Thursday, April 14, 2011

Late Night Studying 101

A quick guide on how to study for a test the night before:

- Study before the night before

- If you have studied your material before, summarizing the night before is simple

- Have good music on. Preferably music that makes you smile and tap your foot. This music will ensure a good mood, and a good state of mind

- Don't not have distractions, but keep distractions to a minimum

- Draw stick figures on your study notes illustrating what you are learning

This is how I have been studying for communications :) Its a tricky subject, but I have been doing decently at it.

I must say, I love good music. It can take me from 0 to good mood with some good beats! I'm feeling intensely happy for reasons beyond me at the moment... it feels nice :) anyhow, back to studying!

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