Thursday, July 21, 2011

Geepers Creepers! *snap*

Yes I am alive!

I haven't touched this blog in MONTHS! Honestly I have missed it, but when I thought about sitting down and sharing something I was just like "meh" so I never got around to it. I am back for now though :)

I finally caved in and got me a twitter account! I know, how shameful *receives dirty looks all around*. If you do wish to follow me though, I am @MatthewFig. I decided to get it so that I could follow people who will hopefully have some inspiring, or even humorous things to enjoy. That and I wouldn't mind being followed by people :) I do plan on being a writer some day!

I was chatting to Gruff the other day, and he made me realise that maybe I should get a DSLR camera. He has one and he has been using it to make some awesome films! Check him out at Anyhoo, I am going into Journalism one day, and it will be a super valuable skill to have (photography knowledge that is). I have always wanted a DSLR, but I could never really justify running out and getting one (especially seeing as a decent one costs around 10k O_O). After chatting to Gruff, I realised how much I actually want one, and how I could use it going forward with my, as of yet, unrealised career. I know I am not the arty type, I know maybe I am not one to be fully capable of good art, but that does not mean that I do not appreciate a good photo, and I would love to be the kind of guy who can produce those.

I know Amber would love to get a camera, so I didn't tell her I was getting one (I was going to eventually) but I just knew she would be super judgmental about it, and jealous. I just wasn't looking forward to the interrogation of why I need one. Gruff mentioned it to her, and we spoke about it today. How right I was -_-


Matthew: Getting my camera on Saturday :)

Ambie: why are you getting a camera?

Matthew: So I can learn with Gruff :) I am going into journalism potentially one day

Ambie: not photo journalism

Matthew: and I have always wanted a dslr :x for many many years, just never had a reason to get one
who knows?
I could end up there one day
I think its a good skill to have

Ambie: sigh i suppose... i'm probably just jealous

Matthew: -_-
You just dont want me to get a camera

Ambie: because I want a camera
well it's like me buying a playstation when you really wanted one.. you know what i mean?

Matthew: O_o


Then out of nowhere


Ambie: what camera are you getting?

Matthew: Canon D600

Ambie: how much is that?

Matthew: paying R10.5k

Ambie: omfg...

Ambie: excited?

Matthew: yup

Ambie: cool :)


Right... very sincere out of nowhere.

I was quite annoyed. I didn't realise that if somebody else wants something more than you do, you shouldn't get that something. She just made it seem like I am getting a camera to rub in her face, or at least thats how she made me feel. Then the Playstation example. The difference is, if she wanted a Playstation, and I didn't have one (and I really really wanted it). I wouldn't be such a douche about it. Anyways.

I'm deciding whether I should get a Wordpress or Tumblr blog up. Gruff and Amber have a Tumblr blog up already. I suppose I should have interrogated Amber too, and been like "wtf I have been wanting a public blog for years (which coincidentally I have). How dare you get one? Why do you want one? You don't plan on being a writer one day."

Ok ramble over :) sorry I know that sounds immature, and super ventful of me, but I have been finding loads to moan about lately, especially with regards to a certain somebody.

The only way I am affording this camera is by digging deep into my savings. I have them for a reason, and I still will have some after this purchase. At the end of the day though, a camera is an investment... they age very well.

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