Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coldplay Golden Circle Tickets For the FNB Stadium Show!


Coldplay are coming to South Africa! During the last Cokefest in 2009, we speculated that Coldplay would come one day, but we really hoped that it would be a show that they perform alone and not at a festival.

It's insanely awesome that all these bands are coming out to South Africa now. Not that they did not before, but it really seems we are having this random surge of lots of artists flying here to do their thing. Although I am a student, I dipped into my savings to go the golden circle route. If you remember, I saw U2 at the FNB stadium earlier this year, and even though U2 are not my favourite band, I was totally blown away by that performance! It only made sense to go Golden Circle for Coldplay because I like them a heck of a lot more. Now if only bands such as Muse would come back and do an epic performance, that would be sweet :D

In other news, the Local government elections took place yesterday. I am proud to be a South African citizen, and really hope the relevant changes will be made. I know its not going to happen overnight, but the sooner the better. I will probably blog with the final results when I know them. The DA are dominating the entire Western Cape at the moment which was to be expected. I was hugely surprised this afternoon though when I saw that they were leading in the city of JHB O_O thats where I am! It got me super excited right up until this evening when I saw that the ANC had pulled the vote back and were slightly in the lead. Dang :P Ah well guess I will only know tomorrow sometime.

Next week = exam time. I've got to knuckle down and study!

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