Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Best Alley Cat in the World


We found my little cat dead on the side of the road early on Saturday morning. She had been ridden over and probably died on impact. It doesn't even make sense, she never goes out to the road, so I have no idea what she was doing down there. I tell you, when I was little and animals died I got sad, but my parents dealt with the remainders. Its the second time this year now.

Earlier in the year I had to take one of my dogs to be put down because he was old, sick, and suffering. I tell you, watching those sad puppy dog eyes watch you, the dogs master, abandoning him on that vets table... I don't ever want to do that again. Closing that door behind me and knowing what was going to happen, and nothing I could do to help him, broke my heart immensely.

That doesn't compare to this though. I am a huge animal lover, anybody who knows me knows this. When it comes to pets though, I love cats... really really do. Furthermore, anybody who has seen me with my cat knows that I loved the crap out of her. We had her for about 7 years, and she was truly the best cat we have ever had. The best thing was being at home alone, yet having her with me. Whichever room I was in, she would be in too because she would get up and follow me. In winter, she would whine and whine until I lifted up the covers for her so she could climb under and sleep against my legs to keep warm.

Picking up my little kitten off the sidewalk, digging the hole for her and burying her in my garden... my word I have never cried so hard over an animal in my life. She wasn't even human, but I swear, communication barrier aside, she was one of the best friends I ever had at home. Nothing will replace her, but she will never be forgotten!

Farewell little José... you were by far the most amazing and awesome cat we have ever had the privilege of looking after <3 br="">

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