Friday, May 8, 2009

Quite a Series of Events

I won't lie, I really don't think there will be much point to this post. I just really feel like writing, even though i may not have anything specific to write about. My cat is currently snoozing on my lap, dreaming some kitty dreams... or at least she was until I started being noisy on the keyboard :) 

So I had my performance apparaisal the other week. It actually went much better then i could ever have expected. I got 95%, and i got promoted to account manager! On top of all this I asked if I could do the articles for the upcoming website, and they agreed. Although, the website idea kind of got put on hold,  its up to me and a work colleage to look at getting it up and running. So i've been given a lot my responsibility compared to what i used to have. I must admit Im rather excited for it (excited for work... who does that? :P). I will be getting a raise which is awesome! I think its about time I stop waiting, and i get around to looking for my own car.

I started watching a new series this week in my moments of boredom - which may I add I have not been for a very long time! Californication is my latest choice of show. I must admit I really didn't know what to expect. I had heard previously heard a radio jockey talking about it every week, and he even had the one song from it as his background music. I was a little taken a back at first, the first episode mostly used sex inbetween each scene. Something not really normal for a series (unless its a porno series or something :P). The story seemed to have something deeper going on though, and Im glad i made it through the first episode. As the series goes on there seems to be less visual sex and more focus on the lives of the characters at hand (Although Im sure the director used sex to get some sorts of poinrs across). I am actually enjoying the story about the main character Hank. He has written several books - one of which seemed to have been a huge success, and which was turned into a movie. That was in the past though and Hank is now a washed up writer. The series follows his antics about five years after his hit book. We see how he interracts with his daughter and her mother (which he was never married to... but he still loves her immensely). Anyways there are lots of details which I don't really want to bore you with - all in all its just really cool to see how Hank is still madly in love with his Ex Lover, and has never given up on the idea of them being together. I'm keen to see how the series progresses :)

I think I am done for now. I must have been noisy because my cat has abandoned my warm lap for her empty basket. I guess I am poor company when I am writing :) lol or something, i don't know. Et tu Cat? hehe...

It is the start of the weekend by my side. There shall be lots happening :O I hope all goes well! This is me finishing this blog.

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