Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Wow, only clicked now but yesterday was my 100th blog with this blog :) I didn't even stop to commemorate it or anything! So happy 100th blog dear blog, in April I'll remember to wish you a happy 2nd birthday too because that is when I started you. I cannot for the life of me believe how fast time has been travelling these past few years. I remember certain things as if they happened yesterday, then I stop and realise that it was like a year or two ago already! My cousin Gabi just celebrated her one year Anniversary with her boyfriend ths past week, man I really couldn't believe my ears. It felt like yesterday when they had just started dating!

Although was the second day of work, I didn't end up working today. Last night a terrible stomach bug took control of me and I was dying. Dying as in my stomach felt like something was trying to punch its way out of me. It was the worst feeling ever. The moment I went to the bathroom I felt better, the moment I was back in bed I felt like dying again. I slept a total of one hour and when it came to 6am I sms'd my manager telling her there is no ways I will be working today, even though its the second day back at work and I know it sounds ridiculous that I am sick. I ended up finally feeling better early this afternoon, and I slept for the better part of it, waking up at like 7 or so.

I hope I can get some sleep tonight, as my sleeping pattern is probably a little bit screwed up at the moment O_O damn...


  1. Poor you! at least you know now it wasn't an Alien or anything!!!

    My baby fig is 19!

  2. Aw she is still little :) she will catch on trust me... Teen years are the most confusing time ever :P


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