be going well thus far. I have four subjects this semester: Public Relations, Business Communication, Communication and English.

Public Relations seems to have the most allocated time which means I will spent the most time doing that this semester. It isn't the most appealing subject, but it does have some interesting factors to it. A lot of it to me seems to be general knowledge, but its all about knowing the finer details that may be the difficult part of the subject, not to mention that I am obviously only on the intro part of it. It may get to be more difficult with the further into the textbook we get.

Business Communication and Communication are fairly similar. I just realized today that I wouldn't like to confuse one subjects bulk with the other. There are a fair amount of similar definitions as an example, but I'm hoping that over time I will see that I can apply both subjects knowledge, well, to each other.

English is obviously, English. This semester we will be covering 2 books and 25 poems. Poetry is not my strong point, or not my favourite, but I am very much looking forward to it. This is what I am hoping to be doing for the rest of my life, so lets hope I can get this subject right. We were asked to do a quick half page summary of a poem, and I must say it felt awesome to actually write properly again. By writing I mean, actually writing :P the only form of writing I have done over the last few years has been that of filling out forms. So to actually write with a pen, felt oddly quite nice :)

I have made a few friends, which is awesome :) I am still getting used to them, getting to know them on a more personal level, but from what I can tell, they all seem pretty awesome. I hope the future with them goes well too!

I went for soccer trials yesterday and today at my college. MY LEGS ARE KILLING ME! I haven't played outdoor soccer for years, and indoor for months, so as you can imagine I was very unfit. I think I performed alright nonetheless. the final day before they make their decisions is on Thursday, I am hoping I get a spot on the team, as I really really enjoyed being out on the field again :)

My days have been hectically busy this week with college, work, and soccer O_O I am so exhausted... so I am off to bed :D goodnight!

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