Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 :)


Another year has come and gone (well almost really, close enough) and I cannot believe where the FFFT it has gone off to! It honestly feels like yesterday I was doing certain things that actually happened WAY back early this year, and yet certain things feel like they were done really long ago but they were actually done this year.

Last year this time I was in Madeira O_O A WHOLE YEAR HAS PASSED SINCE THEN! I used to laugh at people who said that time flies after the age of 21, but honestly wtf, time is flying faster than the speed of light. I kind of wish it would slow down, but at the same time I wish for a few years to flash by so I can see exactly where I will be then.

Its 03:30AM here currently. I can hear a bird chirping outside my window, probably telling me to put the lights off and go to sleep. I shall heed your pleading, little birdie, and go punch the sack :) have a good day everybody!

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