Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So I'm in writing mode again, second time in two days :) This better keep up, because that way I'll eventually get around to continuing my story!!! (And eventually do my prototype article for the secret project involving rice and eggs ;D)

All I feel like writing as the moment, is my story with Amber. I know I know, thats all this blog seems to revolve around, but you must remember that Amber is a big part of my life (to me), and thus she seems to float around in my head lots :O Its also just a nice way of documenting whats happened in my life, so I can one day read about my life and decide if I stuffed up or not :P

So yesterday I spoke about how Amber told me she was over me and how devastating it was to me, not to mention that work wise, I was stressed out. She told me all that on the Monday. Now on the Tuesday I was to travel even further then I did on Monday. I was traveling to Bloemfontein, and then driving straight on to Kimberley. I would be staying over the night, and then driving through to Klerksdorp in the morning, followed by Potchefstroom, and then home. I stayed over at a very nice guest lodge. At first, I was so bummed at being alone, I really would have killed for some company considering how I was feeling, but then I realised that it was probably for the best as I would have probably made for some very bad company to the other person. If I remember correctly, I spent some time on mxit, and Amber was online too. I didn't want to say anything to her. True to my word, when she told me that it would be best if I avoid her too, I told her I'd stay out of her life. She, obviously wouldn't want to talk to me either. It was sucky though, hoping that perhaps she would send me a simple "hi" or something. I was grateful for being exhausted that evening (I was up and on the road at 03:45 and only finished work at 18:40 or so with zero breaks between). Being exhausted made it so much easier to sleep, or so I thought it would, but I still ended up going to bed late that night. I got 1 hours sleep the night before, and on this evening I only got 4 hours or so. Very exhausting stuff :P the following day went ahead, me driving all over SA again, and I finally got home. All I wanted to do was sleep, but again, I only got 4 hours :O So that was 9 hours in 3 days -_- I wasn't in the best of moods...

To my surprise, come Thursday, I had a FB Inbox message from Amber:


Hey, I can't quite remember what you said about selling a spare monitor....? I was just curious.

( I bought a printer today :x ) 
You don't have to reply if you don't want.


It was an utterly random message, I had mentioned possibly selling my lcd screen to her a week or so before, and it was just so weird of her to be querying it now O_o maybe she just wanted to see if I would reply. I didn't. 

It was then Friday already, and I was very much looking forward to youth, but not so much to seeing her... It would just hurt me a lot. Especially considering that the Friday before I found excuse to be around her as much as possible, with a rejction at the end of the evening. So I really wasn't amped :P 

Well thats me done for the day :P I shall carry on tomorrow methinks :) I apologise if this story is not making sense so far... This happened mid October (quite a while ago :P) so I'm racking my brain trying to make sure my information is accurate :)


  1. dude, I can't fathom how you stay optomistic the whole time. It's like, "wtf is this guy on?" everytime I read a post ;) But seriously, though. At least there's progress, although her msging you is well, strange and neutral. Perhaps she wanted to see if you would reply, or perhaps she really wants that monitor and threw in the "if you want to" as an afterthought because she then remembered you guys were rocky. I dunno. Just my 2c :)

  2. Haha I'm not on anything :P I don't get it either dude :) I can't explain... but I always remain positive somehow :O

    Yeah I still don't understand the message thing :P it was random, but I still reckon that perhaps it was to see if I would respond or not.

    Thanks for reading dude :D


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